The Wrong Friends [EN subtitles]

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In 1986 I came to live in Amsterdam East.
I often went to the cafes nearby.
And they were all there.
Burnt Herman, Red Jos..
..Johnny Amsterdam and Fat Bob.
Burnt Herman.
He had two people rescued from a burning house..
..risking his own live.
His name buzzed around. Everyone looked up to him.
He knew them all: the Stutterer, black Joop, Frits of the map.
He also knew how it worked. He borrowed money from them.
I was never a criminal that robbed old ladies from their bags.
I've also never been a criminal that stole a television from a house.
Also no car radios, nothing with hard drugs.
So, criminal..
Red Jos is always busy with his guitar.
The only time Jos had a little fame..
..was with a song at "Op Volle Toeren".
I said, Hey doll..
..jump on the back..
My new motorcycle drives fast like hell.
It was never a hit.
I'm in fraud and in women.
With Jos, I never really knew what was true.
OK, where are you working on now?
Informatics. Information, frauds.
When I started filming Bobby had just done a year.
Bobby was in forging checks.
His big successful period was over, his marriage also.
Everything was finished.
Bobby always said "Over is over. Empty is empty."
Everything was possible, everything worked.
I had every week between 30 and 50 large ones income.
Net income.
What have I done wrong things. No, but really.
They say "repentance comes after realization of the sin"..
but it is simply true.
Johnny was actually not a real criminal.
Johnny is someone with a crowbar.
Johnny has a very intense relationship of love and hate with Hermien.
But what would pass between them is something I would never expect.
People have hurted me. They all just have tricked me.
Since those days, I have become much harder, solid as a rock.
I don´t give a damn about anything, not a fuck about anything. Leave me alone.
You don´t want to fuck with me, don´t mess with me,
because then I have to hit you and that´s just the way it is.
I was that much fascinated about how these boys lived..
..that I wanted to make a film about it.
After 15 years, I bring together what is left of the blood brothers of that time.
At the spot where it once began: on the terrace of the neighborhood pub.
I have a present for you. - Jesus, am I a drug lord or something?
No, a gift. - Tasty.
From the sun. - Yeah, tasty. I'll smoke it all tonight.
Hey, Jos. Real nice. Thank you.
Don´t you think this is a bit exaggerated?
But, I had misjudged the situation.
Where 15 years ago Herman was lord and master, he is now no longer safe.
This is completely wrong. I left 15 years ago.
Now I stand here with that filthy shit camera. I will not do this, I'm leaving.
I'm not a moron, bag in shit.
The Wrong Friends. A film by Roy Dames.
It is 1994 when I start filming.
Herman is always in business. He has borrowed a lot of money to start a swingers club.
Here the couches will stand. Here comes a beautiful candelabra stand.
So here you will enter. Here you will meet each other a bit.
So here you get an amateur whores room. Which are oriented in this room.
They will allow themselves to be used, allow themselves to be abused or whatever you call it.
This is specifically for amateur whores.
Then you have a room here, which is the dark room.
There is a bed and here comes a wall with holes.
Then you can fidget and feel, and you don´t know who touches you.
That is what happens here.
In most clubs this is just top.
Babs, can you give the tap a spin?
This is where I sit every evening for an hour or two hours..
..or three hours.
Here you can get old, very old.
It was a bit disappointing financially.
I had little work, a knife was put to my throat.
Every morning, it became a routine.
Another fucking bailiff at my door.
And nobody knows you.
And as for friends you get any.
Can I call Jeff for a minute?
Yeah, go ahead.
Hey, can you also stop?
I need to.. Keep your fucking mouth shut!
But it's about the big thing.
Yes, yes.
Then it´s OK.
From Saturday to Sunday.
Wait, wait, you must call me first.
You must first have contact with him.
Yes, and then half ahead. From Saturday to Sunday
And then the next week the other half.
We'll do, you will hear from me.
Hermien wants a more regular life..
..and that Johnny takes more distance from his friends.
Say it. - Burn Hollywood Burn.
Say it or I kill you. - Do as you like.
Say 'I love you'. - I love you too much.
Well then I won't do it.
Municipal Social Service.
What kind of education do you have?
Six years primary school.
- Only elementary school? - Yes.
Furthermore, use of drugs, use of alcohol?
No, I do not use drugs, no alcohol.
- None of the two? - No
At this moment there is only one vacancy for which you would be eligible.
Then you must have a drivers license, but that you have. That's good.
It is at the city cleaning: sweeper.
Then you must wipe and shit on such a cart.
That's one possibility. I do not know if you are interested?
I would be quite interested, but I can't because of my back.
They offered me a job, at the cleaning!
I said 'that will not work'. I can drive, but that sweeping.
I said, 'put me on the taxi'. Pay the taxi license. - In the back?
No, I really want to work at a taxi cab. I cope with that license.
I have failed twice already.
It is the shortest joke I've heard:
"Bob works". - I was also soon gone.
By filming, I come closer to them.
What once was primarily a fascination, felt increasingly like a friendship.
