Someone Behind You (두 사람이다) ENG SUB

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YOON Jin-seo
LEE Ki-woo Park Ki-woong
Photographed by KIM Yong-heung Lighting by KIM Tae-in
Directed by Oh Ki-whan
I'm a lizard.
That's so childish.
I think it's fun.
Text home. You're going to the clinic.
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
You OK, Eun-kyung? Sorry.
We'll go over there.
She's cold and heartless.
Who doesn't know she's a bookworm?
Does she have to study at lunch time too?
Forget it.
I should have learned fencing or something like you, right?
You tire too easily. You should practice more.
- OK - Go on!
- Aren't you tired? - I'm OK.
Take it easy.
You did good today.
Thank you.
Hello, there.
Choi Sang-kyung! How many days has it been?
Come on, coach
The contest is only a few days away.
You won't get into college at this rate.
Coach, I was kind of... sick...
If you keep this up I won't write you a recommendation
Got that?
You know, coach... if you keep getting upset
I'll come out.
- You'll get more wrinkles - You stay there. I'll go.
You're the one who's giving me wrinkles.
I'd be a young man if it wasn't for you!
Sang-kyung and I have grown apart we used to be close.
Now it's uncomfortable.
Don't let it get to you.
Some people are bound to get hurt.
You're right. So it's not my fault?
Hug me.
I like it here. You too?
This is too hot and heavy for a public place.
You stay out of it.
You're sure about that?
Then I'm telling mom
you're making out.
- Ga-yun! - Boo!
I'm in trouble.
- Come on, Ga-yun. - I'm going to my mom!
Come here!
- Hey. - Mom! Dad!
- Dad! Dad! - Ga-yun!
- What do you want? - Ga-in...
- An MP3 player? - Cut that out.
What's gotten into you?
She's So pretty
Funny ha ha.
What's with you today?
Go to your room.
- Why? - I got you new clothes.
It's your aunt Jee-sun's wedding tomorrow.
All right!
- Yippee! - Me too!
- What about the fruit? - Later.
38-year-old Kim killed his brother and his wife.
The road is covered with blood.
The crime scene is horrendous,
- Honey... - The police said
the two brothers were known to be close.
The police believe this was not premeditated.
- It's good to see you. - You look so pretty.
- Hello. - How have you been?
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
- Where's aunt Jee-sun? - In there.
- You should get married soon, too. - Yeah!
- Auntie! - Hey, Ga-in!
- See you later. - Okay.
Someone gave you an incredible makeover.
Must have taken a long time.
- Since there wasn't much to begin with. - Hey!
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
She's getting married without any problems.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
Did uncle come up from Gangwondo?
He hasn't come out in 30 years. Not after what happened.
- Aunt Jung-sun. - Hey.
- Aunt Jee-sun looks Beautiful. - I know
When are you getting married?
Not anytime soon.
That's my sweetie.
This is my boyfriend.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too.
- Hi. - Been behaving?
Jee-sun! Jee-sun! What's wrong?
He pushed her!
Wake up. Open your eyes, Jee-sun!
Surgery in Operation : KIM Jee-sun
- Honey... - Don't even think that.
It was just an accident.
It won't come to us. It can't.
She should be OK. She's stable now
Jee-sun! It's me, your mom.
- Are you all right? - Jee-sun!
- Please step back. - Open your eyes.
- We're going to go. - Go on home.
Take care of her.
I'll stay a little longer.
Don't disturb her. And don't ask her questions
All right.
Don't worry.
Hey! No smooching in the hospital, ok?
Ga-yun, she's so...
You heard my sister.
You should behave...
- She'll be ok, right? - She'll be fine. Don't worry.
Die! Die!
Die! Die!
Auntie! No, don't!
No, don't!
- Are you all right? - Ga-in...
- Hey, wake up! - Wake up!
- Hey! - Doctor!
I can't write a report if you keep quiet.
This is frustrating.
Your daughter showed no signs at all?
Jung-sun isn't the one who killed her.
What do you mean?
There are several witnesses.
You won't believe this, but...
Many family members died for no reason.
It's like a curse
There's something, all right.
Listen to this.
A son killed his mother for scolding him,
A father who raped and impregnated his daughter,
A man who buried his brother over an inheritance,
These are cases that happened this month.
Jee-sun's case is not even that serious.
The whole world seems cursed.
Choi Sang-kyung!
- What's up, coach? - What's up?
You should know you shouldn't pulling back!
If I'm going to avoid losing points.
I have to do that Sometimes.
You call yourself a man?
You're no match for Ga-in.
I'll work on it.
