Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail

Uploaded by eddsworld on 10.09.2010

[Music] Eddsworld Theme
[Singing] "This is the opening tune"
[Intro Music]
(Tom) So, sleep well last night?
(Edd) Am nam nam nam nam nam nam
(Tom) Uh...that a yes?
(SFX: Door Crashing Open)
(Matt) Guys! Look what I found.
(Matt) I can't believe someone was about to throw this away.
(Edd) Uh...What is it?
(Matt) I think it might be an antique.
(Edd) I think it might be a tie rack.
(Matt) It looks valuable.
(Tom) It looks like junk.
(Matt) I can't wait to...
(Edd) Well, whatever it is, it can go in your room with the rest of your rubbish.
(Matt-mumbling) Stupid to ask you and Tom. Never like anything cool I find.
(Matt-mumbling) It was better being ruler of everything. It was awesome.
(SFX-Door Opening)
(Matt) Oh no!
(Matt) KARMA!
(SFX- Avalanche of stuff)
(Edd) Huh. Looks like we need more space around here.
(Tom) Well, I guess the only logical option is to add an extra floor on the house.
(Edd) Sure, we could like, hire some builders, and then...
(Edd) You do realize none of us have ever-
(Edd) No wait! What are you doing with that hammer?
(SFX: Crash; Debris falling away)
[music] Transition Music
(Edd) All right. So I have some vague blueprints here.
(Tom) Ehh, looks like we have everything we need except nails.
(Edd) Uh...Matt, could you go and get some nails from the store?
(Edd) Matt?
(SFX: Various power tools)
(Edd) Matt!
(Matt) Alright, alright, I'm going.
(SFX: Various power tools crashing)
(SFX: Thud)
(Eduardo) Well, well, well.
(Edd) Eduardo.
[Dramatic Music]
[Music] Folk Guitar Sting
(Eduardo) What are you losers doing now?
(Edd) Well, if you must know
(Edd) We're building an extension to our house.
(Jon) Phht. We did that last week.
(Tom) Didn't we, Mark?
(SFX:Woosh) [Triumphant Music]
(SFX: Water trickling)
[Downward Distorted Note]
(Mark) Took us, what, couple of hours?
(Mark) It's probably what inspired you to do it.
(Edd) Uh...actually it's because Matt had too much sh...
(Eduardo) Anyway, we'd love to stay and watch you guys fail, but, uh...
(Eduardo) We got better things to do.
(Tom) We do?
(Tom) Oh! Oh yeah! Real better things.
(Eduardo-Trailing off) You lowlife garbage. You're such an idiot. Never liked you...
(Tom) Hey! What did our Neigh-BORES want?
(SFX: High Five)
(Edd) Eh...It's just poking fun again.
(Edd) Ugh. It's been hell since they've moved in.
[Harmonized Singing] "Flashback"
(Deliveryman) Yeah, I've got a delivery here for Mister Edd, for
(Deliveryman) Uh, eight kegs of diet coke.
(Deliveryman) Can you sign here, buddy?
(Edd) Diet Coke?! W-w-wait a minute. There must be some kind of mistake here.
(Edd) I ordered-
(Eduardo-off screen) Regular coke?!
(SFX: creaking)
(SFX: Woosh)
[Music] Folk Guitar Sting
(Edd) And ever since then, it's just been...
(SFX: Power Drill)
(Edd) No, Tom! Put down that drill!
(SFX: Crash;Debris Falling)
(SFX: City Background Noises)
(SFX: Register beeping in background)
(Matt) Now to find the thing I've completely forgotten.
(SFX: 'Schoomp')
(Edd) Matt I need you to take this money and buy ANYTHING THAT ISN'T NAILS!
(Tom) Also, Matt, you are incredible!
(Edd and Tom) Parade for Matt!
(Edd and Tom) Yaaaay!
(SFX: Crowd Cheering)
[High Pitched version of "Entry of the Gladiators" plays in background]
(Edd) Oh, and uh, make sure not to forget nai-
(SFX: Pop)
(SFX: Poink)
(SFX: Woosh)
(Edd) Ah, good. Matt's back.
(Edd) Uh...Matt, did you get the...
(Edd) Matt, where are the nails?
(Matt) Oh yeah, they were...out of nails.
(Matt) Or...something...
(Edd) Fine *sigh* looks like we'll just have to make do of this stuff for now.
(Tom) Okay, so, what's next on the list?
(Edd) Um...
(Edd) Obligatory building montage.
(Tom) *Sigh* I'll get the music.
[Music] Up Tempo Rock Music
[Music] Slightly Less Up Tempo Rock Music
[Music] Up Tempo Rock Music
(Edd) Looks like it's finished.
(Tom) Uh...yeah...
[Music] Triumphant Sting
(SFX: Woosh)
(Matt) Well, if I have to give a bit of constructive criticism
(Matt) Well, it'd probably be that
(Matt) This is the best thing ever created by ANYONE EVER!
(Eduardo) Well, it's certainly an improvement.
(SFX: Woosh) [Music] Folk Guitar Sting
(Eduardo) Nice roof you got there.
(Tom) Really?
(Eduardo, Mark and Jon) NO! *Laughing*
(Edd) Right. That's it.
(SFX: Woosh)
(Edd) Hello, uh, Insta-roof?
(Edd) Yeah, yeah, um. We're at 27 Durdam lane.
(Edd) Five seconds?
(Edd) Yeah, that's- that's per-
(SFX: Loud Helicopter Flying)
(SFX: Helicopter overhead)
(SFX: Roof Falling)
(SFX: Roof Crash)
(Tom) Well, it's a good job we already put those stairs in or Matt would have...
(Tom) been...crushed...
(Tom) Ah.
(Edd) So, uh, everyone up for moving Matt and his junk into the attic?
(SFX: Woosh)
(Matt) *Incoherent Mumbling*
(Tom) Sounded like a yes to me.
(Edd) Definitely a yes.
(SFX: Ominous Drum Hit)
(Matt) Well, I guess it's time to call it a night.
(SFX: Woosh/Thump)
(Loud Deep Gravely Voice)
(Matt) What was that?
(Matt) Ed, is- is that you?
(Deep Gravely Voice Breathing Heavily)
(Matt) Ahh! Not the face!
(Deep Gravely Voice Roaring)
(Matt) Oh God, someone please help me!
(High Pitched Shriek)
(Tom) Ugh. I thought I was done with this when I left my parents' house.
(SFX: Ominous Drum Hit)
[Music: Techno Beat]