Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 11 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Is anybody here?.
What exactly is this?
Smells good, right?
It'll be great for her skin.
For Geum JanDi's sake, the pool will become a scented river.
How long are you going to peel all that anyway?
Wouldn't it be better to just fill it with water from a hot spring?
Why didn't I think of that?
Should your face really be like that while arranging a touching gift?
It's only because . . .
It's only because this is all I can do for her . . . pisses me off.
But, is it okay for you take photos with me dressed like this?
It's okay. It's okay. It's so good, very good.
These days, sexy school uniforms like this are the trend.
Looking as pure as a high school girl and having a child-like image is sooooo appealing!
What am I going to do?
Excuse me, I AM a high school girl.
Oh, right. High school girl.
Ah, you said you go to ShinHwa high school, didn't you?
Isn't that the school the rich go to?
It's undergoing a financial crisis these days.
It's hard lately, isn't it?
Don't worry, financial crises usually don't hit places like this.
Or maybe the more the economy falls into recession, the more this business is booming.
That's true, boss.
I know, I know.
Now, shall we move on to the next cut?
Next cut, ok!
Next cut?
I can't wear these.
Don't be shy and come out. I said they were good.
You people, are you sure you're making a leaflet for an institute?
What kind of clothes are these?
It's not going to work like that.
what are you doing?
You've got to finish what you started.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Don't come any closer.
I'll kill you! You, bitch, you're being a nag.
Go away! I'm a scary person. If you come any closer you're dead.
Hurry and let's go.
Your name is?
Not today . . .
You'll see me again soon.
If we meet again, I'll tell you then.
Have a good night, Miss Geum Jan-Di.
"Miss Geum Jan Di"?
Ah! Excu . . .
"Miss Geum Jan-Di"?
So he knows you, right?
That could be it.
In any event, it's pretty cool.
Hey. To rescue like that, isn't he like a Prince Charming?
Whoa, It's HaJe! Wow! He's on TV, he's on TV!
Isn't he so cool?
Not long ago he was saying the Prince of Andromeda was the best.
He is not faithful at all.
JanDi, you don't know?
He's a new rising model. His origin is unknown, his profile is unknown, his daily life is unknown.
He's the definition of a mysterious model.
If his face is on a product, it'll sell out the very next day!
Ta-da! Even getting a hold of this product was difficult.
Totally awesome isn't it? Ahhh, so soft and moist!
Ah, I'm so hungry!
I seem to get hungrier these days without doing anything.
I should go take a nap at the pool.
This is all finished cooking . . .
You shouldn't let it sit here like this it'll overcook.
You! You!
Let me properly greet you, Geum JanDi SunBae (Senior)
I'm Lee JeHa, a freshman in ShinHwa High school.
And, honestly I've been your fan, SunBae.
You are Shinhwa's Joan of Arc, the commoner's heroine, resisting the forces of F4..
Heh, the commoner's heroine . . . is too much.
By the way, I couldn't recognize you like that.
It's my concept.
Star Concept!
Truthfully, I don't like anybody here. I don't even want to make friends.
So I do my best not to be noticed until graduation, that's my goal.
LIke, a-lonely-loser concept?
Why are you laughing? Because you and I are similar.
Right? I thought so too.
I fee like only you and I are from same world in this school.
The same world?
I ate your ramen.
SunBae, hello!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Get lost I'm sorry!
I'll set you up with a part-time job. It's to run errands at a magazine and the pay's quite good.
It's been hard being able to meet with you.
Goo JoonPyo!
Get in!
What do you mean by going to Hookkaido to eat crab?
Why do we have to go all the way to Japan to eat crab?
It's the weekend. We can go look at the scenery (snow) as well.
If you don't want crab, we can go to Sapporo and have Udon or Ramen.
You want to go to Sapporo for Ramen?
Let's go. I will inform your parents on the way.
No, I can't.
Why are you always saying you can't?
You can. You definitely can. Why can't you just say yes for once?
I have plans.
What plans do you have?
Today is Gaeul's birthday.
That's why I'm spending the night at her house. It's a 10 year unbroken tradition, so why don't you just leave it alone this time.
Am I more important or is Gaeul more important?
I will call you.
She didn't even look back!
Is this YiJung?
Ok, I got it.
Congrats! GaEul, I heard it's your birthday.
Oh, you are here?
You are here, Jeha?
Oh, you're here.
Hi Jeha!
You're here, JeHa Hello
You seem to know them all very well.
It's been a long while that's why.
You're next. Be prepared. Yes.
Noona, this is the girl I told you about on the phone just now. Ahh, your seonbae?
Please come this way.
I'll see you in a bit then. -Don't worry about me, and just go.
It's very messy, isn't it? Please tidy them up.
Then I'll leave it up to you.
Wow, it's HaJe! HaJe!
Wow, you're looking good!
HaJe oppa, I can recognize you now.
You have killer style.
You look really good.
He really does look good.
Look at him.
He looks really good.
How do I look?
What's going on?
You are surprised?
This can't be.
