Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 19 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Goo JoonPyo!
Hey you again!
I told you there's a connection between us.
I just knew that if I came by your house, I would be able to see you.
Did you boil your cell phone or something?
You are supposed to call and get permission from the owner before comming to visit someone's house.
Don't you know that?
I'm tired.
Come to think of it, I don't remember learning anything like that.
JoonPyo, how about you?
Hey, monkey!
Aren't you getting up?
Why are you lying on my bed?
Get up, hurry.
Get up, hurry!
Get up!
get up!
do you want to make a bet with me?
what kind of bet?
Oh! No, no, no!
Please win.
Please win!
I'll let you try again.
Please win!
I won again! How come you can never win?
I'm not playing this anymore!
Play it yourself. What is this???
Stop drinking that.
It's going to hinder your recovery.
What does it matter if I don't get better soon?
So what if it's hindering me from making a few bowls?
I am probably going to continue living as a womanizer.
Aren't I?
YiJung, until now, you've been doing well. Why are you being like this?
Young master.
Your mother has again . . .
What happened?
She's doing okay at the hospital, but . . .
She is asking for you, young master.
Tell her I'm busy.
Where are you going?
If you don't want to see me go crazy,
Leave me alone.
You said you wanted to go on a date with me, right?
Is that offer still good?
If you want to walk away like this, then you shouldn't have asked me for a date.
The highlight of the night has yet to come.
Did you say your name is GaEul?
Take your time and enjoy the food.
The foie gras (duck) here is the best.
Thank you.
It seems that you like GaEul.
Of course, how can I not like a cute young lady like GaEul?
I guess I'm just like you after all.
The mother is in the hospital, but the son is out on a date instead of being there.
You don't care if your wife is alive or dead,
but you dine on fois gras with a young lady.
I guess the apple really doesn't fall that far from the tree does it?
Let's talk about our family later.
Then what should we talk about?
You seem to take a liking to this lady, shall I lend her to you?
Yijung sunbae.
Why are you so formal and proper?
She's about the same age as your former girlfriend.
What do you think, GaEul?
Is my father okay for you?
Please, excuse me.
Today, you were the one who went overboard, my son.
Why are we here?
The loser needs to shut his mouth. Did you forget the wager?
You agreed to be my servant today.
When did I?
Wow! What I really hate is someone who goes back on their word.
Have you heard a man's word is as good as blood?
A man's word is as good as a blond?
Don't talk, just follow me.
A man's word is as good as a blond?
Oh! Haha, that?
Why are you buying so much?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I am going to eat one.
I don't want to eat.
Just try once.
It's yummy, isn't it?
Your wife is really gorgeous.
You two look good together.
Thank you.
Did you hear that? Did you hear that? He said I'm pretty.
You really buy that?
Thank you. He's just trying to sell this thing we're eating.
It's not like that. No!
No, he's not!
Thank you. Hey!
Hey, monkey. This is . . .
Jan Di moved to a new house.
She's living alone with her brother. I was concerned. So,I went to see her.
I've been on the receiving end of things again.
Today, I got something in return, too.
Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?
At least, I can offer you warm green tea.
Ah, grandfather, ah, h - he has already gone home.
Wait for a moment. I'll just prepare the tea.
"Thank you, doctor grandpa."
Doctor grandfather, thank you.
Are you having fun, JiHoo?
Yeah, grandpa!
Let's go fishing!
I'll catch a gigantic shark.
Fishing? Okay JiHoo, when should we go?
Right now.
Okay, let's go.
Wow, it smells so good.
Me first!!
How dare you? You're going to eat it all in the blink of an eye.
Little bro, this girl is a glutton. Hurry up and eat.
That can't be, of course. Whose money was used to buy all this?
Hey! That's it for you!
Hey! Hey!
Why aren't you eating?
Because I'm tired of always only eat ramen.
What do you want to eat besides ramen?
I wouldn't have any other wishes if I could eat pizza the whole day.
What a small wish!
Ah! Don't eat!
You should eat something good.
Ah! I'm so full.
By the way, why isn't JanDi home yet?
Little brother, try calling.
Sister doesn't have a cellphone.
What?! She doesn't have a cellphone anymore?
She gave it to my parents when they left, for emergency.
You guys are really . . .
Oh, I see . . .
Let's go!
Where to?
Come quick!
I will take this. You mean this product?
Just a moment please.
It was this! This is what I told you!
Mister, please let me have a look at this.
Oh, that's what I want!
Oh, sorry. We came first.
Yo! CEO!
Guess you are not just CEO for show. Good job, boy!
Excuse me, the one that I was talking about earlier on.
Excuse me.
I was wrong.
What are you talking about? It was all my fault.
I killed your beloved son and daughter-in-law,
and survived alone.
You probably hated me.
It wasn't your fault.
It was my fault.
15 years . . .
You should have said that 15 years ago.
Do you know?
That child . . .
How long . . .
That child waited for his grandfather?
JiHoo . . .
You didn't know, did you ?
That child . . .
Do you know how much that child longed to cry in his grandfather's arms?
