Dave's Tips | Putting - Wrist Action

Uploaded by InnovaDiscGolf on 25.06.2010

Hi, I'm Dave Dunipace and I'm here to help you become a more effective putter. I think
the most important thing that you can do in disc golf to be an effective putter is to
have a very short, quick, sharp, wrist motion in your putt. And, to realize that that wrist
motion is the actual propelling force for your putt. It's not your arm motion. It's
the actual wrist motion that should be the propelling force for your putt. So, in order
to have that short, quick, wrist motion to propel your putt, you have to have a grip
that's not going to slip. It has to be sure, so that the disc can come out of there very
quickly; Rips right out, just like a drive would rip right out. So, watch the wrist motion,
and watch the disc jump out.
Very short, very quick. No need to have an arm motion going out like that. Like you're
trying to reach the disc into the basket. That's probably counter productive if it takes
your focus off that wrist action.
As you can see, nothing more than a strong quick wrist action is required to putt 50
feet. No jumping, lunging, or even follow through is even required.