SJ foresight ep13 [eng & spa subs]

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Super Junior foresight~!!
it's warm as spring
spring it's beautiful as a flower
and it's happy thanks to Yesung!'s happy thanks to Yesung!
ahh this guy
seriously believe that?
any way is for you ~
he says like this but one day he tapped my shoulders and it broke
so when he touch you, it was like, "Hey SS??!"
Eunhyuk-shi try it
Yesung try it
so you're drunk and take an elevator, something like that...
hey, know that I love [*talking to his reflection*]
and someone is behind you observer scared
4 MC choosing the best 5 with faith of super junior
Yesung will reveal the 5 guys with better faith in super junior
first choice is... Yesung!
and I have chosen in the last row Eunhyuk-shi
this doesn't mean he doesn't have a faith
I gave him a present... but he never...
Kyuhyun-shi that members chose?
I chose 1° to Donghae-shi ... he is the one who always supports members
I chose 1° to Ryeowook-shi. Ryeowook always cooks even he's tired
2° to Sungmin-shi, he picked me as a model in company of his father
after Sungmin is Shindong, he fixes my computer
then is Siwon-shi!. I have to bear him forever
and 12th is... Yesung
1° is Leeteuk
2° chose to Yesung
and 5th is Eunhyuk-shi... he born without faith
Kyuhyun-shi let's try
So who you gonna call?
I will call to Changmin of TVXQ
CH: hello? KH: hello?
hello? KH: hello? Changmin ah
who?.. who is?.. KH: I'm Kyuhyunnie
who's phone are you using?
KH: I changed number CH: ahh really?
that's not the point here... I.. I'm in a troublesome situation, can you come here now?
what's going on?
I hope you can come soon.. ahh~
CH:what happens to you? KH: I can't even stand... are you coming?
KH: wahh~~ Changmin ah~ CH: hello? where are you?!
KH: come quickly YS: are you on the phone? [YS as bad guy]
CH: hello? what's wrong? KH: quickly
YS: you can't be on the phone! KH: no, no
CH: hey! where are you? KH: SanGam worldcup stadium
CH: SanGam worldcup stadium? KH: yes
CH: are yu going to be there for a while? KH: I should be
you didn't contact anyone else?
hurry up and finish! [sumbae as bad guy]
No,I just called you... can you come over here?
ok, just wait a second. I will be there in a min
he cut the call!
call again, call again
LT: hello? changmin-shi
CH: Where are you?... I'm going
LT: Changmin-shi... hello!
CH: hello LT: Changmin-shi this is super junior foresight!
he seemed to be running
Changmin-shi, Kyuhyun do not changed his number CH: is this fake?
actually it was a task to get someone to say " I'll come over right now"
CH: ahh really? hahah
I'm last place (his call took the longest)
CH:then, are you okay? KH:Yes, I'm fine now
I was so worried about you, I'm in a show now and I was preparing to leave to rescue
so, Changmin-shi and Kyuhyun-shi are best friends?
yes we are, he's my man [tender expression to refer to a friend]
Changmin ah, thank you
CH: ok, I love you~ KH:I love you too~
Yesung-shi at what time did it? YS: it spent 2 minutes and 04 seconds
*trying to imitate the movements of sumbae *
I do not need, I have mine
it does not hurt, not hurt
he imitates LSR exactly
Eunhyuk-shi can do exactly the same
rock, paper, scissors [*choosing members to play*]
BS: Leeteuk SS: Eunhyuk
rock, paper, scissors
BS: Yesung SS: Kyuhyun
BS, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk VS SS, Eunhyuk, Yesung
ahhh was close, narrowly
next Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk success!
ah I did
then, the first team scored only 1 time
ah Kyuhyun-shi...
that was very high .. you just have a try
sumbae-nim, it's your turn
write on paper what you do not want to hear from other members
and then stick the paper in the face of one of us
then; Leeteuk-shi to me, me to Kyuhyun-shi, Kyuhyun-shi to Yesung-shi, and Yesung-shi to Leeteuk-shi
Kyuhyun-shi Attach to yesung
turn your head slightly
4MC trying to peel off the paper's face [* must come off without touching with the hands *]
with tongue
wink, wink, wink
who is this ~?
Leeteuk-shi wrote me .. "pass me a spoon"
Eunhyuk-shi wrote me.. "empty the closet"
when I met him, he said one week he was tired of my
we have 2 sections of the closet
but Sungmin-shi and I are sharing one
and Eunhyuk himself used one
so i said it's too much, his is very large but he used it all by himself
no sense of honor
but the closet is mine, I boght it!
and Yesung-shi..
Leeteuk-shi first
Leeteuk-shi what says the paper?
says "hey! gather in my room"
when we go to foreign country he always says that, but he doesn't say anything serious
"gather in my room" [*imitating Teukie*]
is because when we travel abroad we don't get to talk much
so I always say that we met in my room
but when we gather in his room, he's not there!
come to my room after the end of this show!
and 5th is Eunhyuk