Mahabharat - Episode 26

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The time for Krishna to leave Mathura is near
So, it is important to go to Mathura
As l have already said:
This is not the story of Bharat's descendants alone
lt is a story of darkness and light, truth and untruth
On one side is Krishna
the root of truth and light
On the other side is Dhritirashtra
the root of untruth and darkness
and Duryodhan is the result
the tree of untruth and darkness
This is the clash between Krishna and Dhritirashtra
which is why this story moves towards Krishna
Remember the moment
when Sage Pasrshuram was called by Krishna
and he came to Sage Sandipnee's school
Greetings O Teacher!
Sudama Yes Sir
Ask mother to prepare food for Sage Parshuram
Yes sir
You have not blessed me, O sage
Why do you need my blessings?
But now that you have asked l must give something
Meeting you is a blessing in itself
Enough of games, Krishna. l am here
because you called me
l await your order
What order can l give?
call it an order
or a blessing
l would have left this world long ago
but the warriors are getting out of hand again
Here take your weapon
and look after your era
Being a warrior does not mean
you have total right over society
You have eaten enough butter, played the flute
and romanced
Now do the work for which you were born
Go to Mathura which has been attacked by Jarasandh
You killed Kansa but Mathura is suffering
As you wish!
Hail Krishna and Balram!
Had Krishna and Balram not come on time
Mathura's defeat was certain
Mathura is indeed indebted to them
Forgive me
A motherland is never in debt
lf anyone thinks he has obliged his motherland
then he is mistaken
l only did my duty
and in future, too
l shall do my duty
ln this moment of victory l wish to say
that Jarasandh will attack again
Why should we worry?
lt is not right to be afraid
l agree with Balram
Even then we must listen to Krishna
How can we forget that
he is Devaki's eighth son
who has freed the land of Braj
from the atrocities of Kansa
But Mathura is free of Kansa now
What about Jarasandh who keeps attacking Mathura?
The war is not yet over
l agree with my father
Then let Jarasandh attack again
This time we will end the war
A brave man should not be eager for war
A brave man knows
when a war is necessary
Only an egoist wages an unnecessary war
Then should we go to Jarasandh and say:
Though you lost the war
we will not fight any longer
lf saying that will avoid war then we should do so
What are you saying Krishna?
Should we surrender to Jarasandh?
No. That would be cowardice
How can l suggest that?
We must fight to protect ourselves and the nation
What then?
What do you mean?
My proposal is this:
We should leave Mathura
We will not leave Mathura
Anger retards intelligence
Then, why get angry?
Don't change the topic
Aren't you asking us
to leave Mathura because of Jarasandh?
History will call this cowardice
Do not insult you land thus
l am not insulting my motherland
l am protecting it
Jarasandh wants me
for having killed Kansa
His daughters were widowed because of me
Then why should Mathura suffer?
You are enough for him
That's not the point
War should be waged when all options are exhausted
What alternative is left?
One option is still left
To save Mathura from the terror of war
And what option is that?
To go elsewhere, my king
Our days in Mathura are over
We should create a Dwarka to welcome the new era
A Dwarka protected from all sides
Should we run away?
lf you do that people will call you a coward
l don't mind what people call me as long as
my action saves Mathura from the clutches
of Jarasandh
What's in a name?
Names are a mere convenience
People may call me by any name
but the day l feel they are
calling out to me
l shall answer
And l shall always be the same!
Take out your weapon No brother. Not yet
lf pride is more important to you, let us stay here
lf the land of Braj is more important
then we must leave
lt was my duty to tell you this
but the decision is the king's
l agree with Krishna
l knew you would agree with Krishna
Who will construct this Dwarka?
Vishwakarma, the celestial architect
l welcome you on behalf of King Ugrasen
Mathura will always be grateful
for the trouble you have taken
Why have you called me here?
Why call the celestial architect?
The king desires
that you create a city protected by the sea
lf the city is to be called Dwarka
then the plans are ready. Look!
The plan is beautiful, what do you say brother?
Why ask me after you have decided?
