Range/Stove/Oven Repair - Replacing the Bake Element (Whirlpool Part # 74010750)

Uploaded by partselect on 09.02.2012

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re going to show you how to change the bake element
on your range. It’s a really easy job; all we’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver.
Let me show you how we do it.
The first step in this repair will be to disconnect the power to the range; if it has a cord on
it simply remove it from the socket, if it’s a hard-wired range you’ll need to locate
the breakers or fuses and disconnect the power there.
Next we’ll open up the door and we’ll remove enough racks to give us access to the
element at the bottom.
Now the element is held in place with two Phillips screws, one at each end; simply remove
those two screws. Now once we’ve removed the two screws we’re just going to gently
pull that element forward. Essentially you’re pulling that element and a wire harness through
the insulation at the back of the range so we want to carefully do that so we don’t
inadvertently disconnect the wire from the end of the element.
Once you have the ends of the wires inside the oven cavity you can just pull those off
the end of the element terminal and you can put a little bend in the wire so that it doesn’t
pull back through the hole.
Before we replace the element we’ll inspect the terminal ends on the old element; if they
show any signs of corrosion or deterioration you may need to replace the terminal ends
on the wires.
Take our new element, make sure the terminals are pointing straight, and inspect the wire
ends to make sure they’re not stretched or too loose and that there’s no signs of
arching or corrosion on those.
Set the element in place, connect the wires, make sure they’re fully seated on that terminal
end and that they’re nice and snug. If either of them appear to be a little bit loose then
take them back off and then just gently crimp them with a pair of pliers to make sure they
stay on nice and tight.
Next we’re going to push that element towards the back, push the ends through the opening,
make sure we don’t kink the wire.
Now once you have the two screws tightened to the back wall just want to make sure that
element lays flat on its three supports and you can bend that slightly if you have to
to make sure it does sit evenly.
Next we’ll replace the racks; the upturned end goes in first, just tilt up on it, slide
it into place.
Now we’re ready to reconnect the power, and our repair is complete.
We told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.