Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Door Hanger

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is a fun way to identify a child's room or any other room of the house. This is Emily's
room and this is how we make this little door hanger. First you want to take your wooden
spoon, and draw outline it on a piece of paper and draw the face. I experimented with a lot
of different little faces until I got just the one I wanted. And after you draw that
little face on your paper, and you're happy with it, then you're ready to transfer that
to your spoon. Now you can leave your spoon the wooden color. My little granddaughter
is very fair so I left it a wooden color. But you can also paint the spoon to reflect
the ethnicity and skin color of the person you're making it for. So once you have drawn
your little face on the paper, then you're ready to transfer it to your spoon. I like
to do it first with a pencil because you can actually erase pencil on the wooden spoon.
And then I used just a little bit of blue paint for her blue eyes and I took my pink
paint and I added white to it and also added water to it. So I had kind of a water color
effect for her cheeks. And I took the brown and I added a little white to it and made
the eye brows. Then I added a little pink to the brown to make her mouth. Once you've
painted your spoon, you do want to seal it with something. Either varnish or something
like Modge Podge that's a good sealer. And you've put that on it, you can lay the spoon
over a little clay pot or something else until dries. And perhaps you might need to touch
up the back just a little bit. On your paper where you've drawn your spoon, then you can
design some kind of a garment for your little person. I made mine very simple. I just made
it basically a big triangle that didn't have a point at the top. You want to make the paper
or the felt come out far enough so that when it goes around the spoon, you can put glue
and tack it there. And then make the dress or the garment as long as you want it. And
the either cut it out of felt, cut it out of fabric or you could use tag board and you
could use a fun textured tag board, like either one of these, or plain tag board. You can
use construction paper and paint it but you're going to make two pieces. And when you have
what you want, you're going to take those two pieces and you're going to glue it to
the front of the spoon but you're going to leave the sides open. So go ahead and glue
it to the front of the spoon and the back of the spoon, leaving the sides open. And
then before you glue the sides together, you want to put the arms. So take a pipe cleaner
and legs are longer than arms. So you're going to cut your pipe cleaner not quite in half.
You're going to make it so that you have longer ones for the legs. Then you're going to cut
each one of these in half and you'll have your arms and legs. Then you're going to insert
the pipe cleaner in between these two pieces here and use your glue. And this is one time
when hot glue really does work well. So you can lay a bead of hot glue on here, put your
arm in there and then lay your other one on and just hold it. And you have your hot glue.
And then you need to give her some hair. And you can either use some raffia and get a bunch
of it and tie it off, bring it down and tie the ends. Or you could do the same thing with
yarn. Hot glue that to her hair. Then give her a little sign. Put some beads at the end
of her feet and her hands so she had feet and hands. And you have a door hanger for
that special little person that wants to have her very own hanger for her very own room.