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Welcome to the Weekly Flash, where we expose you to the hottest stuff from around the net.
I am your host, Alejandro in Austin. In this week’s episode we feature big news from
mega superstar DJ, highlight an up and coming Dub producer, and I share a big announcement
about the week ahead. First, If you love trance or electronic music,
there is no doubt that you have heard of the global force known as Tiesto. This week, the
dutch dj reached an epic milestone with the addition of his 7th million fan on facebook.
To celebrate, as reported on my blog earlier this week, Tiesto made his Track “Young
Lions” available for a free download. Referred to by tiesto as old school inspired trance
track, it is an absolute can’t miss for any trance fan and A link to the free download
can be found in the description box below. From one of the top djs in the world we turn
the spotlight to an up and coming producer on Youtube. Hailing from the UK, grebzdubsteps
has only been on youtube since September, but his drum and base beats quickly caught
our attention a couple of a months ago, and each track he makes is better than the last.
His latest dub track from last week, oh my god, can only be explained as hot.
With all his tracks available in 1080 hd quality and with his frequent uploads, Grebz is a
must see artist on youtube. From Trance to House to Dub, electronic music is some of
the most exciting music around . Do you like electronic music? Or electronic music just
noise to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Finally, for the big announcement, this week I will attend South by Southwest, the interactive,
film, and music festival. Some of the items I’ve scheduled to attend include official
parties thrown by Google and vimeo, a live podcast with super nerd Chris Hardwick, a
5-day concert showcase with acts such as questlove from the roots, and a sneak preview demo of
resistance 3 multiplayer for playstation 3, just to name a few. To get real time updates
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from one of the biggest entertainment events in the world.
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