Home Automation with Virtual Assistant Denise - Assistente Virtual Denise em Automação Residencial

Uploaded by guile3d on 17.08.2011

Hi. My name is Denise and I am your virtual assistant
with whom you can chat and ask for tasks using natural language.
I was created to be your assistant, secretary, housekeeper and companion.
I can open your applications, play your music,
search the Internet, translate texts,
control your daily agenda, on and off your household appliances
and of course, be with you when you need company.
I can also check the weather forecast,
read you emails and the latest news.
I can even notify you if your home alarm fires
or if I notice the presence of someone in your home when you're not.
Good morning my dear.
Today is Wednesday, 7:30 in the morning.
The current temperature is 7 degrees,
with good weather forecast and a maximum of 22 degrees.
I have already connected your coffee maker to prepare your coffee.
You have 15 new emails in your mailbox.
Do not forget your meeting today at 15 hours with your architect Renata
to discuss the decoration of your new office.
I'll turn on your TV, the morning news is about to begin.
Do not forget to grab a sweater before leaving.
Have a great day.
Good morning. Your meeting here at 15 hours with Renata is confirmed.
I will now access your emails.
The alarm in your home is on
and I'll warn you if I detect any movement.
I'll show you the main headlines of the day.
You have 2 new voicemail. Would you like to hear them now?
Yes, please.
Good afternoon. I remembered that you have dinner with your girlfriend today.
I took the liberty of ordering some flowers for you to give her.
I chose an yellow orchid, because I know she loves this flower.
I sent it to deliver in her home at 7 pm.
Good evening, your maid left your clean shirts in your closet.
Be sure to leave her payment on the coffee table.
Good evening. I adjusted the heater for 22 degrees.
Your girlfriend called and said she would be delayed 20 minutes for dinner.
I checked that you need to buy milk, orange juice and cereals.
The market that you like to go is with a promotion this week to buy skim milk.
The traffic to the restaurant you're going today is good.
I'll print the map for you with the best route.
Your mother called you at 6 pm.
I will turn on the TV, the evening news is about to begin.
Now is 8:15 pm.
I suggest you take your bath now or you will be late.
You know how women hate to wait.
If you need anything, just ask.
Good news for you.
Your shares of stock rose 2% in the last 4 days.
I believe that now is a good time for you to buy more shares.
I will continue to monitor the values for you.
Alarm on. All lights will be out in 5 minutes.
If I notice something irregular in your home, I will send you a message on your cellphone.
Have a great night and enjoy yourself. I'll be here taking care of your home.