HaJe, it's time for your shoot now. Come quick.
See you later.
Hyung, take a picture of us!
You both look good.
Who is this girl?
My girlfriend.
By any chance, do you want to take part in shooting?
You know we should shoot photographs for next month's fashion magazine, the "a drama-like, movie-like."
Your partner hasn't been chosen yet.
Hey, I think the atmosphere is just right.
Let's do it, sunbae!
How can I do that kind of stuff?
That much?
Am I okay for the shoot?
Yes. Of course!
Can you believe her?
She acts like she had an ancestor who died from dating! She tries to avoid me whenever I ask her to go out.
Jobs on the weekdays, now her friend's birthday party on the weekend . . .
Doing all sorts of things . . .
Do you know how many part-time jobs she has?
Milk delivery, newspaper delivery. What is she? She's not even a delivery girl?
I was only trying to make it easier for her. But apparently her friend's more important than her boyfriend.
Mmm.. It's delicious!
I'm buying, so have as much as you want!
I was just thinking that my brother would have liked you..
You have an older brother?
Thinking about it, sunbae is similar to my brother's ideal type. I think that's why I want to get to know you better.
Is your brother a college student?
He's not healthy, so he's in the middle of a break.
You seem to be quite close with your brother.
He's the only family I have.
What's up?
I need to deliver something and I'm late!
Hurry, sit and eat it.
A poor lady had an affair with a rich lawyer and babies were born between them.
It's just an ordinary story of a family
You don't need to look at me so pitifully.
Because of that, I don't live like a snob so I'm thankful for it.
Whoa. You really were impressed weren't you?
Girls always fall for that story
Hey! You. What the heck?
That way.
That way? Ah, this way?
That, that, that way!
That way?
Hey, hey, wait!
You are Yoon JiHo SunBae, right? I am..
Are you okay?
JunPyo came last night.
He felt bad that he'd been pushed aside for Ga-Eul.
Ahh.. That..
Today, I'll...pretend I didn't see you.
JunPyo, you're quiet lately
You were complaining it was hard for you to see Geum Jandi and to go on dates.
I'm going to change my strategy. How?
I'm being too expensive so it makes her anxious to see me.
Anyone think this will work?
Who thinks it won't?
You guys!
What is this you are wearing? It dosen't suit you.
It's a bit tacky but somewhat warm.
JunPyo, because of you I overdid it with Miss. Ga-Eul.
What did I do?
He seems to be really tall...
He is so good looking.
He's so hot...
He looks so good.
Isn't she crazy?
That stupid girl!
With this handsome HaJe.. Stupid girl!
How did she get picked?
- I'm getting so angry. - We, Jin-Sun-Mee, should have been there! Not her!
I'm not going to let this go. Just wait until Geum Jandi gets here!
She's bad. annoying!
Geum Jandi.
Good to see you.
Geum Jandi!
Even when we try to let things slide, you go and do things like this!
You haven't had enough? After JunPyo, Jihoo sunbae it's Haje's turn? How can you do this?!
How did a person like you get with Haje?
You take F4 from us, and now you take Haje, the last person that gives us hope!
How could Haje fall for a commoner!
I don't have any intention of giving you guys hope.
SunBae. Let's go.
This can't be!!
Goo JunPyo sunbae!
What? Coming in so loudly...
Have you seen this?
What is that?
Is this really Geum Jandi?
You should let that hand go.
Gu JunPyo
Aren't you going to let go of her hand?
As if those pictures weren't enough. Now, you're avoiding me for a trashy guy like this!
GuJoonPyo it's not like that.
Geum JanDi you've changed a lot.
What? You're in a magazine so now you think you're good enough to be a model?
Tell me. Is this guy the reason you couldn't come to Hokkaido (Japan) with me?
Yeah, try to argue with me that this guy is GaEul
Or... Was that day this guy's birthday?
I'm sorry I lied. I was wrong.
Did you just laugh?
It's kind of funny.
To the girl you like... Do you have so little faith in her?
And...before you get jealous, shouldn't you first understand what kind of situation your girlfriend is in?
Get up!
Say it again.
What did you say?
Who are you to start up anything? It's a waste.
Senior JanDi is wasted on someone like you...
This bastard is crazy!!
Stop it. Please.
He's someone who helped me outside of school.
And at school, he's the only friend I could share my thoughts with...
The only?
Say it again.
What is he to you?
I can't breathe.
Say it.
It's too hard.
Let's just . . . let's not do this any more.
Hey. Geum JanDi!
I want to go back to the time before I knew F4 and Goo JoonPyo.
It's a red card!
Geum JanDi got a red card!
She's the first person to get one twice.
Don't worry.
From now on, sunbae, I'll look after you.
Hey, Geum JanDi.
Where's your desk?
Looks like it's missing.
Hey, she doesn't have a chair, either.
Bye, Geum JanDi.
Watch out, SunBae!
It was JoonPyo SunBae.
No, it wasn't.
Look over there. That's the F4's office.
Goo JoonPyo wouldn't do something like this.
