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Uploaded by AdventuresOnTheGorge on 13.06.2011

Hey, it's Melissa Chase from 103.7 The River, Richmond's Best Alternative, out here at Adventure's On The Gorge in West Virginia - Wild and Wonderful.
So we started off our adventures witht he half day fishing trip which was amazing. It was on the New River.
And we went out. We had great guides You're out the and you're riding a little bit of the waves but mostly kind of chillen and catching fish.
The view is absolutely incredible. You're like right in between all the mountains. I mean anywhere that I've ever gone before I've never had a view like this.
Definately want to go back and do that. I think instead of doing a half day, I would like to actually do a full day of it and maybe bring my dad it would be something that he would enjoy doing.
But it was incredible and I'm not a very like outdoorsy person, but it was absolutley incredible doing the half day fishing here at Adventures On The Gorge.
Yay! Now throw him out there. Bye Felicia!
So our next adventure was int he afternoon of day one, and we did the TreeTops Canopy Tours, which I really didn't know a whole lot about it getting into it, but it was amazing.
First of all, our guides were incredible, we had Lindsey and Carrie. They were really funny the entire time.
But it was great because you go through and you get to do kind of like this nature walk and you're up at literally like in the top of the trees.
And you're zip lining from the top of the tree to the other tops of the trees. I mean there's nowhere else you get to do things like that.
So that was great, and it was also cool. I'm kind of like a granola, nature kind of person anyway, so it was really awesome to like kind of learn aboutt the trees and the histories here.
And one of the very cool things about Adventures On The Gorge, they do a lot to preserve the nature here and keep it so beautiful. I mean you look around and it's gorgeous.
So everything is very minimally hurtful to the trees for the zip lines, and there's a lot of initiatives to help save trees like the Hemlocks, which are kind of running out.
So it was very great to see that not only are we in nature and we get to appreciate it, but that everyone who's here running it at Adventures On The Gorge is also appreciating the nature as well.
But it was awesome. You're on the zip lines and you're kind of flying through, and you right in the trees. You keep thinking you're going to crash into a tree, but you don't.
You get to feel like you some kind of animal like flying through the tree tops. You never get to do that anywhere else. It's incredible.
So the next adventure that we did was Gravity which I'll be honest, from the beginning I did not want to do.
But after doing the TreeTops Canopy Tours and getting to do the zips through the tree tops, I was like, "Eh, it will kind of be fun." So we went on Gravity which is amazing.
So instead of going like from tree to tree, it's open and you still get to see like the beautiful area but, you're like literally going through like kind of an open clearing above the trees.
It is insane. You are flying so freaking fast. I totally got talked into doing it in the first place and I'm so glad I did cause it was amazing.
So you're all the way up there, and you're like flying at these crazy speeds. And you've got these handles that you're kind of holding on to to kind of steady yourself.
It's awesome. Then you get to Gravity's, uhm, end. Which the ending is this brand new zip line that's called Adrena-Line.
It is so fast. It is 3,100 feet down a mountain and you're going like 60 mile per hour. And it's incredible and the view is liek nothing you've ever seen.
I mean it is just unbelieveable. I am so glad I did it Adrena-Line was amazing.
Oh my God! I would totally do that again. Dude, that was so fun. That was amazing.
So one of the greatest parts of being here at Adventures On The Gorge is the accommodations when it comes to food.
Because when you take any given vacation you're usually you're hitting up a fast food restaurant or you're trying to find some place that's good.
You usually spend a fortune trying to do it. But it's great here especially if you get the all-inclusive packages, and you don't have to worry about bringing out the credit card every single time.
The food is awesome. As rustic and nature-loving as everything out here is it's very much fine dining at a lot of the places.
Buffler's is awesome. They've got like a big smoke pit out back. And they've got like the best ribs ever. Incredible food there.
And then you've got a place called Smokey's, which is great beacuse the view is like nothing you've ever seen before. It's like a fine dining buffet.
You go in there. Allegedly they've been on the food channel numerous times and I wouldn't doubt if that was true because the food is just incredible.
So it's awesome and you've got great views. You can eat outside and overlook all of the mountains. The food here is just outstanding.
And the thing that's great about coming here to Adventures On The Gorge is that no matter what your price point is for your vacation adventure. There's something for you and there's something for your family.
They can help you kind of decide what's right for you and they've got just, you know, the camp sites if you just want to go in a tent.
All the way up to these beautiful luxurious cabins that have hot tubs, but ours was great. We were in the Sportsman cabin.
And it was an awesome experience. It was very rustic, but it was wonderful. And we had a great time there was a fire pit outside.
So we sat outside last night and we were making s'mores and sitting outside just hanging out. It was incredible.
This was by far one of the most awesome adventures I've been on. You know, it's not the same thing over and over again. Like if you go to the beach, you're doing the beach everyday.
And you're not really going to come back taking about, "Wow, the sand was amazing." Here your going to come back to work you're going to be talking about all the crazy stuff.
Like I can't wait to tell everybody about doing the zip lines on Gravity, and the Adrena-Line, and the fishing trips. There's just so many cool things that you're doing.
So it was absolutely incredible and the people here are unbelieveable. Really just honestly, the nicest, most down-to-earth people here.
So it's great because when you go on vacation, you don't want to feel like you're a foreign person there, that you don't really know what's going on.
Here, you adapt immediately. You feel like this is your home. It's incredible, so it's good.
And one of the best parts about Adventures On The Gorge is that it doesn't matter who you are. There's something here for you.
So there were like a bunch of guys here that were like buddies going on their rafting adventures together that have been coming back for years and years which is cool.
But, you know, as a mom I'd say this is an awesome place to bring your family becasue you really, you don't have to plan anything.
Everybody here at Adventures On The Gorge plans it for you. So, if you're a mom and you're always in charge of having to make those decisions.
And what are we going to do today? And what's going to happen now? This is definately the place to go and especially if you've got teenagers.
Teenagers can get so apathetic about trying to take on vacation and if they're not having fun, nobody's having fun.
And so this is great. I mean every teen in here was thrilled and talking about all these adventures they got to go on.
So no matter if you're just going with your girlfriends, or your guy friends or you're bringing your entire family, or it's like a co-worker retreat like kind of what we had.
It is an incredible place to stay. It is fantastic. I would highly recommend coming. I can't wait to come back. Every time we did something, I found more things that I wanted us to do.
So I'm really stoked about coming back it was an awesome adventure on the gorge.