We have liked the proposed city
Please begin your work.
The city of the Gods is beyond my reach
A moment there is probably equal to a year
because Vishwakarma created Dwarka very quickly
And so, the Yadus settled in Dwarka
far away from Braj
but just like it
Protected on all sides
by the omnipresent sea
Peace and prosperity reigned in Dwarka
You have to admit that Krishna was right
Krishna is always right my king
but l do not like being called a coward
The result is more important
Today there is peace on all sides which will lead to
progress and prosperity
When did you come from Hastiapur, Sartaki?
Yesterday, my king
What news of Hastinapur?
Everything is fine but
there is turbulence
under the calm waters
But why?
The tradition of Bharat says
Yuddhistir should be the Crown Prince
Even the people want it
What's the problem then?
There is a tussle between
Hastinapur's throne and the king's heart
The throne wants Yuddhistir
and the king's heart
wants Duryodhan as the Crown Prince
because he is the elder Kuru son
That's not good!
But why doesn't Bhishma say something?
He is helpless
He cannot decide
What about Dronacharya and Kripacharya?
Why are they quiet?
Yes. Why are they quiet?
They are also helpless
lf such great people are helpless
then be sure that
danger is not far away
Why the delay in choosing the Crown Prince?
This is not an ordinary problem, Uncle
l asked the king
l answered on behalf of the king
Cannot the king answer himself?
His respect for you prevents him from answering
Besides, you forgot
that an oath has
bound you to the throne
So, you can only side with the king
and not question him
l remember the oath
and to whom it was given
l do not know to whom you are loyal
but l am loyal to Hastinapur and its throne
Also, l know that
the kind does not doubt my loyalty
What are you saying Uncle?
You have to order
lt is not for me to order
You are the kind and
it is your duty to choose the Crown Prince
But remember that the basis of politics
is the welfare of the people
Also, understand this
Not listening to the people can cause problems
See to it that your choice is the peoples' choice
However, it is your choice as to who
will be the Crown Prince
Brother Shakuni
Did Uncle mean that
if Duryodhan is selected
the people would rebel?
He didn't merely say it
He threatened us
l don't believe it!
l can't believe it!
Uncle doesn't ever threaten
He merely enforced us
Only cowards threaten
And even l can see that
he is not a coward
So, if he has told us
about a rebellion
there will be one
Ask your spics to find out
how deep-rooted is this idea
As you wish!
l have heard that
pressure is being brought on the king
to select Duryodhan
Who is pressuring him
He must be an enemy
Why make Duryhodan the Crown Prince
when Yuddhistir is there?
He is truly blessed
Whoever he blesses
is sure to find riches
Why then select Duryhodan?
People will revolt
You are right
Who are we to talk?
The Kingdom is theirs
Who told you this?
The Kingdom is not theirs
lt is not their personal property
The Crown Prince is ours
Who is the king to decide?
This is an injustice
You are right
Did you hear?
The king cannot decide on who
will be the Crown Prince
on the one hand is Yuddhistir
on the other his own son Duryhodan
What is there to decide Why?
Even the common man knows
that Yuddhistir is the ideal choice
He is also the eldest Kurus son
and deserving
lf l were king
l would appoint Yuddhistir
Even Duryhodan is deserving
What did you say? Nothing
l'll leave now
What kind of people are there
Not a thought in their heads
Let's go Yes
Five plus two seven!
Hail Prince of Gandhar!
What is the good news?
The news is not good
Bad news, eh?
Okay go!
l'll see!
This is no time to sleep, my child
Wake up
Uncle! At this time!
Do not sleep so deeply
that you become
oblivious to everything
Has anything happened?
Not yet. But it will!
Your father is being pressured
to make Yuddhistir the Crown Prince
Father cannot be unjust to me
My dear Duryhodan. You are still sleeping
When your eyes open
you will see
that the crown will be
on Yuddhistir's head
He is Bhishma's favorite
What should l do?
Wake up your father
and ask for your rights
Ask for your rights
You have to take your rights!
Grab them Duryodhan!
My son! What's it son?
