Wegmans Spicy Antipasti Drizzling Oil

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 15.05.2011

Today I匍 making spicy antipasti drizzling oil,
and I匍 gonna be using it over grilled vegetables.
It calls for olive oil, but with all of these to pick from,
which one is the best? Well, we哉e chosen our organic
extra virgin olive oil. And the reason is,
it哀 mellow with some fruity overtones,
it isn咨 overpowering, and it勁l just blend with
our other ingredients. Two ingredients that add
an awful lot of flavor to this recipe are one, anchovies.
Now, I know a lot of people vow that they hate anchovies,
but really, sometimes that mysterious ingredient
in a great Italian meal often ends up being this.
The other ingredient is our Italian Classics hot pepper spread.
This is a combination of oil and hot um,
red and green peppers in it. It哀 great on sandwiches
and pastas, et cetera, and a little bit goes
a long way. Okay, I哉e finished grilling up
my veggies, I匍 gonna put them
on my platter here. And now I匍 gonna make up
my favorite finishing sauce now, or our antipasto
drizzling oil. So, I匍 going to add one cup
of organic extra virgin olive oil to my measuring cup here.
About a tablespoon of Italian Classics hot pepper spread.
Give it a real kick. You can add as much
or as little as you want depending on how
hot you want it. About a half
a teaspoon of salt. Make sure we get
all that out, there we go. The zest of one lemon,
this勁l help brighten the flavor a lot, too.
Two tablespoons of minced fresh parsley.
And four anchovy fillets um, roughly chopped.
There we go, let哀 just add all that together.
I匍 gonna give this a little bit of a stir.
And just simply take my basting brush
and drizzle this over my cooked veggies.
Now, you can make this um, antipasto drizzling oil in advance,
and you can keep it in your fridge about...
oh, a couple days, probably not any more than that.
But if you don咨 anticipate using up this much then just
cut the recipe in half and you勁l be good.
So try this on your favorite veggies this summer.