I liked them, but I could never really become one of them..
..because I didn't have it.
What are we going to do? - Work, work we will, John!
We will not linger in the pub. - We must do a recovery.
If we do a recovery, then I'll drain them completely.
Did you know I'm from the Jordan district? I was born in the 'Goudenstraat'.
- Are we going to talk about your life, now? - I was talking to Roy.
We do not have to know all that. What do we have to know than?
Oh, I did not know. I cannot say anything.
- Yes, you can.
Women should always keep their mouths shut. That's what all men say.
- That's not true; you can talk all you like.
I don't give a shit. - You may say something, but sometimes you say too much.
- Why do you always have got to have the word? Who are you than?
- Hermien, In my opinion you may continue talking.
You're my wife, but not more than that.
- I am nobody. I'm not even your wife.
No, you're my girlfriend, but I do love you.
Do not complain. Do not run shit, Do not grumble.
So, now I've done it
- You're also not that easy, I think.
No? I can't be that easy!
How do you think I should defend against him?!
I have been alone for 16 years, how do you think I should defend against Johnny?!
Johnny is Johnny. Johnny is Johnny Amsterdam.
- You're humiliating him all the time, darling!
- Am I humiliating him? Ah fuck you.
I have respect for that man. At six 'o clock he wakes up, at seven he starts working.
If we go home, I have to cope with all the problems. Because I did it.
That's how Johnny is. - We're not going home.
Do not continue complaining, but I do love you.
You do not understand me. You will not let me be as I am.
You always want to shape my thinking. Fuck off!
What do you want?! - That's it.
How do you want to live than? Do you want millions each day?
Then I'll commit burglary day and night again. Then you'll get millions per day.
That's how I am. But don't mess around with me, don't fuck with me. What do you want?
We have a nice house. We have everything. What do you want more?
I'm a moron, I'm Johnny. What do you want more?
- A normal life. - A normal life?..
..then you just need to find another wise guy, but not with me.
The swingers club from Herman was a great success.
Miles around it is known.
Herman had feathered his nest, so it seemed.
Club Zenith, a very good afternoon, Herman speaking.
We have two dark caves, a film portion, an SM portion.
The girls have a price tag around their necks from a tenner up to 50 guilders.
That depends on what the customer wants from the girl.
You pay at entrance an entry of 50 guilders. The drinks are 5 euro a piece.
The towels are on the house. Snacks, Hema sausage pieces, are free.
Chips and peanuts are on the bar and also fresh fruit bowls. That is what we have.
Starting at 3 pm. Very wise. Bye
If 20% of the callers come, I'm in business.
Zenith. A very good afternoon.
Three months ago I went into town.
I had just rented and bought all kinds of new stuff.
A new guitar, an amplifier, TV, video.
I took a number of people home and threw in a little party.
I will not tell any names..
..but when I woke up in the morning, all my stuff was gone.
So I went on the warpath with my own friends.
They were nowhere to be found, but some things were rented.
Now yesterday I got a call from the police at the Linnaeusstraat..
..that the theft was filed against me.
Then they wanted to arrest me and I said, "Well, I'll come by myself."
It is a strange sight when you wake up in the morning and there is nothing in your house.
He was dark-skinned, like me?
A bit more beautiful, a bit prettier.
Negroid appearance.
So long frizzy hair, backwards like this. I remember well, with a blue bun in it.
That's not him though. Oh no.
Tell me exactly how it happened.
- It was here.
That night.
But that is not a story that you've made up? - No.
- No. It's put together too well to be made up, right?
Another question.
That is all. Then I believe it stops here.
You obviously wanted me to think like "Yes, that's him."
You obviously would have liked me to.
Look, if the person is not there, then he just is not.
Not too much. - I just wanted to say, I am close, it's Good Friday.
I was robbed. - What you got? - I was robbed.
She has it again, she has it again!
- A little while and they'll know you at the police office.
That's what I say 'again, again'.
Hey, there we go.
Hey, hello. - I was still waiting in the subway.
They use you, right?
- Johnny knows who his mates are and who are not.
But his mates do use him. - Yes, but we are no mates.
- Darling, you and me are also no mates.
- You can call me darling, but I've known him for a year now.
Although I had nothing, I dropped by during the Christmas holidays to bring my toaster.
But they do use you. They can also take the piss out of you..
..and not just a little, a lot, but you're Johnny and these are your mates.
Anyone who takes the piss out of me and uses me..
They take the piss out of you anyway, because you're Johnny.
Although the times of the big money were behind us..
..Jos and Bobby still went for a chore once in a while.
Want to take a car away, hey?
Hey, I got him. Pretend nothing is wrong.
Will you keep an eye on that red car ahead of us?
Let's get those wires ready.
I got him.
A bit quiet.
Did you know that these are the only cars with airplane seats?
Can you close everything?
Bobby, I do not know what has happened..
..but I love you very much.
Never become like daddy.
Dear kid, I love you..
..and I hope I die before you do.
I love my child and my mother.
I'll give him a call.