My grandson. . .
Please never call me that again.
Grandfather, Grandfather!
I'm fine. Follow him. Hurry.
Go on.
JiHoo Sunbae!
Jihoo Sunbae!
Because of me that kid may be crying.
I was scared.
Like father . . .
Like mother.
That kid may be crying because of me.
I ran away.
What kind of girl comes home at this hour?
Ah. That is . . .
Why am I explaining myself? It's not like I've done anything wrong.
It's my life! You don't even know the word "privacy"?
Hey, Geum JanDi, if you want to say something, say it properly.
It is not privacy but p-r-i-d-e. Do you not even know what pride is?
Hey, where are you going when someone is talking to you?
Whether it is privacy or pride,
I am going to school to find out. What do you want?!
You really aren't going to tell me what you have been doing and where?
I won't!
Ah sheesh!
Is everything okay?
What about JoonPyo?
He went to school.
How are things with JoonPyo and JaeKyung?
When you were not around, she came often and spent time with young master.
Oh, did she?
That's a relief.
By the way . . .
Do you have anything else to report to me?
Secretary Jang,
I know that you are busy supporting our family in my place.
But both you and I know that JoonPyo is not the type of person to give up easily.
It is too early to think that he has given up on her.
Don't you think?
I am sorry.
It is my mistake to miss something like this.
- Check it out right now. Yes, President.
What a pain this must be for you!
Why don't you just return to your old neighborhood?
I told you it's training for getting used to an independent and wild lifestyle.
But you go back there for every meal with your chauffeur, you even go back there to change your clothes..
Which part of that is "wild and independent?"
Sleeping! I spend the nights here.
I spend nights here in this tiny room where I can't even stretch my long legs out with roaches and all kinds of bugs.
Who told you to do that?
No one asked you to do that.
Don't make your life so difficult!
Are you really not going to tell me?
I, what . . .
I'm not asking because I'm curious about your pride, or privacy.
It is because I am like your guardian . . .
Hey! Ah sheesh!
I'm not done talking to you.
Are you Geum KangSan?
Yes, I am Geum KangSan.
Please come this way.
"KangSan, cheer up ^^"
Enjoy it.
I granted your wish. Now eat as much as you want.
JoonPyo hyungnim?
Is it good?
Eat a lot.
- Let me have some too! - Me too!
JiHoo Sunbae.
What brings you here?
I went to JanDi's house and . . .
Ah! You still don't know.
JanDi has already moved.
She moved?
You guys eat a lot, too.
It bugs me even when he(JoonPyo) is too quiet.
Hey! Why aren't you turning on?
Secretary Jang, it's me.
I can't turn it on.
What can it be! I'm talking about the stove! The stove!
It doesn't turn on!
Come here quickly and do something about this!
That was quick.
Let go! Ah sheesh!
Hey! I said let go!
Get your hands off of me!
Get your hands off of me!
Hey, just let me go!
Who is it ?
Hello! Hey, yo!
How did you guys find out?
We heard you moved, so we're here for a housewarming party.
The owner of the house has to invite you for there to be a housewarming party.
But do the both of you really live is this kind of place?
It's better than it looks.
It is quiet and safe.
The rent is quite cheap.
Almost free!
But, JoonPyo . . .
Excuse me.
Who can it be?
Geum JanDi, you're pretty popular.
Hold on a minute.
Who is it?
Who is it?
How did they get here?
I can hardly believe my eyes seeing you boys here at this late hour.
is not here.
I know where my son is and what he is doing.
What is the reason that you're here?
Even a commoner like you, should know that it's etiquette to greet elders and ask them to come inside?
So I am saying that family education is important.
Then, would you like to come inside?
Forget it.
I prefer staying out here rather than stepping a foot inside.
I knew you weren't an average girl, but I guess you excel in seducing men. .
Chairwoman, it's not that but . . .
If I'm wrong about this misunderstanding,
Then please, tell me what your excuse is.
I've done nothing wrong. I don't owe you an excuse.
I find that hard to believe after you've been caught red handed after what had just happened.
Is it not wrong to seduce someone who is engaged?
Well, isn't it?
I really have nothing to do with that.
It was all Goo JoonPyo's idea.
Right, that's the typical excuse from girls like you, "I didn't do anything, he is the one who did it."
That's why I am here for a favor.
Even if my JoonPyo comes to see you, please don't see him.
Like you said, my JunPyo and you, JanDi,
are now two people who have nothing to do with each other.
Can I believe that?
Please make me believe that JanDi has pride.
This is why,
I will not allow you guys to hang out with JoonPyo.
Please think of my family and come to your senses!
Lets go, Secretary Jung.
Yes, Madam.
Geum JanDi,
don't take JoonPyo's mother's words to heart.
She's normally like that.
She's like that to us, too.
But what is this talk about JoonPyo?
Ah . . .
What is all this?
Geum JanDi, it's our gift for your new house.
The President said that you are grounded for a while.
I suggest that you should watch out for a while.
How the hell did that witch find out?
I wasn't cautious enough.
I'm sorry.
