The Sexual Freedom Project - Still Learning

Uploaded by VenusPlusXColumbia on 28.02.2012

I guess I don't really know what I would consider myself, but here I'm learning maybe I'm more
like fluid or pansexual, which I knew but I didn't know a lot about it.
For me, or what I know about it, is that I don't necessarily pick somebody as far as
gender; I like people. That's, you know, it's not embodied in just one gender.
For the first part of my life, like maybe K through 4, I went to private school. But
then I went to public school, and I didn't recieve any sex education anything until maybe
8th grade. Which it was very - it was handled very flippantly, like a joke, even with the
teacher, and a lot of misinformation. And as far as high school, I think in 11th grade
we were required to take sex ed, and it also wasn't all-inclusive. They basically only
talked about you know, sex with men and women, nothing else. So, there was no sex conversation.
Just like, maybe my father mentioned like "Oh are you guys using protection? Good."
That was basically all it encompassed. I mean it didn't help with the confusion, because
I mean if you don't feel like you're included in what they're talking about, then you kind
of zone out. And they didn't explain a lot of different things. So, it took me a long
time; I'm still learning about my body and sex, so..