Bobby speaking. - Hey sweetie, this is dad. Everything all right son?
Jos was just singing a song. Very nice.
Then I just said something to you. Out of the blue.
Everything all right, kid? - Sure.
It's 1995. Herman has had the wind a bit less in his sails.
He appeared to be losing the swingers club.
Except that Herman had problems with permits, the landlord also wants him out of work.
Everything he says is contradictory.
Everything he forbids us, he started with by himself twenty years ago.
But that would be quite disastrous?
- That would be deadly, that would be the end.
Here I can earn my food, but I also invested heavily.
Do you need a liquor license at home if you give your friend a beer?
I also don't need a liquor license, because I give my drinks away for free.
That is allowed and I it is also allowed to invite friends over, because I live here.
I live here for real. Would you want to live somewhere else?
Take a look, where would you want to live then?
And I like inviting friends.
Well if you sit here all together, it will get warm quite quickly and then you pull of some clothes.
That's also what the district counsil said.
He says, "I heared you have whores working for you?"
I say "that's not true". He says, "Yet I heared it."
I say "Didn't I just tell you that it is not true, that's also something you hear, right?
..or do you only hear what you want to hear?".
They want to steal this from me now. Then I will leave 150,000 or 200,000 guilders behind.
I can never recover from that. Those are sunk costs.
I can tell you exactly where every penny, every nail went.
Because I have the receipts, I can count it all out for you, out of my fucking head.
Did you think I will spoil all of this, for such a dirty frustrated wanker across?
I'll drive the whole place down. First I'll glue everything shut.
I'll tape everything down, everything, everything.
All the doors of the town hall.
No one enters his work anymore.
I get an alarming phone call from Jos.
He is under threat and needs money fast.
Roy. - I gotta go, Roy.
I have two beaten broken bottles standing here.
What do you mean? - They will kick in the door anytime now.
But then what?
I haven't left the sleeping dogs lie, by hustling some things.
I wish I had never done it.
And now I am threatened with "you will lose a leg or at least a kneecap".
Jesus Christ. - I'm lost.
Yes, Jesus. I don't have the solution either.
Don't you have other friends?
It is 600 guilders, then like this, what?
I need to think carefully. I need to think logically.
And I want to get out of it, you know, I truly want to.
It is increasingly difficult to keep distance as a filmmaker.
I want to help them. I want them to do well.
Hey, it's me.
Well, it's hard to get the money.
Do you still need it?
Yes, absolutely. I'm fully tensed.
If this sees through, I don't have to leave.
But you can check that I have the bottles standing here.
No, I believe you, Jos.
You must come down quick.
Then I'll run down.
Even though Johnny does no criminal work right now..
..he also has problems getting his money.
Hey, Johnny speaking. What is going on?
Yes, because you're a dirty, dirty, asshole, because you make a fool out of me!
Yes, because I've just seen those papers.
That you already have had 3,200 guilders last week.
And you let me be damned, is what you think. That's how it is.
What do you mean 'no'?!
No, no, you didn't have all that.
You've had 3,255 guilders.
There is an invoice here stating that you have had cash out of his pocket.
So who's pulling who's leg here? You're pulling my leg.
No, I do not have to think straight.
I don't know.
He hangs up, the dirty dirty son of a bitch, that coward.
Swine that he is. You don't want to fuck with me.
Don't fuck with me. So crazy, so aggressive I'll become.
Swine. Cunt.
I have the papers. He has got paid for everything.
No Johnny, no Johnny, no Johnny
No, I have had no money.
Bob isn't all right. He is depressed and drinks more and more.
He calls me often, but I do not know what to say.
Something must be done Roy. This simply can't continue like this.
Why don't you take ...
What should I do, man?
I have no car. - Even if it is some burglary.
Yeah, well, that's what it will probably turn out to.
Herman is under threat from the underworld.
He is coming under increasing pressure from the debts he has made.
Just before I came by, he had a visit from the criminal intelligence agency.
They came to warn me that I was on a list.
That I would be shot or get killed.
They were here twice more..
.. And then they told me that it did was quite serious.
Then the agency offered me a quite indecent proposal.
Whether I had friends who did things which I didn't agree with.
And if I could call them if I'd find out.
I said, well, let me tell you.
If I have friends who sexually abuse their two-year old daughter..
..with a few other friends of them, then I'll kick them towards you.
But if one steals 10 kilos of cocaine from the other,
and gets shot afterwards, then that's his problem, right?
He knew at the time that he stole the 10 kilos cocaine from a friend of mine.
Then you know that you will die.
I think that is not a reason to say
"Let me get involved and just call the criminal intelligence agency for a moment".
Now I'm on a suspect list, but then they will know for sure that I'm a snitch.
You shouldn't do that. Dirty rats talk about others.
I don't interfere with those things.
Whether I'm at 10 lists, I have my own things.
They can have 50 lists, but still.
There is nothing bigger in the whole world.
So come on, who wants.
That's my kid.
I don't understand shit. Ted de Braak? No, but then you have to be high.
That's unbelievable, really.
