Lindsey Williams - The Elite Speak - DVD 1 Part 4 - Jan/Feb 2010 (To Seduce a Nation)

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...that someone put out, entitled Lindsey Williams is right.
I didn't know they were doing this.
They actually went to Dubai and photographed everything that's happening over there in Dubai city.
And then they came back and said in a caption they put on it LindseyWilliams is right.
It happened exactly as the elite said it would.
And that individual that laughed at me on the radio that day, if he happens to see this Dubai and
what's taking place over there, he'll realize that actually the elite did, by bringing the world
economy to the place that they have brought it, they have been able to, for all practical purposes,
make Dubai city a ghost town.
And the Dubai World is in drastic trouble.
Which we'll talk more about that later in another DVD.
But right now watch if you will the insert about Dubai at this point and you'll understand that the
elite have been able to accomplish what even the Wall Street prognosticators said can't take place.
The Dubai Marina is packed with 200 skyscrapers.
They were all built in the last five years at a cost of several billion Euros.
But thousands of apartments are standing empty in the luxury Harbor District.
There's been a severe fall in demand.
Berit Paton-Reid has worked in real estate here for nearly 10 years.
At the moment though her business has come to a standstill.
This 200 square meter apartment on the 22nd floor is still empty.
A few months ago, the luxury unit would have sold for 800,000 Euros.
But though the price has been cut by 10% there's no buyer to be found.
The beautiful view isn't enough to lure the buyers right now.
You can't put a percentage figure on the market drop.
In fact there isn't a market at all.
The volume of trade were dealing with right now is so small that it's hardly worth mentioning.
The real estate agent can't even find anyone willing to rent the luxury apartment.
Dubai has been hit by the global financial crisis especially in real estate.
Mega projects like the artificial island off the coast are in danger of collapse.
Many construction sites have shut down.
Dubai's largest construction company, Nakheel, has already laid off several hundred workers.
Investors have withdrawn their funds to close gaps in their budgets elsewhere.
Now the mega construction firm Deyaar is also feeling the pinch.
Markus Giebel, the German head of the construction firm, is taking steps to address the crisis.
Many projects will be delayed.
And many others might have to be canceled.
This financial crisis will have major fallout.
And we need to take steps to deal with it.
So we will have to delay some projects and will just have to be tough and cancel some others.
Giebel is also stepping up publicity.
He's taken out advertisements in the regional newspapers as a signal that the show will go on in
spite of the financial crisis.
This headline, Deyaar ignores the global financial crisis and continues with its expansion plans.
Giebel is still planning major projects for next year like the Michael Schumacher Tower.
A luxury skyscraper built in the harbor.
The building will have a yacht marina with moorings for every apartment.
We're at the very top end of the luxury market.
We need just 200 buyers.
And they still exist even in the financial crisis.
People who have hundreds of millions or a billion in the bank,
they're not going to change their lifestyles.
Giebel is taking a gamble.
Unless he finds 200 investors to buy an apartment in advance,
the Michael Schumacher project won't happen.
And right now there are no investors in sight.
In fact, nothing is being sold.
The real estate sector in Dubai has made estimated losses of 50 billion Euros.
Berit Paton-Reid also says that hard times lie ahead.
I own the company.
And I have to assume the next 3 to 6 or even 9 months will be a bit difficult.
Our sales will go down.
That's clear.
But I'm not worried about the long-term future in Dubai.
We're en route to Palm Jumeirah.
It's an artificial island built in the shape of a palm tree.
This secluded spot is a favorite of the international jet set.
But the financial crisis has hit here as well.
The sale price of these villas has dropped dramatically.

A few months ago these villas went for 15 or 16 million Dirham.
Now it's about 12 million.
That's a drop of about 1 million Euros in the space of about six months.
Even with the attractions of the new Atlantis hotel nearby,
there's not a single potential buyer in sight.

They've gone down 2, 3, 4, 5 million Dirham depending on location.
The best locations have dropped a bit less.
There plenty of bargains right now.
And for the coming months those in the know here in Dubai are predicting more tough times ahead.
All right now let me go back now to another question.
You said that there's not going to be any cliffs.
There's going to be a gradual decline.
They're going to basically destroy the dollar over the next couple of years.
Why are they destroying the dollar?
That would be a different question than why is the price of crude oil going down.
It is to their advantage to do what they are doing.
In fact I believe it's in DVD number two that I will give what do they have to gain by this.
And I'll put it this way just in one word to be brief -- everything.
The elite have everything to gain by what they're doing.
They don't lose anything by bringing the world's economy to a collapse.
They gained everything by taking the price of crude oil
from $147 a barrel to $50 a barrel or below.
And they're going to keep it somewhere close within that range.
So as people realize the methodology that the elite use, then they'll be able to understand how
they can protect their own household in light of these things.
Now, Stan, you have just suggested a method that people could save what little bit of actual
capital they have.
If you have it hidden between the mattress, or you have it in the bank -- oh my goodness please
don't trust the bank, you know better than that, you have suggested they put it in gold and silver.
Gold and silver.
As the dollar collapses, the price of gold and silver goes up.
And could readily be 1,500 2,000 2,500 maybe even $3,000 an ounce.
It's so undervalued right now.
Then turn around and take that gold and silver that you bought back at $1,000 an ounce, cash it in
for whatever new currency may be available at the time that the time the dollar collapses, and
you've got the value of the new currency.
And you've taken no loss.
You've suggested that as a physical measure whereby they could save their dinner table.
Let me suggest some psychological and physical mental solutions.
You see the average person is going to have a very difficult time mentally accepting all of this.
We Americans have lived in luxury for years.
We don't know what it is to go without anything.
One of the first things I learned when I lived with the elite was to listen to their buzzwords.
Now buzzwords are those things that they're telling you what they're going to do.
They will always tell you everything they're going to do in advance.
I know that sounds strange but you see the elite do have a moral code.
It's quite different than your moral code and my code.
They will tell you what they're going to do.
And I would like to explain and show you some perfect examples of how the elite will tell you what
they're going to do before they do it.
Now let me make a comment because my understanding is these are new buzzwords.
In an earlier set of DVDs you had another set of buzzwords you explained,
but this is new information.
New buzzwords with new explanations, correct?
Only hours ago when this 87-year-old man gave me these things.
You're going to hear some things you've never heard before.