[TV Review] Saturday Night Live S37E01 - Host: Alec Baldwin, Musical Guest: Radiohead

Uploaded by MaxKrovenReviews on 26.09.2011

Saturday Night Live has been one of my favorite sketch-comedy shows for ages,
and i was really looking forward to the beginning of this new season,
and all i can say is that
i was mildly content with it
We notice from the presentation of the show that the cast is exactly
the same as it was last season,
which i feel is good,
since i didn't feel the new guys got much air time last year..
in spite of that, Jay Pharoah didn't appear in ANY of the sketches of this season premiere,
so we're kind of starting in the wrong foot in that area
Radiohead's performance was amazing, and i guess
i wasn't the only one being surprised that they used an additional
something i don't know if it's permanent or just done for this one
show alone
They played "Lotus Flower", off their album "The King of Limbs"
for their first number
while their second song was "Staircase",
which i understand is not present in any album
Like i said, they did an amazing show and seem to be doing better than ever
As for the comedy sketches themselves, some of them got me laughing for a bit,
but in general, i wasn't that entertained by them
I found it to be a very bland first show,
but i trust things will pick up in the upcoming episodes
So, did you watch this show? If so, what did you think of it?
Please leave me a comment below letting me know,
and thanks for watching