That's what l have come to ask
l have heard that
father is going to crown Yuddhistir
Who is pressuring
the king of Hastinapur
Do not be agitated
Why not father?
Should l not be agitated to know that
my own father is giving my rights to someone else?
l am the king's eldest son but
another will be chosen
l cannot bear this!
lt is not enough to be the eldest
Even King Bharat
Don't talk of King Bharat
That was centuries ago
lf Time kept looking back then
society will never progress
Father had a right to this throne
lt was Vidur who interfered
Father is blind, mother
not l
l am the eldest son of the eldest son
lt is my right to be the Crown Prince
lf someone else is chosen it is an insult to me
You have taught me not to bear insults
The first rule of politics is
never to get angry
because anger blinds the seeing
How ill-fated l am
Father blind from birth
Mother blind by Fate
And l blinded by insult
lf you can sleep after killing my rights, do so!
But remember
the game will not end here
My lord!
Hold my hand
l am afraid
Looks like
our love has spoiled Duryodhan
l feel
he has raised an apt question
lf l were not blind
why would Pandu have become king?
Why should my son be punished for my blindness?
Let's see how Vidur answers this question
Do not fear Vidur's ethics
Look at your Uncle
He can never be unjust
Live long
Why are you sad and worried?
When will l be free of this place?
When Hastinapur is safe and secure
You have great will power, my son
Live to fulfill your oath
After Pandu became King l thought
Hastinapur was secured
You are not God, my son
Earth is your realm of action
Walk on the path of duty and action
till the path side
This path is of my own choosing
l have chosen it myself
l have never had your father's love
at the same time
l am greedy for love
Where else can l go for love but you?
When l see you
l know that l am not alone here
Tomorrow is crucial for Hastinapur
So, l come to you for some relief
Tomorrow will see a tussle
between father and king, justice and injustice
And l will
have to side with injustice
because injustice is on the throne
Please ask God
to save Hastinapur from this Fate
What is to happen will happen my son
But mother
You are the eldest Kuru
What is the answer to Duryodhan's question
Duryodhan's question does not concern the Kurus
but politics and Hastinapur
The king will have to answer the question
Duryodhan's question is this:
Had you not been blind
You would be the king
lt would be your right
Then why should he be punished for your blindness
Yes. And l have no answer
Besides, l find the question is right
Your problem is that
you find the question appropriate
Then us the question inappropriate?
lsn't it true that the question arises
because he is a blind father's son
Pandu's sons are as beloved to me
as my own
l do not want
to take away Yuddhistir's right
from him and
give it to Duryodhan
But l do not wish
to take away Duryodhan's right either
That is why l have asked you this question
l will abide by your decision
What do you think O teacher?
Both are your students
Do not feel that l hesitate to answer
But as you said
both are my students
Both are dear to me
but as everyone knows
Arjun is my favorite student
So, if l put in a word for Yuddhistir
then Duryodhan may feel that
l am siding with Arjun
So, you feel Yuddhistir should be Crown Prince
lf Yuddhistir is not chosen
there will be a revolt
and l, too, will side the rebels
lf a king does injustice in fear of revolt
then he is unworthy of becoming a king
A king should be just
and should think only of the peoples' welfare
l agree
with the Army Chief
Are you threatening the King?
Do not forget that l stand between you
and the king
No one can threaten the king
when you are there Uncle
But, my king
l find the question baseless
How come Vidur?
A son is an heir to his father's wealth but
the kingdom is not your property
lf Yuddhistir, too, was unworthy
he, too, would not get the throne
because he is Pandu's elder son
You are not even a representative
You are his representative
lf the son had a right
even then it would be Yuddhistir's
Why don't you say that even you
wish Yuddhistir to be the Crown Prince
When the time comes to say that
l will definitely say so
What will l tell the people tomorrow?
When Time asks a question
it also answers it
When Time asks you this question tomorrow
it will also answer it
But it is up to you to
accept or reject the answer
Wait for tomorrow, my king!
A sword divides
Greed and right
lts sharpness is such
it will cut anything