Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (2/9) Movie CLIP - The Klumps Eat Out (2000) HD

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Oh, thankyou, baby, no, but l'm getting ready to start a new diet.
Have some ofthis ambrosia. l don't even like ambrosia.
Don't tell meyou don't like ambrosia. You had some before, and you liked it.
Have some adventure!
...for the all-girls soccer team.
Let me get that foryou. Oh, my baby's so gallant.
Sherman, come here.
You can have all the pork you want. You can have ham, bacon, sausage.
l got the wrong thing. Take that.
Now l got a full portion. Whateveryou wanna eat,
just as long as you have three glasses ofgrapefruit juice afterwards...
because the grapefruitjuice breaks down all the unwanted-
[ Gasps ] Get away from there! Stop that! Baby!
Honey, get the baby.
- Hey! Getyour ass- [ Mumbling ] - What?
Please teach that boy manners. He ain't gonna be acting like no hooligan with me.
That was a spoon or fork? That was a spoon. All right.
- Boys will be boys. - [ Sniffing ]
Oh, this looks fabulous. Yeah, it looks really good.
How about getting another bottle ofred over here?
Hey, Ernie, maybe you wanna paceyourself and take it easy, huh?
Pace myself? Hey, this is a celebration for Daddy retiring.
We owe it to Daddy to get shit-faced, and l'm gonna get shit-faced.
Bythe way, congratulations, Mr. Klump.
She's so polite.
'cause l've been hearing that for the lastyear or so, and l'm starting to feel old.
- l ain't an old man. -You is an old man.
Ah, shit, Grandma, what's wrong with you?
lfit isn't the Alzheimer's Express right on schedule!
- Stop that! Hi, Mama. - She drove right on my bunion.
Y'all have to excuse me for being late.
lfyou weren't my grandmother, boy- Ifyou weren't my grandmother!
Me and Isaac started getting kinda frisky in the car.
- Ooh! - Had to give him a little appetizer.
- [ Coughing ] - Ooh, Mama.
- l just lost my damn appetite. - Mama, your dress is undone. Let me zipyou up.
Hury. _ip her up in the back before she starts looking...
like one ofthem Zulu hags on the cover _5 National Geographic.
- Cletus, what's wrong withyou?That's mymother. - Like that movie, 5hdkdZu/u.
You know something, Cletus? Come on. Come on right now!
l'm gonna tell you something. l got a razor in this bag.
Oh, yeah, l'll tell you what. That ain't even no bag in your hand. That's your titty.
Cletus! Oh,Jesus!
She's an old bag with old bag titties.
He called your grandma's titty a bag.
- Death! - Cletus Marcellus Klump.
lfit isn't the world's oldest living Negro? [ Laughing ]
Hey, how are things going on the Underground Railroad, Isaac?
Oh, Cletus, please, be nice to Mr. Isaac. Good evening, Mr. Isaac.
Come on and have a seat.
Good evening, Mr. Isaac. Howyou doing tonight?
lsaac know l'm playing. l playwith Isaac all the time. You know l'm messing with you.
Oh, yeah, you say whatyou wanna say,
but Isaac's still like a Brahma bull when it comes to relations, right, baby?
You know what they say? You're as young as you feel.
-Well, l must be 1 97. - Klump, funnyyou should saythat.
Denise and l have been doing some research on aging, which has proven to be promising.
[ Baby Belching ]
Grandma don't wanna hear all that nastiness.
You plan to eat, you gonna be belching, coveryour mouth.
Hey, look, your grandpa ate a whole plate ofbeans,
you don't see me doing the ol' butt trumpet, doyou?
Thank the Lord.