Paparazzi Pepe (Short Film)

Uploaded by PJPOVEDA on 28.07.2010

She has a boyfriend!
we will use this man as an excuse of her divorce...
This is good.
We can do a story about this, but not much more...
you Know Pepe?
and we need something noisy, something for a cover...
Look... Ramón Pineda. His wife is going to make a film in Mexico,
and he goes on holiday to La Manga.
I'm sure he takes his summer lovers to his swimming pool
He is a bullfighter on vacation, he won't have anything else to do
I want you to be near his house, without arousing suspicion...
The Magazine depends on it, Pepe.
Look at them, how exciting!
it will be a hit!
with this exclusive I will triumph!
They ignorant, so happy! without knowing that today...
their private life has been defiled because of my flash!
and I am happy to know that my talent is superior
pleased to know how much money I will earn
Soon I will go to Paris, I want more glamour!
- A Baileys? - Sure, my bullfighter.
Oh my god!
you son of a... He is Paparazzi Pepe!
- And what is he doing in your roof, Ramón? - I'm sure he has taken photos...
it doesn't suit me to be seen with you, it doesn't suit me at all!
but... what about me? If these photos are published I'm dead María...
Porca Puttana, Ramón... You have to do something.
What do you want me to do? His car has to be near here...
don't you have... your hunting rifle? The one of the "Hola" cover?
Shit... we no longer catch him
Look at him! shoot the wheel!
This is worse than the photos... Ramón.
long time since I go hunting...
Shit, shit, shit...