07: Pelican Cruise / Infiltration - Red vs Blue Season 9 OST (By Jeff Williams)

Uploaded by RT4Copyright on 02.01.2012

Team A, you look clear.
Window is open.
Start your clocks.
On my mark
Roger that.
Team A is moving.
Copy that Carolina.
Good luck Team A.
Thanks. We won't need it.
Alright Bravo let's move out.
We have three minutes until first alert, let's have our target in hand by two.
We're in. York, get up here. How long to crack that lock?
Should take about sixty seconds.
You can give me fifteen.
Whoever designed this is a genius.
You were saying?
Okay, I take it back, whoever designed this is an asshole.
Everybody in.
Alright everyone, spread out.
What we need is here somewhere.
It's probably something small, easy to miss.
Take as many scans as possible, there may be other things here we can use.
That's a good look.
Carolina, motion trackers indicate you got an enemy team outside the door.
Well let's hope they're not as good at picking locks as you are York.
Alright team, we're about to have company.
Boss, I have good news, and bad news.
Hit me.
We found the markings we're looking for.
The bad news is, they're on that.
Team A, I got us an exit up here. Straight up the stairwell, door to the roof, helipad.
Copy. I'll radio air support.
Now, how are we going to get that thing up to the roof?
York, I saw a window washing unit when we came into the facility.
Can you find where it attaches to the building?
I don't know, that's a tough one. Let me see what I can do.
What are you up to?
Improvising. Come here Maine.
Improvising? I hate it when we do that.
Better hurry!
Maine, this should work fine.
You're the only one heavy enough to counter-balance.
Too high.
Oh, don't be a baby.
Hey, did you hear that noise?
Probably the sound of you being an idiot.
Oh, you're probably right.
Dick biscuit.
Package is here.
Stop right there or we'll... shoot?
We're gonna need bigger handguns.
Is- is that a knife?
Well that oughta buy us some time.
I almost feel bad for the people down there.
What? I said almost.