You're next.
- Ga-in. - Mom!
It's all right.
- Mom. - You're sweating...
Mom... I had a dream...
No! Don't say anything.
It's all right...
It's all right...
No need, Eun-kyung.
- What a show-off - I know.
Kim Mi-joo, Na Hyang-shin, Lee Sori, get up!
You in the top 3.
For the number of times being late for school.
4 days cleaning duty.
I'll do my best.
Excuse me, I need your help.
What is it?
We're shooting a video to promote our school.
- Is Kim Ga-in this class? - Yes
Could you send her downstairs?
Kim Ga-in!
She went to the nurse's office 'cuz she felt sick.
She did? It has to be Ga-in...
Eun-kyung has the best grades in school.
We're not showing grades on the video.
Ga-in's good at fencing and in other areas.
I'll let you know if we have no choice.
She can't get the job even with his help. - I know.
Yeah. Thanks for the food.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Can't you knock?
This isn't your room, you know.
Heon-joong was here?
Want some?
No thanks.
Did you know you're getting filmed later?
Not interested?
Can't be bothered. You do it.
Eun-kyung really wanted the job actually.
You should have seen her face...
when she didn't get it. It was priceless.
I'm taking off.
She didn't mean it like that.
Feeling better?
I said 'Die'.
- Die! - Eun-kyung!
Are you OK?
Better now?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You think they're all accidents?
The things happening around you,
and the things that are going to happen.
Don't trust anyone. Your friends... Your family...
Not even yourself.
Then you just might live.
Ga-in. Mom's upset.
I'm home!
Where have you been?
Your phone was off. And you didn't go to practice.
- I was at a friend's... - Which friend?
What's with all the questions? Geez!
What's wrong with you?
You should have come straight home!
That's enough, honey.
Whatever happens... I'll watch over you...
Good morning, Sir.
Eun-kyung transferred to another school today.
Huh? What happened?
I think he resents you.
So what!
What's with you?
Everything's a mess and you talk nonsense!
Forget it.
She had the best grades and made me look good.
I don't get any respect now?
Why should she have to leave and not you?
It's your fault.
With you gone, she'll come back.
You just have to go.
Let her go.
What did you mean don't trust anyone?
Am I going to die?
Then what's going to happen to me?
Don't trust anyone.
Not even yourself.
Then I'll live?
Hey, Ga-in!
- You OK? - Yeah.
Your teacher is whacko.
I don't know what the hell's going on.
Put this on your scratches.
And you... It's not coming out.
Go home and rest. I'll tell the coach.
I don't know if this is such a good idea.
I want to hear exactly what happened that day.
She hasn't said a word since the incident.
We'd really appreciate it if you get her to talk.
I almost died twice.
I'm so scared.
Please help me.
You're home?
Go in. Been waiting long?
A few months ago,
You can sleep easy tonight.
What do you like so much about Jee-sun?
Pretty much everything.
Come on, say something! Say something!
I love you.
You expect me to believe that?
What about my sister? You were just playing with her?
No... I'm marrying her.
You're crazy.
I'm marrying her anyway.
- I'm tired. - Really?
Hey, look at here. I'm gonna take pictures. Look.
When I saw her looking so happy,
I suddenly wished she would die.
where's my hubby?
I don't remember anything after that.
I really didn't believe it...
when people said she would die.
I never thought I would...
do it myself.
How could I...
Be careful, Ga-in.
There's something... around us...
Surprised? I'm outside your house. Come on out.
What's up?
I was worried about you and...
Coach asked me to give you the recommendation.
You have to submit it by tomorrow.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Coach is driving me nuts.
He said he'd kill me if I don't check on you.
Then I'll come out. Give me a minute.
You have to go.
What's wrong?
You have to go.
What is wrong with you!
Where have you been?
I told you not to go outside!
Why don't you listen?
What do you take me for?
- Mom, it's me. - Die! Die!
- What's wrong with you! - Snap out of it!
I have to kill her.
Come to your senses!
You feel OK?
Yeah. Where's mom?
At your grandparents'. Grannie's a little sick.
And Ga-yun?
Still fast asleep.
- Let's eat. - Yeah.
Come downstairs.
Going somewhere?
I can't stay home like this.
Do you know how dangerous it is outside?
What about inside? It's safe here?
Mom just tried to kill me!
Who knows, when you'll change too?
I won't.
I think I have to die for it to all end.
I'll call you.
If you're serious, there's a place you need to go to.
You have to go right now?
I can take time off in a few days. I'll come with you.
There's no one there so I should be safe.
Don't worry. I won't die.
I'll be back.
