The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 3

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 19, 2012


KIM EVEY: Hi, my name is Kim Evey, and I am the executive
producer this year of "The Guild." I was the producer of
"The Guild," but then we got a channel called Geek and
Sundry, and suddenly I'm in charge of a
lot of other things.
So I actually got someone else to produce
this year, hands on.
But I'm still here.
I don't know what that means.
So today's day three.
Amy Okuda was out of town, and so in order to get her here in
a timely manner, we had someone pick
her up at the airport.
NICK APPELBAUM: Hi, I'm Nick Appelbaum, and I'm a PA on
season six of "The Guild."
KIM EVEY: I think it was Jeff Winkler, our producer's idea
to haze Nick a little bit and surprise Amy with a beautiful
sign that was handmade by our art department and a hat that
Nick had to wear.
NICK APPELBAUM: I left set yesterday thinking my day was
over and that I would just be here at 7:45.
But late at night the props people came down to my house,
actually, and brought this crazy fuzzy sign and a
bejeweled hat.
KIM EVEY: So I only wish that we had seen that.
NICK APPELBAUM: So I was standing in the middle of the
United Airlines baggage claim with a bunch of people at like
8:30 in the morning, coming in, looking at me.
And I think I brightened a few people's days.
I just found him.
A very fancy find.
KIM EVEY: So the job of a PA is basically to pick up all
the slack that other people have to have support on in
order for them to do their jobs really efficiently.
So on a web series like "The Guild," as we've grown over
the years--
for the first--
and even sometimes still now--
Felicia and I would do things like go around and pick up all
the trash, or run out and get coffee, or run
in and reset a prop.
Or stand outside and make sure nobody came in because we were
shooting, or move chairs back and forth, or set
up the lunch tables.
All of these things that nobody is above doing.
It's just that as our production has gotten bigger,
somebody has to do those things in order to help the
production function.
And so that's really the role of the PA.
NICK APPELBAUM: Basically the PAs do anything that the
producer, or assistant director, or director, or
really anybody needs them to do.
All day I've been manning the air conditioning unit, because
it gets really hot in here with all the lights and stuff.
But the air conditioning makes noise, so we can't have it on
while we're shooting or else the sound people will pick it
up and it'll sound all crazy.
So life as a PA is pretty fun.
You get to hang out on a set with a bunch of
cool, creative people.
It's a good way to meet new people and network and further
your career.