must see best egyptian candid camera the taxi driver ( subtitled)

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help me please to get her in the taxi
take care
let's do it
who are you ?
i am the driver
you what? -i am the driver
i cant hear you -i m the driver
-the driver -yes
you look like (Ali Maraksh) -(Ali Maraksh) who
-(ali marakash) the person who have trapezes
raise her legs
she is totally broken
how could she get in
she need a auto bus
i will get in
be like that
who are you?
i am the driver
drive what -taxi driver
how could she get in
how could she get in
how could she get in
sorry but just try to help her
my whole body hurts me
let me get in by the left side
take care
no no no no
easy sweat heart
let me
who are you ? _ i am the taxi driver
you what ? - i am the taxi driver
i can't i cant i can't
easy on her
who are you ? i am the taxi driver
please lady take another taxi
it's impossible...... lady
just help her _no i am sorry
get me in
yes yes
please open the window
i don't want to sit in the back
i want to sit beside the window in the front to be happy
you think yourself thin to set in front you can't sit in the back alone
where are you going ?
where are you going ? is the lady will come with you
who is she ?
the person who help you to take ataxi
i have no one
where are you going ?
what a day
i don't want anyone give me injection
i don't want it
i m not a doctor i am taxi driver
i needn't to drink any medication
i m not a doctor .. where are you going ?
the doctor told me
sleep 8 hours and i will be okay
you will sleep 8 hours in the car
what day
i get bored
who is talking ? i m the taxi driver
i will go -go where
wake up
close the door and go away
door what ? you think yourself sleeping in your house you are in the car
take me to my brother
where your brother live?
in Abu Dhabi
om goooooooood
Abu Dhabi what
hay you talk to me
what's going on sir ?
she wants go to Abu Dhabi
okay take her -take her .... Abu Dhabi in another country
it's so long trip
she is old lady take her with you
that's more 80 hours to go to Abu Dhabi by car
it's in (el sayda zainb )
(saydia zainb )what
she is old women
the only way to go to Abu Dhabi is by flying
i am involved in the most stupid place in the earth
what think your self will get her out by force
no it is in the next street
Abu Dhabi is very far
please granny get out my car _ i told you no
i said she will - no she won't
what you think yourself strong because she is old lady
hay you shame on you
you are the reason for this lady slap me and i can't do anything with her because she is lady
what is this ? is this a football
yes granny
wait moment
i will get out to play with you
show me the ball
where are you going ?
yes -where are you going granny
please don't give me injections or pills
you think me a doctor
i am the car owner
i want get money by this car
get money -yes
i will give advice to buy another car
granny.... where are you going?
open the bedroom's door to let them give me the milk
you are in taxi
who are you
i am the owner
are you (zainhm)
(zainhom) who ?
are you drug dealer
drug dealing what .. you want put me in jail
please get out my car
i will get broke
okay where?
get out
where are you going granny tell me ?
i will go to my sister ?
where's your sister live ?
my sister
in Dubai
dubai why you are talking car you go to her throw Plane
oh my god
take her sir
what ? you will drop her in street
what's wrong with you u thinking that's a plan
it's taxi
i will get her out -no you won't
i will do it -no you won't
take her to Dubai how
you should go anywhere she want's to go
yes but not dubai
okay not dubai
take me to syria
how could i do it
syria is so close
how that ?
is this bicycle yours
yes granny
okay wait moment
i will come to you
i love riding bicycle
when i was young i used to do that
push me
where are you going ?
yes -yes what?
is there anybody in this world enter the bedroom like that?
enter the bedroom
yes _you think yourself in the bedroom
you are in the car
hay granny is anyone drug you or something
no i am sleeping in my bedroom
i know you are sleeping but in my car
in the caaaar
is this car yours _yes it is mine
your are sleeping about hour in my car in my car
i slept about hour _yes you did
the doctor told me to sleep about 3 days
you should sleeping the 3 days in your house
please granny
hay you
take you where
take me to my brother
very good
where is your brother live
my brother in dubai
dubai dubai
dubai what?
please granny
that not mind people talk
okay okay take me to my niece
where's your niece live?
that is not a plan
she want's go to dubai
how could i do it
omg you are so cute
what's your name
you just waked up now
now... you can talk
please granny
your name is rehab
what do you want from them ?
they like (hossam hassan)and (ibrahim hassan)
(Ibrahim) and (Hossam)
you know those
and when i talking to you to ask where are you going suddenly sleeping
i like hossam and ibrahim i have no trouble with that
did you saw him when he shoot the ball
and i will stay here with you to talk with you about football
this kid
this boy
this boy
all this and you think i am kid
this kid driving fast and don't care about people in the streets
and suddenly smash me
and i treated you and dressed your legs and hands and put you in the car
he is confessing
you confessed -confessed what
you smashed her -smashed who
did you saw me - i will call the police
are you happy now
you ... what are you doing ?
you did that to me so treat me
i didn't touch you
please granny
give me 5000 pound
how could i give you
she slept again
i don't know what i can do to her
so you smashed her
no i swear
he is crazy don't believe him
and smashed me
crazy what ?
please you want put me in jail
come with me