You OK?
You must be... Ga-in.
We were newlyweds. We were so happy.
Hwang Dae-yong.
Did you know your wife is seeing someone else?
You're the one who sent that letter?
Stop calling here.
Who was that?
Nobody, mother.
Who was that young man at the crosswalk with your wife?
Who? I have no idea.
That's strange. I was sure it was her.
- Have some fruit. - OK.
The fruit is very good this year.
Let's see.
Honey, have some.
I didn't think anything of it even then.
I felt bad about my wife doing so much housework.
So I took her to a tailor to get her new clothes.
You're mean.
Who was that man with your wife at the crosswalk?
You're bad!
I was sure it was her.
- It's disgusting. - Fight?
I got out of prison and started looking for the caller.
Then... he called again.
Hwang Dae-yong.
What do you want from me?
It's all your fault!
And you had nothing to do with it?
You didn't doubt her at all?
You never wanted to kill her?
Was it really my fault?
couldn't say it was.
Because I was the one who actually killed her.
I still wonder sometimes
whether she was really seeing someone else Or not?
Who was the man that called?
Why did I... suddenly remember what my mother had said?
Torturing myself for years
thinking of questions with no answers is more like a curse.
The reason I hold on to all this material is because somehow
I'm still looking for someone to blame.
It starts with petty jealousy.
People start killing each other for days.
I look around and find I'm the only one left.
Must I to die to put an end to it?
What do I do now?
I couldn't say it was...
because I was the one who actually killed her.
I saw her look so happy
and suddenly I wanted her dead.
You OK?
You know,
I don't think this is because of the curse.
Then why did they all try to kill you?
you first gave them a reason to do it.
You don't have to say anything.
I guess I should go back.
I want to end it quietly...
- Mom, go inside. - It's okay.
I'm so sorry...
No, it's not your fault. I know.
Don't cry.
It's OK, Mom. Don't cry.
- Dad. - Yeah.
Do you sometimes wish I was gone?
What do you mean?
I do sometimes...
wish that someone would disappear or die.
I think that's when it strikes.
Are you worried about me?
Don't worry. I won't die.
Want to get something good to eat after school?
Why did she come?
What are you staring at?
Hard to believe, huh?
It must have been really hard for you.
- I'm sorry. - It's all right.
See ya.
- I knew Heon-joong before you did. - Myung-hee.
You have to go.
See ya.
Help me, Myung-hee...
Ga-in, what's wrong? Ga-in, Ga-in!
The caller cannot be reached.
You woke up earlier than I expected.
Don't trust anyone. Your friends... your family.
Not even yourself,
Mom! Mom!
Mom! Mom!
Dad... Dad...
Dad... Dad...
I sent them to a nice place.
Why! Why!
You think you're an innocent victim?
Curses are created in the present.
Don't you get it?
Where are we going?
Please help me.
You go first.
You should have listened to me. Please!
Ga-in, let's go.
- Honey, don't do this... - Let go!
Let's die together.
I think he's alive!
- He's alive! - Oxygen mask!
Someone is always bound to get hurt.
Now it's your turn.
Where is everybody?
Ga-yun, run!
Ga-yun. Something's wrong with her.
Ga-yun, it wasn't me...
- Why did you... - It wasn't me.
Ga-yun, it wasn't me...
Ga-yun... Just run!
Come here, Ga-yun.
Run, Ga-yun!
- Let go! - Sis!
Let go!
You think I... loved you?
I just got close enough to kill you like this.
- Dad! - Ga-yun... Let's go.
Ga-yun... Let's go.
- No! - Ga-yun... Come on!
A couple and a man died in a fire last night.
He man is suspected as the arsonist and killer.
Police say he approached the older daughter
in order to get revenge.
His plans were carefully laid out,
but he ended up losing his life.
You OK?
Mom and dad?
It's just us two now.
Sis... this.
It's all your fault.
It's all your fault.
You have to go!
You have to go!
- Ga-yun. - Die!
Why did you?
What's wrong with you?
I told you.
Don't trust anyone.
Your friends... your family.
Not even yourself.
No... No... It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
Then... I killed her?
Don't you get it?
I only put the knife in your hand.
You're the one who stabbed.
I'm OK.
What are you staring at, you fucking bastard.
You piece of shit. You think you can get away with it?
Why you fucker...
I'll show you who's boss Lick up your spit!
I said, lick it up you bastard. Lap it up.
Lick it, fucker!
Go on. Lick it clean
The show's over! Get back to class!
I'll see you, fucker, after class.
This early morning... bastard.
Wanna kill him, right?
Want some help?
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