Obelix. You're Obelix, with that stone.
And I'm the little one.
And I am the herbalist.
- The one with that long beard. I'm the master.
You still want some? - No guys, I just need to have my loan?
But because I ripped off the lot, I get no further loan.
Bunch of twats.
But if you don't get a loan, then what?
Maybe crazy things will happen. - I think so, yes.
I try to postpone it as long as possible.
If I want to have a chain of one million hung around my neck tomorrow..
.. then I will start doing other stuff. That's how it is, right?
You can't always win with your hands, you must also use your cleverness.
At those times, I will spent two nights thinking..
- And the third night you can sleep.
Yes, I can sleep, but I'll sleep in a bed full of money.
Yes, that's true. Cheers.
We're getting old. Sometimes I feel like I'm eighteen again.
Sometimes I also feel like I'm eighty. - I can't imagine that you feel like you are eighteen.
If I take some pills.
- That's not healthy, right?
What do I care.
We spend too much time together.
We know it. I'll do it. I take a few pills.
Or at least, if she's there.
- You laugh more than you cry. - Hear, see and speak no evil.
Hey, I cry a lot, you know that. - Then you need to laugh a little louder.
I believe I never loved a woman as much as I love her.
Deep in my heart I wanted her to be dead. Sometimes I dream of it ..
.. that I kill her. That I no longer have this pain inside.
- Want to go to the midnight mass?
You go enjoy the midnight mass, Jos. - Do you guys give a party?
You shouldn't be such a smartass.
Bobby doesn't want anything anymore. Bobby lives from day to day.
Don't give a damn and do it. Bobby has closed his own chapter.
He called me too .. - Also during the night.
Two, three 'o clock. If I wanted to drop by.
Then he would have problems or I had to bring a couple of beers.
I don't know. If Bobby continues like this. - One year.
Maybe two or three years.
I hope not, but that boy does it all to himself.
That's what he has chosen. He told you, right?
Yes, he chooses for it.
He hopes that you do not choose it, but he has chosen.
I choose not to. - Bobby does, but he must do it outside of our house.
You will go down with him otherwise. - It's not a bad guy.
You can't have such a man over day and night. That doesn't work.
It is 1996. I have not spoken with Herman for a while..
..when one evening I get a phone call.
He must flee, we agree to meet at a parking lot.
He asks me to take some money with me.
I'm out of here anyway. I'm not staying around.
I won't wait until they'll do me in Amsterdam-East..
..or kill my ass in Amsterdam-West.
I know what they can do to you.
And that is .. - What they do them all.
Disfigure, ditch you on some sand mountain.
Who the hell knows what they'll do to you.
Don't even think, I can drive off like that.
It doesn't matter where I'm driving. I need to pull away from Amsterdam.
Drive away from everything and everyone.
I'm going nowhere.
Now I would like a beer.
You're Johnny Amsterdam.
Don't fuck with me, don't take me for a fool, because then I cut your throat.
That's how it is with you.
That's also how you think about your women.
I'm your fifth wife. - Sixth, twentieth, thirtieth.
Sixth than. John, I'm your sixth wife.
If I want one and a half hour away with my brother, I am no good right?
Then I slept with my brother in the nursing home.
Sickly jealous. That man is pathologically jealous.
That man is so jealous.
That man has been through a lot in his life, but that's why that man is so jealous.
Because that man has been through so much in his life, with his ex-wives.
He compares me with them, but you can't compare me with them.
I'm not his ex-wives. - Stop this, will you?
No, it's just the naked truth. - Do not fuck with me now.
Do not fuck with me. Fuck.
- Fuck fuck.
But, it is the truth.
It is the truth.
Yes, knock the wall down again.
All doors have been broken.
The couch is already broken. Doesn't matter.
Stanley knives, fists, everything. Paf, paf, paf, paf, paf.
Believe me, it's a love-hate relationship.
You also had that with your husband, right?
- You two can't do without each other.
I can do without him. I'm glad he was gone.
Hey neighbor, hahaha.
Hey neighbor of mine. Do you want a sip from me?
Do you want a sip from me?
Well, then you have to come and get it.
Though I have homophilitus. Hehe
No, that's really true.
Pandora. Yes, that's a beautiful ship.
Waiter, two onion soup. Two onion soup, haha.
It's 1999. Herman has been moved again. Too often to count.
His creditors are always on his back.
I visit him, at a secret location.
There are a few people who can be threatening to me.
But it is not just one anymore, there are many now.
I mean, everyone says, he also owes me some money.
I need my money first. I need my money first.
I would love to give everyone the money first.
But, I have nothing anymore.
I can't change the past. You can't turn the tide.
There is nothing to dicuss.
And then those bull shit stories that I've ripped 400 large ones.
Well, I would be sitting here a lot prettier, right?
Fuck off.
I have not ripped anyone. I have not betrayed anyone.
I haven't taken away anyone's wife or do I know what else.
I've laughed at them. Several people I laughed at.
Maybe they have no sense of humor and I do.
Jos wants to break with his old life.
