ENGSUB 110925 SJM Celebrities Takes the Lead Trailer Ver 1/2

Uploaded by inkeho on 28.09.2011

To help SJ-M learn Chinese efficiently and put them to
PingXi, North-West of Taiwan%u2019s, is a place with greenery, not boasting. (Plus PingXi%u2019s history that are too difficult to sub)
The members can enjoy one of Taiwan%u2019s most beautiful scenery there, and to learn Chinese.
ZM: Whoa~
We are Super Junior - M!
ZM: So where have we came today?
DH: Huo Che (Train)
KH: Have we reached yet? (In the background)
DH: Have we reached?
Hen: Do you know where this place is?
ZM: Do you?
Henry: This is Rui Fang Train Station
ZM: Rui Fang Train Station
ZM: Hey, it's written behind!
ZM: Through train, we can
ZM: You shan wan shui (Idiom - Tour and play around)
ZM: And complete our tasks
ZM: Let's go and sit on the train!
Henry: Set OFF!
ZM & Hen: Byebye!
EH: Byebye!
Caption: Stealing limelight
Hen: Let's go let's go let's go!
Henry (in the background): ka gin leh ka gin leh! (Hurry up, hurry!)
Caption: Donghae stealing limelight
ZM: So adorable
RW: Cute
Caption: Nanny Eunhyuk
ZM: We finished our journey. But this three Korean children would rather play and to be so engrossed with Taiwan kids, so cute
EH: We are Super Junior - M!
Oh tai wan mei (Oh perfection!)
Caption: Never give up
KH: So do you know us already?
Sorry sorry sorry sorry naega naega naega meonjo ~~
KH: Don't you know us?!
ZM: We have come to Qing Tong (?)
RW: We have reached!
ZM: Is there a lot of people in the train?
ZM: A lot, isn't it?
KH: Fun!
RW: A lot!
ZM: But isn't it fun?
ZM: Isn't the scenery great?
EH: Ahhh, very hungry..
ZM: Is the scenery beautiful?
EH: Very hungry...
ZM: He's very hungry today?
KH: You kept eating just now, though!
EH: Hungry~
All: Whoaaaaa~
Hen: We just got off the train, how do you guys feel?
Hen: Siwon, how do you feel?
SW: Me? Me?
SW: I feel very very...
SW: Honoured
Hen: Honoured?
Hen: Yeah how do you feel?
Hen: How about you?
Sungmin: Very.... touched
Hen: Donghae, you?
DH: I feel that the Taiwan's train is
DH: Is very fast,
DH: Very meaningful,
DH: And very comfortable as well
DH: And alot of people XD