Miss JaeKyung is here.
Why is that monster here again?
Why did I come?
What's so strange about a fiancee going to her fiance's house?
I am not in the mood to amuse you.
Just go.
Really? I wanted to ask you along to JanDi's house. I guess you can't then.
Then I will go alone.
Where did you say you were going?
JanDi's house. We had ramen at her place yesterday. I want to give this to her.
I can go if you beg, but . . . Really?
But if the witch asks about it, say it's you.
Don't worry about that.
I already told her we're going on a date.
Let's go!
Ah, it's troublesome!
Let's go!
Quick! Wear your clothes, quick!
KangSan, do you want more sausage?
He's sleeping.
San, if you sleep like that you won't grow. Get up.
Ah! I feel good.
This kind of mood . . . It's been a long time . . .
Isn't it like we are camping?
Since we're bored . . .
Wait, you're not asking about a kiss, right?
You can do that in front of me, don't worry.
Shall we play a game?
It's something that you have to do on a MT (bonding trip with coworkers or school friends).
What's that?
Truth or dare.
Truth or dare?
Me too! Me too! Me too!
You can ask a question to anyone you want.
How do you know whether it is true or false?
You can't lie.
But there is a "no comment" option.
"No comment" option?
Let's say, if you don't want to answer the question, you can, as punishment . . .
Give a kiss!
JaeKyung, why would you say something like that?
Why not? It'll be fun!
Fine, then you have to do a french kiss.
No way!
Ok, then, a kiss on the forehead?
That should be fine, right?
If not . . . Getting hit?
That's also great.
Just . . . kiss.
Yoon JiHoo.
Other than SeoHyun, is there anyone else you thought you could love?
For the first time in a long time, I have the desire to...
Hey! That wasn't even a hard one!
Hey don't come over!
Go away!
Is it my turn?
If the person you love is suffering because of you, would you let her go?
I don't let go. I can't let go.
I would hold on tightly to her . . .
and definitely make her happy.
Now it's me, right?
Geum JanDi.
The promise we made last time, is it still valid?
No matter what may happen,
you won't run away from me.
I promise.
I'll promise that,
whatever happens, your mother won't be the one to come between us.
The person who made that promise,
and the person who held the promise . . .
no longer exist.
Now it's my turn, right?
WooBin SunBae.
If the F4 were women,
who would you want to get married to?
I'm really curious.
Who would it be?
No way. None of them. I'd never want to
4th dimensional, (*meaning a person who is weird / in his own world) and a cold hearted womanizer.
Would you want me to spend my whole life with someone like that?
I'd rather be sent to a nunnery.
What's wrong?
Self-centered egoist?
Cold-hearted Casanova?
Hey! hey!
What would you do if you didn't have a choice but to choose one of us, huh?
That's all, right? I'm leaving.
Hold on.
What now?
I want to play it, too.
That truth or dare game.
I am going to ask just one question. Will you answer me?
That game ended a while ago.
Love and friendship.
What would you choose if you had to choose one out of them?
There is no such thing as "giving up" in my dictionary.
Go in and sleep.
If you keep saying all the right things,
What am I supposed to do?
Noona, the ground's shaking.
I'm shaking too.
Is it an earthquake?
Where do you think we are, Japan?
Oh, you guys are still here. Hurry, pack your belongings and leave.
This morning, we've started to demolish this building.
All of a sudden?
We're just following orders. We don't have any of the details.
so please pack your belongings.
We must do as ordered.
Who ordered?
We don't have that information.
Please hurry and pack your belongings.
You draw an engaged man to your house, and what?
You say you've done nothing wrong?
Noona, what do we do now?
It's ok. Don't worry.
It seems that father is mesmerized by this young lady, should I lend her to you?
YiJung sunbae.
Well done. See you tomorrow.
You're working real hard.
It's because I want to make something decent already.
Well then, I will leave first.
What is that?
It's very unique.
I made it when I was little.
It even has some writing.
It's pretty.
Do you like it?
Teacher, can you lend this to me for a few days?
I've wanted to make something like this.
It's not hard. Would you like to try making one?
It is something very valuable to me, so return it to me in one piece.
It's pretty!
I'll see you tomorrow. - Okay.
Take care.
You've put too much pressure on your wrist.
YiJung sunbae.
Noona, are you jealous?
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to eat a whole bunch of seafood.
So cheap.
You get to eat lots of delicious seafood all by yourself and get to sleep with mom and dad.
Maybe I should I go too.
No way!
Didn't you say you were going to ShinHwa Medical School after you graduate from ShinHwa High School.
How do you plan on doing that if you go?
Do you really think you'll be okay?
Don't worry.
I'll take good care of mom and dad.
I'm going.
Don't just drink milk for breakfast. Eat some food too.
It seems like Big brother Joonpyo still likes you.
I said he still likes you.
I'm always on your side sister. Be strong! Fighting!
Geum Jandi.
Geum JanDi.
Oh, I don't believe it.
I really have to get going.
What did he say?
I wasn't going to eat it.
Can't I eat a little?