Travels with The First Lady: Lets Move! Launch Anniversary

Uploaded by letsmove on 14.02.2011

The First Lady: We need to ask ourselves: What can I do through my workplace,
my place of worship, my organization,
to help kids in my community lead healthier lives.
Matt Lauer: First lady Michelle Obama.
We'll talk to her about everything from her campaign
to end childhood obesity.
The First Lady: Make no mistake about it, we are not just doing this
for our kids today.
We are doing this for our grandchildren;
and for their children.
But truly that's what we've always done in this country.
See that's who we are.
We are the folks who struggle and sacrifice to leave something
better for our kids.
Ultimately, that's what we are aiming to do with "Let's Move."
And today one year later, "Let's Move" is far more
than just a campaign.
It's so much more than just a slogan.
This is a nationwide movement.
It's a movement to give our kids everything they need,
all the energy, all the strength,
and the opportunities they need to fulfill every last
bit of their potential that we know they have.
And as parents we want nothing less for our kids.
But more importantly as Americans,
we want nothing less for this country.
So let's keep working.