He's the one who gave you another red card. Goo JoonPyo's is just the person who would do something like this!
It can't be . . .
There is no way. . .
Thank you.
It's been 15 years.
Since I've known JoonPyo.
I don't believe you can ever completely know a person.
Even so, I do believe you know what kind of person JoonPyo is.
Do you think JoonPyo did it?
I want to believe in him, but . . .
Whether you believe in him or not depends on you but . . .
I only let you go because it was JoonPyo.
I didn't start anything with you because it was JoonPyo.
Don't make me regret my decision.
[Class has moved to the science lab] What's this? Help! Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Sunbae! Are you okay? Move away!
.Are you okay? Hey!
What? Wow!
Sunbae! Are you okay? Sunbae!
I told you I was going to protect you...I told you I was going to protect you...I will protect you no matter what.
The number you have just reached is currently unavailable.
Yes, it's me. Of course Do you know where Geum Jan Di is right now? Would you believe me if I told you she was sleeping on my bed Just prepare to transfer the money. Ah... of course the high and mighty president wouldn't be the one to get her hands dirty.
This kid is pretty impressive President, shall I pour you some champagne? That sounds great.
Thank you.
Jun Pyo. Anyone able to contact him? - I called every place that I could think of, but no luck.
What's Geum Jan Di's relationship with that guy?
Are they really breaking up this time?
Oh my Gosh. Who are you to look for the F4? - I said, I've got business with them!
Ga Eul
What are you doing here? - Please help me.
She didn't show up at work. And she hasn't picked up her phone all morning, so I called her house. - So her parents told you your boss called and told them she was out with the F4.
Master never made that call! I know that.
What are we going to do? Where is JanDi? What if someone kidnapped her or something? It'll be a relief if that someone was JunPyo.
Hey, Chief Lee. It's me. I need you to find someone urgently. Two people. Yes. Get everyone out searching for them.
Call Jun Pyo. Jan Di is in danger.
Before you get jealous, shouldn't you first find out what's going on with your girlfriend?
Manager Jeong. Prepare my plane.
Are you feeling better now?
Where am I?
My place.
Your . . . home?
You inhaled a lot of gas and must have went into shock. You've been asleep since yesterday.
Then I haven't even been home and have been here for 2 days?
I called your house because I figured they'd be concerned.
I told them you went on a trip with friends.
- With friends? - When I said F4, they weren't worried.
I'll get going now.
Thank you.
Do you still trust that person [Goo JoonPyo]?
Even after all of this, are you still heart broken when you think of Goo Joon Pyo?
He almost killed you! Twice, at that!
If he can't have you, he won't be happy until he ruins you. That's the kind of person he is!
Don't say another word!
There's something about Goo Joon Pyo that I know and you don't.
No, I know. You're the one that doesn't know.
Why are you doing this?
Way before you even met him, I've known the kind of person he is.
With the exception of F4, he doesn't see people as people. He views the lives and happiness of other people as something as insignificant as an insect.
No, he used to be like that, but not now.
That's not all there is to Goo Joon Pyo.
Once you get to know him . . .
Give up.
From the beginning, you and him weren't meant to be.
Be with me.
Don't we get along?
Sunbae, aren't we of the same world?
We were only friends. You were someone I was really thankful towards,
but . . . I can't . . .
Do you still trust him? After all the things that he's done to you?
I do.
I trust him.
Because . . . Goo Joon Pyo trusted me.
Because Goo JoonPyo would trust in me.
You'll regret this Wake up already!
I'm more awake now than I've ever been before. I know what I did wrong and what Goo Joon Pyo means to me now.
I'll be leaving now.
Je Ha's world, Joon Pyo's world, there's no difference.
If they exist in the same place and are surrounded by the same things, then there's no difference.
I warned you that you'd regret this.
Young Master.
You haven't called.
Your F4 friends have been very worried . . .
Why should they be worried about me?
It's not about that. It's about Miss Geum Jan Di.
Jan Di? What happened to Jan Di?
I don't know the details.
Here is a letter for you.
[If you want to save Geum Jan Di, come alone.]
Is there a problem?
It's nothing.
Butler Lee, I'm a little tired so I think I'm going to go upstairs and sleep.
At this time?
Tell everyone not to bother me.
Why am I so tired?
Joon Pyo came in, right? Is he in his room?
Young master said . . .
Uh, young masters. Don't worry. Even if he makes a fuss. We'll take care of it.
Joon Pyo. Goo Joon Pyo!
Joon Pyo. Joon Pyo, get up! Are you really going to act like this?
Something is wrong.
Joon Pyo! Joon Pyo!
Guys, over here.
As soon as he came back, there was a weird letter . . . Letter?
Guys, go out and check if he's coming.
Your eyes tell me you have a lot of to say,
Jan Di sunbae.
What's your true identity?
Why are you doing this?
I have a reason
Two reasons.
The incidents at the part-time job, the red card, and the classroom.
They were all done by me.
You didn't know they were me, right?
Senior Jan Di
Look closely.
Do I look like someone . . .
you might have seen before?