Paris, France - Video tour of a vacation rental on Rue Santos-Dumont (Porte de Versailles)

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 08.08.2011

New York Habitat Vacation Rental Visit
rue Santos Dumont
Porte de Versailles - Paris, France
Hello and welcome to another
New York Habitat video tour.
Today our tour takes us to a 2100 sq. ft.
fully furnished vacation rental house
located in the 15th district of Paris.
If you appreciate modern design and furnishings
you're going to love this furnished rental!
The various rooms of this house
are laid out over several floors and levels.
The rooms are organized around a skylight.
Upon entering the house,
you will find yourself in a small living room area.
It's equipped with a TV and a mini bar.
One of the best features in this house
is found in the basement level.
Here is where you'll find
the home theater room!
Heading upstairs,
you will find the main living space.
This living room area is furnished with a TV,
a coffee table, chairs, a couch
and a fireplace.
Near the back of the room
you will find a table that can be used as a desk.
Just a few steps up to another level,
you will find the kitchen and eating area.
This modern and fully functional kitchen
is equipped with a dishwasher, a coffee maker,
a sink, a gas stove, a refrigerator
and everything necessary
to easily prepare meals
during your stay in Paris.
Heading up to the second floor,
you will find the first bathroom
and two bedrooms.
This bathroom is equipped with a bathtub,
a sink, a closet and a mirror.
The first bedroom is furnished with
a double-sized bed,
an armoire and a TV.
Just next to the window
you will find a desk and computer
at your disposal.
Wifi access is also available.
The second bedroom is furnished
with a single-sized bed, ideal for a child.
Just next to the patio door,
you will find storage space for your belongings.
There is also a desk with a computer
at your disposal.
Also on this floor
you'll find a laundry room
with a washing machine and a dryer.
Next to this room
you'll find a small half bath.
On the final floor,
you'll find the largest bedroom of the home.
It's furnished with a double bed,
a TV, plenty of closet space,
stylish furniture and large windows.
Next to this bedroom
you'll find the second bathroom.
It's very bright and is equipped with
a sink and a bathtub.
On the same floor
you'll find a bright and stylish office area.
With its refined,
artistic and contemporary decoration,
you'll find this space perfect
for doing some office work.
An ideal rental
for a family or a group of friends,
this house is situated
in a charming neighborhood.
Let's go take a look!
Close to the house
you will find the famous Villa Santos-Dumont,
a small hidden paradise
where many famous celebrities have lived,
including George Brassens.
What was once the site
of derelict slaughterhouses,
today you'll find the George Brassens
park and theater.
The park is on the gentle slope of a hill
and features a play area for children,
a vineyard and a "garden of scents"
featuring 80 different kinds
of aromatic plants.
A few blocks from the house,
on rue d'Alleray,
you'll find the church
of Notre Dame de l'Arche d'Alliance.
With its unusual modern architecture,
you'll definitely want to take a look.
To book this vacation rental
or to see other
vacation rentals,
visit our website at
Here you will find
many more great vacation rentals
not only in the 15th district,
but all over Paris.
Booking a vacation rental
with New York Habitat
is an authentic and economical way
to visit Paris.
Well, we've come to the end of our video tour
of this vacation rental home
in the 15th district of Paris.
We hope to see you soon
in the City of Light.