Not Paranoid - Ep: 49

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 24.09.2012

Lizzie: I donít like it.
Jane: Iím moving to Los Angeles not London.
Lizzie: No, not that.
The more I think about the way Bing and everyone
left town, the less I like it.
Jane: I donít like it either,
but Iím doing what I can,
and if I was wrong about the nature of our relationship
all I can do is move forward and accept it.
Lizzie: No, you were not wrong about your relationship,
Bing loves you, Iím sure of that.
And if there is fault here it lies not with Bing,
but with John the Bastard,
and by John I mean Darcy.
Jane: do you really think Darcy engineered a convoluted plot
to keep Bing away from me,
people donít do that.
Lizzie: Have you met our mother? Iím just being logical.
Jane: Youíre just being ñ
Lizzie: No donít say it.
My name is Lizzie Bennet and I am not being paranoid.
Lizzie: You really think thereís a reasonable explanation for
Bing and company packing up and heading for Los Angeles.
Jane: Yes
Lizzie: Okay then, say goodbye to the nice people
and leave me to my delusions.
Jane: Okay, bye.
Lizzie: Iím paranoid? (scoffs) Iíve spent a lot of time thinking about this
and there is something rotten in the state of Jane and Bing;
people donít just change their minds like that.
And people who like each other act like they like each other
and Bing definitely acted like he liked JaneÖ
George: Guess who.
Lizzie: Stop it and sit down dufus.
George: Mmm, wrong, itís George.
Lizzie: No (sarcastically)
George: Oh, hey I saw your sister with a big smoothie;
sheís not going to spill her drink on me again is she?
Lizzie: Well letís hope not,
but you would not believe that views I got on that video.
George: Really?
Lizzie: Really.
George: Well, that is a sacrifice that I am willing to make for the viewersó
Lizzie: Oh, no no. George, um, thatís very noble of you,
unlike some people we know.
George: Oh, why did you have to do that?
We were enjoying a nice banter and then you bring up him.
Lizzie: Well steel yourself; Iím about to bring him up again.
Just answer me one thing.
Do you think Darcy would try to break up Bing and my Sister?
George: I wouldnít put it past him; he did destroy my life.
If I understood how Darcyís mind worked
I wouldnít be an itinerant swim coach ñ
Oh! Which reminds me, I got to leave town.
Lizzie: Wait, you said the season was over.
George: Yes, but I just got an offer to consult to the Marten Marines.
Itís a club team, but they want to dive straight into
their off season conditioning.
Lizzie: Congratulations, but you arenít leaving right now?
George: Yeah, I just came by to say goodbye.
Lizzie: But we have tickets to the music festival on Friday.
George: Oh, Iím sorry. Iíll be back in a few weeks,
and I will make it up to you, promise.
Lizzie: Okay
George: Hmm, of course peach, Iíll see you in a few weeks.
Lizzie: Speaking of people who act like they like you.
What is it with people leaving town all of the sudden?
Did I miss a memo? Is the zombie apocalypse coming?
Do I smell?
Clam Down, itís just a coincidence.
Jane: Hey Lizzie, can you help me get the big suitcase
down from the attic?
Lizzie: Yes, I definitely can ñ
Jane: I can wait until youíre finished
Lizzie: Nope, Iím done.
Jane: Is the camera stillóis there something going on,
I just saw George leaving.
Lizzie: No, everythingís fine, donít be paranoid. Iím not.