Squaresville - Ep. 4 Sassy Girl (w/ Mary Kate Wiles, Kylie Sparks, & Austin Rogers)

Uploaded by squaresvilleseries on 27.04.2012

Have you guys ever practiced kissing?
You heard me.
Have we ever practiced kissing?
Are you trying to make-out with me?
What, are you trying to make us to make-out?
No, I'm just asking if.
I'm just asking if you guys have ever
practiced, like on a pillow or your
hand or a mannequin or something.
First of all, where on earth did you hear that?
I read about it
in a magazine that girls practice making out and I wanted to be prepared, that's all.
What magazine said that and why are you reading it?
Sassy Girl.
It's not funny, I'm being real with you guys.
Why would anyone ever in their
entire life think to even bother glancing at
a Sassy girl unless they're 12,
trying to get an eating disorder, or probably both.
All right, well, the models in that magazine, they're really pretty.
And I for one love a natural beauty.
And you would've mastered the keys to an all-natural summer look in just 3 easy steps.
You're looking for this season's hottest new fashions.
And where to buy the knockoffs.
You're really smart but you can't get the boys to notice you.
And two: reckon.
Sassy Girl is a training manual for
girls our age.
They grow up planning to become the
women in this magazine, and thereby define their ideal boyfriends.
This is the key to what girls want.
That's not what we want.
I'm not trying to smooch you guys.
Okay, let's pretend it's not totally idiotic that you
want to date a bimbo who reads this in Zip It Magazine.
And don't forget we'll hate you forever if you do.
Right, but let's pretend.
Why on earth do you think that
practicing on a pillow would somehow be
an advantage?
I don't know, maybe I should make my face more pillow-like.
How do you make your face more pillow-like?
I don't know.
What do you think of this?
My face is such is pillowy dream.
Give us a smooch.
No, no, no,
no. No, no.
Thanks for watching Sassy Girl.
I'm actually here to let
you all know I
know about kissing, that was just acting.
Austin's a very good actor.
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