How to Pass a Driving Test : Driving Distractions

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

My name is Kevin Woods on behalf of; phone number is (314) 584-0116. There are
plenty of distractions out here but the greatest distraction is your thoughts. You have distractions
of cell phones, places you've been could be a distraction and people you know can be a
distraction. But like I said the greatest distraction is your own thoughts. So when
you are out here driving it is best not to have a lot of things on your mind. Family,
boyfriend, girlfriend, work, job is probably not time to think about those things when
you are trying to drive. If you need to think about those things and you have to think about
them that hard or that bad, then probably wait till you get home or pull over to the
side because your own thoughts can distract you or keep you from being alert. Driving
is 97 percent mental and 3 percent physical. Only physical things you are doing is pressing
the accelerator, pressing a brake and turning the steering wheel. Everything else is mental,
so when you are driving you are really using more mental energy thinking about everything
and really organizing your thoughts as to what it takes to be successful driving a car
here. That is truly important that you keep your mind focused on what you are doing. Actually
what we do here at the Basic Skills Driving School is teach discipline and focus and they
say todays generation of kids focus is not but 4 seconds long and that is not good. We
have to train up the next generation of mind sets to be able to focus their mind because
people who are focused or successful in life and people who allow their own thoughts to
distract their mind, can be dangerous to us out here in society. I like to tell most students
is you have the power of your mind. We may not control the thoughts that come in but
we do control how long the thought stays there and if you don't want a thought to be on your
mind right now, you have the power to dismiss it. You have the power to switch the remote
or turn a page on whatever it is trying to distract you.