He wants to take his music more seriously.
You sat behind the window.
Along a dirty canal.
You didn't even look outside.
Your radio was turned down.
But yet, the curtains closed.
And you disappeared behind the red and blue light.
You were barely eighteen years old.
Perhaps forced and in constant danger.
This is the solo.
Yes, it is an unusual song.
One should decide, whether it would make the charts or not.
If we do something, we must feel ..
.. that we have a number one hit in our hands.
And I don't think we have. I do not know what Cor thinks?
When we release something, it must be something that makes you stagger..
.. of emotion and happiness.
That is simply not the case.
I don't think we will do it.
Or I think, I'm sure we won't do it.
I'm not disappointed.
I've got three compliments. I can also use that to go on.
Yes, such a record company should also dare it.
They must have the guts. It costs a lot of money. - Yeah, exactly.
A beautiful song with a tiny melody.
With a good text and content, that is what they want to hear these days.
No more "I love you, I'll always be true", but songs with meaning.
Jos' texts are certainly not like that.
What I 'll do, is that I'll listen to it a few more times ..
- 'Blue light' is certainly a song you have to listen to more often.
.. we'll see what gives us the best feeling.
And the bride Hermina Maria Stokhof.
Despite all the ups and downs in their relationship,
Johnny and Hermien still get married.
None of the old mates are there.
And do you promise to faithfully perform all the duties,
that the law connects to matrimony?
What is your answer? - Yes.
Hermina Maria Stokhof do you take John Erents.. be your lawfully wedded husband
And do you promise to faithfully perform all the duties,
that the law connects to matrimony? - Yes.
Then I now declare, as an officer of the civil registry of the city of Amsterdam,
that you are man and wife. - Thank you.
With this I marry you. The promise of my life.
I, Johnny Erents, will marry you for our life.
Fight for you in battle.
OK? - Yes
What did you think that night you first saw me?
I thought you were a beautiful woman and then we started talking.
Since that time I think like:
"Jesus, there was not really chemistry between us.."
- No, because you were not in love with me.
He was not in love with me.
I'm not in love, but I do love you.
With my heart and my life and my soul. You know that.
So I'm still on that world map of yours?
Or is it more now? Are you in love with me?
No. - Do you love me more? - No.
I do not love you any more. You're just like you are.
You're my wife. - Don't say nothing no more.
You know, I am your strength, I am your support.
- Lovers forever. - All I can do for you.
- Forever friends. - There's not more I can do.
Do you also want a piece?
But your best friend isn't here.
My best friend? No, but I also do not want him here.
- He shouldn't come, because then I'll kill him.
You're talking about my best friend Jos, right?
No, I do not want to see him. No - Why not?
I want nothing to do with him anymore.
That guy has cheated me so much during my life..
.. And has done me so much pain and grief.
Financially, but also in my heart.
And if you hurt me in my heart then it's over,
then you're not my friend anymore.
Then you have to quit, knock off.
Then I never want to have anything to do with you anymore.
That other chapter, my other friend, was Bobby.
But Bobby's gone.
- What does Bobby exactly have?
I do not know what Bobby has. I do not know what it's called.
The disease of Korkachov or something. - Korsakov?
Korsakov or Korkachov. It is Russian in any case.
But yeah, too bad, I miss him. I thought it was a bit pitiful.
And I also miss Jos, to be honest.
If you give me so much hurt and pain in my body ..
.. than you are no longer my friend.
When I was little, I came into contact with the police ..
.. And then my mother said, "he hangs around with the wrong friends".
And she was right, she was right. I hung around with the wrong friends.
She was right.
He has the wrong friends. How could this woman know this?
As it's the same with that pager, right?
Everyone I've begged and asked for help ..
.. has that page number.
That thing never gives a beep.
Never, never, never. There is never one that says, I'll page you.
Even if it's just to ask, "how is it, man?"
"Old companion of mine, old buddy of mine, you old whoremonger of me..
..old gambler with me". All my friends, no response.
And they all have the number. Everyone, everyone.
I didn't see my son in two years. He also has my page number.
Well, now they can't page me no more, right?!
Now we are done paging.
They do not have to page me no more.
Then in the evening I put a few cola bottles on the couch ..
.. you can warm up your feet.
If your feet are cold, you are completely cold.
For a long time Hermien complains about pain in her head.
She says it's cancer, but doctors couldn't find anything.
I began to doubt it.
In the end, Hermien goes to the hospital for further investigation.
In 10 days I get the results.
So it's waiting.
- You're really nervous. - Yes.
And you're getting more afraid, right.
All those doctors who dismissed us in the past five years.
From hospital to hospital to hospital ..
.. they will all fall down.
It my wife and I find that more important.
More important than all that fucking shit in my life.
For sure. Yes.
And if they don't want to listen, not willingly, then unwillingly.
Pity. Too bad, I can't deal with it anymore, I am broken.
Then I have to get angry. Well, do you have me now?
Well then you have me.
Yes and is that over and shut in your opinion?
Or do you think we call still edit some of the quality, capacity, etc.
