futureLAB: new $160-million research space

Uploaded by SunnybrookMedia on 29.10.2012


Welcome to the world's only Centre for Research
in Image-Guided Therapeutics. This Centre represents 160 millions
dollar expansion of the Sunnybrook Research Institute, or SRI
in short. Over the last ten years, Sunnybrook has been dedicated
to bringing together health care and the research that moves it forward.
We're dedicated to inventing the future of health care
and that's why the natural home for a Centre like this is Sunnybrook.
Within these walls, physicists and engineers are developing
imaging technology that allows health care providers to see better
and to guide the delivery of treatments, to treat directly
and monitor treatments of these treatments. Biologists are discovering
genes responsible for diseases and developing the technology to repair
cells, tissues and organs. Work in the Centre is
dedicated to combining these scientific disciplines to breaking down the silos
and having health care providers and scientists of all disciplines
working shoulder to shoulder toward providing earlier diagnosis,
non-invasive treatments and better and more cost effective
health care. While this space is beautiful for sure, it's what our
researchers are making happen inside that really matters.
How will we know if we've succeeded? Well, we already know that we have.
Scalpel-free surgery, imaging that sees whether or not patients
are responding to treatment in real time and getting medications
into the brain in a way that was previously impossible. Just three examples
of many. We are indeed inventing the future of health care