Portfolio Manager

Uploaded by Zignals on 16.06.2010

Welcome to Zignals Portfolio Manager

Entering a trade (Historic Transaction)
Can be a Buy or Sell order

Trade shows as Open Position

And appears in Transaction History
All data columns are sortable

Detailed performance metrics
Open Positions valued at cost and at current (real-time) price
Cash and Total Portfolio Value
Trade Performance Statistics

Graphical Portfolio Performance
Resize screen
Zoom into individual charts
Pie chart for proportion equity holdings
Pie chart for proportion sector holdings
Pie chart for proportion currency of equity holdings (in a multi-currency porfolio)
Pie chart for forex holdings

Cycle through pie charts in main window
Study cash:equity performance (purple peak reflect Total Value)
Valutaion data for any day on rollover (blue = cash; purple = equity)

Drawdown (difference from maximum historic value to current value)
Also viewable for any day over the history of the portfolio.

Bar charts showing annual returns...
monthly returns...
returns for any month broken down by equity holdings (and fx returns were available)

Track portfolio with real-time data; auto or manual update
Enter a trade from a foreign exchange
Historic trades can be entered back 10 years
Trades updated into Transaction History
Open Position View shows value of trade in exchange currency and portfolio base currency
FX rate on day of trade
Return broken down by capital return and FX return

Study fundamentals of your stock

Another look at Annual Returns

The effect of FX on returns

CTRL + stock to see Subtotals
Click a stock to remove from subtotal calculation

Additional Subtotals available from the [Subtotal] button
By sector
By symbol
By broker (for multiple accounts)
By currency

Two views in the main screen: Simple and Advanced