Encapsulated Glitter Fiber Acrylic Nail Design Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Uploaded by naiouk on 12.08.2011

Hi, we're here at Stockton Riverside college with Naio Nails and myself, Gemma Lambert,
to do some step-by-step tutorials on how to do nail extensions.
The next design we're going to do is using glitter fibres.
This model's nail has already been prepared, tipped and primed.
The next stage is to apply a small bead of clear acrylic
and then attach the glitter fibres.
Hold those glitter fibres there for a while until that acrylic starts to set.
You can now cut away any excess fibres.
We're going to do an extra bit of acrylic work now with some blue powders.
I've also added a little bit of glitter down near the cuticle area.
We're going to cap this whole nail now in clear acrylic, not pink acrylic because we're
using blue tones, so clear acrylic.
Don't worry of there is any fibres that are proud of the nail - they'll easily file off.
We're going to let this clear acrylic set now and then we're going to pinch.
This nail's now ready to be filed.
To finish this nail, get rid of your dust and the apply your gel top coat.
Then pop your client into the lamp for two minutes.
To finish this nail apply a small amount of cuticle oil and massage it in.