Wilson Football Factory Ep. 1: Ada Ohio, USA

Uploaded by WilsonSportingGoods on 14.01.2011

Our people make footballs here everyday
52 weeks a year when you do something everyday you're going to be the best in the world at it. People are 0:00:20.060,0:00:27.060 passionate about what they do that's why we make the best football in all the world right here in Ada Ohio.
The way we feel in Ada without us the game would be pointless
that without the football no points would be scored
it's all about the ball
trying to get their hands on that ball
get it in the end zone
across the goal line and we're thrilled to be part of that.
a term I like to use to describe us as a word
in the the sports you know what does that mean that means that
all those grassroots activities that good old-fashioned hard work whether it's our tennis people
at the tennis courts for our baseball people at clinics and all these kinds of things that
is part of the fabric of wilson and it's one of our real strengths and it's a grass-roots
to run in the business it's truly in the the sport like that you know it's a worked office
to work in that if you would have been here last week you probably couldn't have stood right here
we made a lot of special football's most these are super bowl footballs
this is a ball that we made for michigan state
that fortunate to go to the david letterman show once
today's footballs for justice this one here might be my favorite
that is really cool
since 1941 every point scored has been with a Wilson football