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Uploaded by brunomotta on 09.11.2011

Bruno Motta's Weekly Video INTERNET PORN
Since we're on this subject, I have some good news for you.
I was on the internet the other day and read a study about... How can I say?
About porn. I don't know how I got there.
I don't know what kind of words I could have typed on Google
that brought me to a study about pornography and masturbation.
I really don't know. Internet is such a mistery, right?
I got to this Psychology Today study that said:
It's better to have real sex, even with a professional,
than to get aroused through the internet. You know why?
Because with the internet, you can get addicted to exaggerated porn
which doesn't correspond to reality. It's like getting addicted to the Big Mac picture.
When you see the real Big Mac...
It doesn't correspond to reality.
70% of the young people who were interviewed admitted watching porn on the web.
Big deal, that only proves that 30% is lying.
What a great research!
And it says that there is a solution, which is to get 6 to 12 weeks
without porn or masturbation, which means that there is no cure.
And the study only talks about internet porn, okay?
On TV or magazines it doesn't count.
If your magazine pages are sticky and you have to separate them with a ruler, no problem.
Those were tough times. People over 30 know that.
We were always waiting for the Avon catalogue. Am I right?
The catalogue arrived and we got so excited! We didn't have internet back then.
The pages got all sticky... Even the Playboy jokes got sticky.
Even the magazine credits with those photographer faces.
"I sprayed it by accident!" "Yeah, right."
If you watch those cable TV channels after 2 a.m....
Women, I'll tell you something:
Every channel has dirty stuff, the guys know when it's on.
HBO, HBO2, Cinemax, Maxprime, Multishow, all of them...
Even GNT, which claims to be a women's channel,
but right after that old lady showing the vibrator, things get hot on GNT too.
Yes, ladies! And Telecine Action after 2 a.m. becomes Telecine... Action!
The curious thing is everything is now dubbed on cable TV.
Telecine Action is now dubbed!
The girl goes: "Oh, that's so good, harder..."
And the guy goes: "I'll show you harder..." And I'm thinking: "...Ben 10?"
"Mommy, what's this monster he turned into?"