We can do some doctoring of course.
Yes, Ok ..
OK yeah, you too, bye.
Yes, yes, yes, you still there?
Shall we spend a long time together.
With all the problems and shortage of money.
Record companies and police.
It is like this, huh?
Herman must move again.
His pursuers have traced him again.
I used to have some guys that helped me moving.
Yes, wait, we are going on a trip.
All closed, all closed.
Yes, if you would just hold her.
It's cold huh, yeah, it's cold, lady, yes.
Yes, yes, it's all real bad.
See if we have a spot. Look.
Are we going to have a fight?
That's nice, huh?
It's 2002. Bobby is included in a clinic for addiction.
His mother doesn't want us to visit him.
In her opinion, we are the cause of all his problems. We go anyway.
Where did it happen? - In the attic.
Later you were brought down by the Area Health Authority.
And then your mother and you left with the ambulance.
Red Jos was also there.
I'm completely lost. You can say yes or no, I don't get it.
Yeah boy, sucks.
- Back then, you were in a bad way, huh
Definitely. Seriously.
- I think he's 1000% better than then.
Then he didn't even recognize you.
I do not know when you have visited me.
You see what it all can do to you.
At some point you have such a thirst.
Then you do the craziest things to get your beer.
All the wrong friends, all the wrong mates.
Johnny has dumped them all.
- Yeah, that's the best though. - There will be no more.
It is much better for you too. - It is better indeed.
A quieter life. Another life. You also need that.
Johnny is doing everything relaxed. He doesn't visit the pubs.
- I do not feel like it anymore. - It's all over.
A good life, just like you do now.
So you can go home now. We'll see.
Herman has gone completely mad.
With his girlfriend and her children..
..he has taken up residence at the Salvation Army.
But as soon as he hears that a pedophile is in his department..
..he wants to leave immediately.
Where are you going now, Herman? - I do not know, Roy.
I really do not know. We really do not know. Doesn't matter.
We sleep in the car, Roy. Away from here.
The only reason why I disappear from here ..
.. Is the safety of my children and our mental condition.
We cannot run around 24 hours with the idea that this might be go wrong.
The lives of her children, being destroyed..
..because we should take those people in protection.
I happen to see him there, I happen to see him there.
Can I ask you for a moment ..
Show to me ..
Show to me.. - Herman!
Show to me how strong you are.
Show to me .. You pull them all over the counter, right?!
You pull them all over the counter! Don't you?
You're the one who.. - He's not worth it.
- You're the one who dared to kick that little crippled boy, right?!
I have yelled it for the last 24 hours!
You still haven't been around to say "You're lying!"
Right?! Dog!
You are less than a dirty underfed one!
Coward, coward, coward.
Where do you use those balls for? Don't you have any balls?
Only to fuck kids with!
You have no balls. No motherfucking balls.
Motherfucker, you are!
Nice that we ran in to each other.
I've waited 24 hours for your manhood.
I've been waiting 24 hours, until you came to defend yourself.
Die bitch. I'm standing here with love before you.
I'm not even going to sit for you.
I will stand before you, asshole! Bastard.
And you, who gets 3300 guilders per month, because of my family,
This luxury, which they are not allowed to film,
because you are afraid for the truth to come out.
Hear me out if you have any decency!
That you shall surely have as the director of the house of God?! - I will.
Good. That you didn't invite me and said:
"Welcome and we hope we can find a solution for the problems together".
In 5 days time no social worker has dropped by ..
.. to ask if we could manage, whether we physically managed.
I asked for the Mental Health Authority, still no answer.
After 5 days I still have no key to the room to protect my meager belongings ..
.. to protect my last possessions.
Because it costs 25 guilders, such a key!
Maybe you will then have a deficit on the whole!
Good day. Police Dordrecht.
- Herman. I am wanted by police forces all over the Netherlands.
You got me. I surrender. I'll go with you.
Please take me along. Would you please take me along?
Please take me along, or I hit him to death.
- Roy will still see me. Roy knows who I am.
You cannot leave us like this. There are lots of people here.
Would you be able to make some space, we try to do our job here.
Once again, it has escalated between Johnny and Hermien.
They parted for real.
How long has Hermien now gone, John? - Hermien?
Hermien is now one month and four days gone.
- And 3 minutes
Look a lot has happened of course.
Watch out. A lot has happened.
Between her and me. Of course.
If you can't persist in our relationship and you're with me 8 years now,
But you do marry me, then you don't love me right?!
What the hell, then. Or not?
Then you have never loved me.
Yes, the first 4 years, because we had our act together.
You have had it good for your whole life. Nothing else.
Then you have never loved me, right?
Where was that love than? Where was that warmth?
Where was that stroke? No, man, nothing.
It ended there. And not otherwise.
- Painful situation. - And at one point it was escalating.
Then I'm thinking, a lot of thinking.
Then I think like, maybe I also had a share in it myself?
That it is escalated like that.
But then I think like "no, I haven't participated in it".
It were all her processes and she worked on it. I didn't.
She has gotten kind of mentally confused. And that is a pity.
But that you get mentally confused is not that bad,
But you also tear my life apart all at once.
All at once you tear my life apart.
Do you know how that hurts?
I don't think she realizes that. It doesn't matter.
It does not matter.
We lie down, walk, without saying anything.
It's over and has ended.
The door got closed and I shouted something like bug off.
I'm so happy now.
Well fuck off all right.
What are you difficult to live with.
Well fuck off all right.
I gave you everything, yes everything.
That's what my girlfriend made me. The 50-50 shop.
It's 2004. Herman opened a shop for second-hand stuff.
After years on the run, he has enrolled himself for the first time.
He has asked for subsidy and has even written a business plan.
Is this a beautiful painting or is this a beautiful painting? - Yes, it should be your taste.
It must be your taste. - We should agree on that.
What do we have more? - Another table.
Dining sets, cabinets, books, clocks. I have here some, look.
It's all old. So it is no junk.
But you say, you have 3000 Euros worth of stuff.
- Yes, I think that all that's here..
..has a cost price of 3000 euro.
And that is what I have earned in those weeks.
By selling stuff you have received? - And exchanging stuff.
But, are you already registered at the Chamber of Commerce? - No.
But you are, "not yet officially started," sort of speaking.
Of course I have started.
Past Sunday I was at home, I had 70 cents in my pocket ..
.. and no cigarettes left.
Nothing to eat, not even a bottle of Coke in the house.
Of course I started, right?
When my payment last month came ..
I immediately removed it from the bank.
I didn't pay the gas, water, electricity money, not the health insurance.
Nothing. No, I bought stuff from my pennies.
- Yes. - I fiddle around like this for ten months now.
- But, not unsuccessful, because the shop is full.
- Right, full. - We have already talked about your personal qualities, right?
Yes, those are great. - You're a survivor. One way or another.
Yes, if it doesn't go as is should, than it should as it goes.
- Exactly. - The name of the company is the "Fifty - Fifty shop".
We make the appointment, within 14 days the report is finished.
If unfortunately the result is negative,
I mean, there's just a very real chance that they will adapt our stance as it is.
- And what is your impression? I don't have got to have any commitments.
I won't make any statements about it,
but the store is fuller than I expected.
- Good. - That does not mean that it is negative or positive ..
..but it's just fuller than I had dared hope.
Words are my soul.
Despite all disclaimers, Jos is still continuing his music.
I'm quite a bit nervous.
Yeh, for sure. I thought you might disapprove all my music.
- Are you crazy, man?
In the hospital we couldn't get in. Nobody could get in the hospital.
All your friends didn't, because it was all our fault.
Then I also thought, you know what, we'll just let it rest for a little while.
Well Jos, it's just like this.
I'm glad I could come here, otherwise I'd kick the bucket.
If you were stealing, for sure.
No one of us could have done anything about it.
- Everything you do, you do yourself Jos.
There is no one else to blame.
Let's draw a line under it and we'll start over again.
Can you leave this area? No, right.
Do you have your own room? - No, the four of us.
This is the last time we would see Bob.
Two months after our visit, he dies of a heart attack.
Only after half a year, we come to know this.
2007, I haven't spoken with Johnny and Hermien for a long while.
They are together again for some time now.
Hermien suffers from epilepsy.
She has been in a nursing home for four months.
Now Johnny has to take care of her.
Are you happy? - Yes.
Only what should I do with the rest of this life.
It will be very difficult for me.
I'm not sure I can handle it.
Otherwise I have to go to a nursing home.
- No, you're not going. Get out of here.
You are not elderly. Fuck off.
You're not going there. I'll take care of you until you die, baby.
And, how does it feel home again, Hermien? - Lovely.
Feels good, right?
Yeh, guys. Now we get a hard life again, huh.
I'm glad I'm home.
Herman regains visit of Marion.
The Social Services Department has rejected his plans,
Because Herman has already started his business.
The rules say he cannot.
I have had such a terrible blow.
I'm broken. I've had it with everything.
I failed to take off again!
Why did I have to go flat on my face again?!
Why, why?
But I was not flat on my face, I stood upright.
I had so much power.
Until half past twelve at night..
- Yeah, I know. - days a week.
- I'm also just human.
I too have my feelings. I too have had it sometimes.
Do you understand me or not?
Twelve years! It is not twelve days!
Twelve years and now I've lost everything.
Then I'm not talking about my fucking money, or my beautiful Mercedes.
I'm talking about my kids. I'm talking about my friends.
My entire social life is gone.
Which I can't rebuild, right?
Now I'm back on the streets again..
..and I have contact with guys I didn't speak to in 12 years.
I'm crawling back to them, because they do help me.
- And then you go back to where you have vowed 12 years ago to stop?
- Yeah. I need to do something. I can't live from nothing.
- Yeah, I know. Herman, the choice is yours.
You're driving too fast.
Now I will just bully and tease them.
I'll glue down the door and the garage..
.. and the side door of the office.
If they come tomorrow, they will not enter.
I'll do this again next week and the week after that again ..
..and the week after that again.
Never mind, that glue is dry. Shit!
One month after the homecoming of Hermien, I get a call from Johnny.
He can no longer live with the situation.
I can't survive this anymore. Roy. Here at her home.
The only thing I realize is that I get more dangerous every day.
It's too late, the next morning Johnny gets arrested..
..before I was able to help.
According to Hermien, Johnny has tried to strangle her.
Johnny is accused for an attempt of murder.
- But you did not do it?
- No, I haven't touched that women, man.
She was completely drugged and drank a bottle of wine.
But you saw for yourself every time you came to visit, how she would just fall down?
She would just hit the floor and stop listening ..
.. so she want it herself, all those things?
He denies it to everyone. - Yes.
I've never seen him hit anyone. - Jos did.
And Bobby too. - Bobby's dead, right?
Did you know? - No.
Bobby is dead. You didn't know?
I cannot remember.
The judge sentenced Johnny to twenty months imprisonment.
From which four are conditional.
Johnny will appeal.
Hermien has been admitted to a nursing home.
Of what has happened that night, she tells different stories.
2009. It is 5 years since I last had contact with Jos.
He did it to make money with his music.
He also does volunteer work for the elderly.
He would rather have no contact with the old friends.
I was a little two-faced back then. A bit of a dual personality.
People I could dupe and forget about it afterwards.
That was my survival instinct.
Even with those guys, you had to keep bigger than how you was.
I didn't want to.
Johnny may go on probation, under one condition:
He can't have contact with Hermien.
Herman has met a woman in a bar.
Although she leads a very different life, they seem to have some chemistry.
I used to earn my food with getting laid.
No I would lie naked on the streets, screaming for hunger.
- Ahhh. - It is getting poorer.
We will collect for you. - Yes? Some pills?
Well, one XTC for me than.
Use the elevator? - Yes, let's do that. I'm too scared.
No, we'll do.
You are still agile, huh?
With one foot after the other, right. - Do you have a bag?
That's handy, huh?
There you go.
If you are there, then it won't be that bad.
Did you sleep well? - Lovely.
I thought so - with eyes shut.
Yes. Coma they call it (in Dutch).
Oh, what a sweet dog. Oh, what a sweet dog.
Oh, you're sweet, sweetheart.
You'll learn it, huh?
Yes, and Luca too huh? Luca is also so sweet.
There is no reason to hold you anymore.
No good reason, and yet they say:
You are not free, you are suspended and we think there are plenty of reasons .. still hold you. - But in the end, then I'm also punished, right?
You know what the conditions are.
They will lock you down again when you have contact with your girlfriend.
So they condemn me for something that is not there. That shouldn't be right?
In some circumstances, you can understand it..
..but I think in your circumstances, certainly not. - Unbelievable.
Thank you, sir.
I do not even know the man's name.
Do you have to fight nine months for that, so you're free?
Now I understand why they want freedom abroad. Now I understand.
Freedom of your human rights.
This is shit, you know.
Then I still can't call my girl. What a joke.
And because of these sort of things, I become aggressive again.
Then I want to fight, you know?
Bunch of suckers. I haven't done shit.
If at the Leidse square the lights begin to burn again
Yes, then it's Johnny, already a year at large.
Then I stop and think, yes, the Leidse square it should be there..
Johnny can't have contact with Hermien, according to the judge.
However, it is the other way around.
Hermien calls me. She would like to hear Johnny's voice.
Hello? - Hi, Roy.
Hey. Johnny is here.
- Well, hand him over for a moment.
You'll hear me starting now.
Do you hear me? How are you dear?
- Good. - I miss you very much. - I've just been to a dentist.
- Sorry? - I've just been to a dentist.
- Where have you been?
- The dentist. - Do you now have gold teeth? You now have gold teeth?
- Yes. - That's what I'm talking about.
- You do have the same voice, huh? - For sure.
But I miss you. Very much.
- Me too. - And I love you very much.
And I miss you, but I can't say too much.
Now you have called me, but I can get problems.
We sit outside. - What, honey?
We sit outside. - That's good, doesn't matter, right?
- But I have no home anymore. - No, but I have.
I heard it from Roy.
- I'm Johnny, I'm your man, right?
- Of course you still are.
But we had too many problems.
- Yes, darling, I know.
- Do you drink now? - Yes.
- A lot? - I still take a beer just as well.
But I am a different man.
I am calmer now and less agressive.
Do you like to hear that? - Yes.
- Well, ok.
Kisses from me and it was nice talking to you. I love you.
- Me too. - Bye, honey.
- Bye. - Bye, bye
This is just impotence.
This shouldn't be allowed. This is impotence. Unbelievable.
Anyway, it is not allowed.
Hoorah. This just made my day.
I'm the champion. World champion and nothing else.
This is completely wrong. This is not possible.
- Hi Herman, how are you?
This really doesn't work. - I already said it like 10 times.
I'm not the boss. - I'm not doing this. I'm outta here.
I can't stay here. - