[Engsub +VietSub] Xman #31 Ep 72 ¤ Jun Jin Shinhwa, Tablo, Ji Hyun, Eun Hye

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You don't like your real name.
Did you cover yourself with brown sugar?
Did you go do your army duties earlier this year?
Did you see earlier in the waiting room?
Did you see her?
You saw her didn't you?
We don't know who you're talking about.
That woman,
was it Shin Jung Hwan?
Shin Jung Hwan, who didn't do anything.
Why me?
When you got selected to be on Xman, You called me and we met up, and then we practiced for "Of course".
You realized this isn't going as we practiced?
You practiced for this segment?
Did you practice that, too?
Go ahead.
I can't say this looking into your eyes, is it okay if I don't look into your eyes?
Earlier when I said I didn't want to fall into your eyes,
I said that because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to crawl back out. Right?
Just once per day.
Even though you're saying those things now, you're going to give me pain later?
You, out of Jewelry,
out of the four members,
you know you're number one?
Jihyun, your face looks brighter.
But, the number one isn't the good number one, is it?
She's asking back.
The first place that I was talking about, Jewelry means Bosuk, right?
You know that #1 in Jewelry is diamond, and you know that you're the diamond, right?
Just once a day!
Just one person, please.
Did you eat something wrong?
She's not attacking at all!
Cuz he keeps saying nice things about me.
Was it fun?
Okay, so starting now, Queen of "Of Course".
Let's go!
Good job!
HwanHee told me to go out and play with you for awhile.
Hwan-Hyung told you to come out and play with you.
Your condition, it's not normal you know that, right?
I'm perfectly fine. Sam Ji Hyun.
Okay, "Cold" Ji Won. [On = Hot]
When you get on the bus, you pay children's fare, don't you?
Okay, she's a lilttle sensitive now.
Did you make your "pigtails" because you thing you're cute?
YuhJin, she's worked up now.
These pants, they're short for me, but they're dragging for you.
You're a barbarian, aren't you? [yuhjinjok = barbarian]
JiHyun, we were partners at one point,
and you realized I had a lot of fun that time?
JiHyun. Come with me.
One more time!
Will you come with me?
Can you forget me now?
You realize I'm thankful because you said that, right?
Seriously, just let me go.
She's not even really thinking about it, but you keep saying let me go.
Please go away already!
Don't make things difficult for me.
My son is watching.
So your son is watching, and you're saying you love me?
Do you want me to introduce you to my son?
At times like this, we need a feeling good song.
Jong Man Ah? [Do you have a lot of feelings?]
As your last child, won't you have a daughter that looks like me?
When she's born she'll cry like "wah". (in accent)
If you don't give me milk, I'm going to eat you alive.
Looking at you close up, you're quite pretty.
When watching you on TV, tough and just. Does anyone actually say that?
If you have a lot of feelings, then give me some.
You look big on TV, but not so much in real life.
Then what about you? Exactly what are you?
You became a singer because you didn't want to take the comedian test first. Didn't you?
I hear you have an album?
I heard you bought a car, it's pretty expensive, taboleh? [You want to ride it sometime?]
I had a tummy ache yesterday, I had diarrhea. I ate that medicine. Is that Shin JungHwan? [Jungrohwan is the medicine]
The paper burns with fire. [Ta = burn; Bulro = because of fire.]
When you wear turtlenecks, I hear it stays up because of your shoulders.
You realize that I like alcohol, right?
And I went to this hof, not too long ago.
And I like beer from tap. So I yelled out "Over here! Beer on tap. In double". [Double in = Dabullo]
Not too long ago, somebody wanted to start a fight with me on the streets.
So there was a fight. I could have handled them on my own. So I yelled out "call up everyone". [ta = everyone. bulluh = call.]
You know I liked you at first?
So you win for the first time, and maybe this is your first romance. We'll see what happens.
I like you a lot.
There was almost a romance, but..
And you realize that that's why I couldn't talk to you?
Can I puke while I say of course?
How could you be so pretty?
Aw here we go. Romance slowly.
Do you want me to be your girlfriend?
That's good.
Your acting is the best, and your singing is best, too.
Just once a day!
When you cry, your tears fall sideways, don't they?
Why are you touching me?
Everytime you put out an album, say sexy sexy sexy sexy, you're gonna turn into a bride (seksi) before you know it.
I'm sexy, aren't I?
Your shoulder looks good.
Your younger brother is sewu. (shrimp)
Hold on you can't be like this. Give me the feel good song.
It was nothing.
I hear you're a VIP member in a health club?
Your teams a little rowdy. Why don't you put them to sleep? (jaewuji)
I hear the strength that you show on the show isn't half your real strength?
I hear you're and oldies singer?
Sometimes without realizing, you walk into the men's public bath, don't you?
No, that was me!
It was nothing!
Since this is your first time, you're a little confused, aren't you? (herung herung = confused)
There's someone I really want to be coupled with.
-1 of the 3? -Yes.
Do you love her?
I'm sorry, its just my habit. My mistake.
Ohn Ju Hwan, lets see yours.
JunJin, lets see yours.
Will you be doing your introduction as a new comer?
As a new comer, you should probably button up.
In the game, I'm sure we can do quite well together. And when I see her smile, I can do well.
So you're saying you like her smile.
Can you sing a song for her?
I'll just dance.
Switch! Switch!
You can't do this.
I feel sorry for him, why does he have to be after JunJin?
If it doesn't work, "call up everyone" (ta = everyone. bullah = call)
What do we do with you?
If anyone knows how to do the beatbox.
Oh, we have Kangbox!
You know why you're out here right? Beatbox.
What kind of style do you want?
He's out here as a musical instrument, so don't talk and just poke him once when you're ready to go and he'll spit out music.
Hip hop beat.
He doesn't know those.
We'll see what you three have to offer.
[Caption: His heart is still young.]
Kong, you're trying very hard today.
I've been waiting.
Park Joon Gyu is in shock that Kong became a couple.
I'll call out a person who gave me at least another look.
Come over.
Park Joon Gyu is surprised himself.
You must be crazy.
He's crazy.
You're not afraid of anything.
Go away.
JunJin his look on his face says, why did you go for YuhJin.
You're all crazy!
Do I look that easy of a target?
No No.
We should be watching at Yuhjin's expressions carefully. What are these guys doing leaving me alone here?
Yoon EunHye.
"Go call everyone else" (ta = everyone. bulluh = call)
This is time for Yuhjin. You just have to pick one out of the 3. Is there anyone out there that want to apologize to Yuhjin at this point?
Just because these 3 were doing it, I decided I should.
So you're telling me you just did it without knowing why?
I thought you were just supposed to.
Alright, lets see your apology.
I'm sorry, seems I just have bad friends.
I will do as a please now.
Is there anyone else that wants to apologize? You don't have much opportunity left. I'll give you 5 seconds.
Beacuse I also seem to have made a bad friend.
If there's time. Give me some music.
He's so sexy!
We'll see what Yuhjin has to say. Last pick!
Depending on her choice, the two remaining guys will be paired up together.
Why were you like that earlier JunJin?
Wow, you're moving a little fast today.
That looks like the position it takes to grab the other persons sash.
I love you.
The fact that JiHyun is scratching her head means, how does a person do this week after week?
Will you sing a song for her?
Forgive me by Paraneli.
To the three of them he's giving his killer smile. Matching their eyes.
Kang Ho Dong's look of jealousy.
Jong Man Ho got the look that he's the best of the 3 yet. The look of confidence.
Decide from our looks.
The 3 of you, do you have a song u want to hear from KyungMin?
That song.
What song?
The one that goes no no...
Unstable friendship.
I got picked, you saw that right?
I already got picked.
JiHyun, I love you.
He keeps on announcing his love.
We'll start with Kang Ho Dong. Do you love her?
I love you.
For her, can you give up everything?
We're not that close/ do you not eat?
Do you not eat?
Do you love her?
Yes, I love her.
Please call out the name of the girl you love.
That's okay.
Kang Ho Dong, are you okay? We're about to say something, but are you okay?
KyungMin, you seem surprised.
Thank you.
Move out of the country!
I will move with my eyebrows, Hyeryung.
Jaewo Shingyjunghwan is only left.
You can call out the ones that already been picked.
I have to rescue someone first.
Kang Ho Dong, you still have hope.
Shin Jung Hwan.
Just a second. Why are you counting so quick?
Let me choose again.
No, I want to call again.
No! No! Quiet! We're done!
Kang Ho Dong looking over at...
I love you.
Do you really love?
I really love her.
Do you really love her?
I really love her, its not just the show, I really love her.
As you call out the name of your partner, lets have a cheer.
I'm sorry!
Just a second.
What's wrong?
Oppa fighting!
Pay attention to the Xman. He might be already sitting down, or he might be over there surprised at who is out already.
One of the 4 over here or the 6 over there.
Its about time Park Joon Gyu became an XMan. And is there anything he's done well. I mean he's always been that way, but still has he done anything right today.
I've always done well.
Lets carry on, I will enforce the rules.
Lets move along already.
How do you feel about your partner's weight? Compare to an object.
Can't compare to any object that exists.
There's no such thing.
Head of a dinosaur.
Of all the dinosaurs...TRex. The one with the biggest head.
A box of pear.
No no, it was just so funny.
And of all the other fruits, there's like apples and stuff, but he had to go with pear. That's so funny.
You can laugh, but if you laugh one stop too slow that's a violation.
That was funny, too. You're so funny!
I'm that funny?
Your mouth sticks out like this, its so funny!
Jeju Island. Black pig.
We all laughed.
If you drop one more time, you're disqualified. You have to laugh with your partner in your arms.
I don't need to compare to anything, cotton candy.
She's a little heavy.
What are you gonna express it with?
My Pants!
Please keep your eyes out for XMan's performance.
Does it make sense that Kang Ho Dong is out while holding JiHyun. Are you sure you're not XMan?
Me, I'm heavy on my own.