Cisco on Social Media

Uploaded by CSCOPR on 10.11.2010

So everyone's talking about Social Media.
Well, you're not...
but a lot of people are.
To me, Social Media is a conversation. It's the modern-day equivalent of your mom cutting
out an article from a magazine and handing it to you. Except today the media is electronic.
So whether it's in article, or a video, or a a blog there's a billion different ways you can
share it and interact with it.
Rate it, blog about it, pass it on.
I can tell your visual person so...
Let me show you something.
Lets say you post something online, your readers love it. What happens next?
You don't have to spread the word, your readers do it for you.
Web 2.0 technologies make it easy because all they have to do is post a commentm, or
click that little Share This button on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever social network your
audience is part of.
Which is what makes Social Media so effective.
You haven't controlled your message, there's no doing that online. You merely started or joined a
conversation in which you became an influence.
Watch. Here's me.
I actually like to talk more than some people I know, but in Social Media, I'm also listening and
engaging and conversing with my audience. Your audience is your customer.
As we well know, if you don't listen to your customer, they click away.
Click Click Click
By hearing them out, I can give them more of what they want.
That way, anyone can build an audience.
Well...almost anyone.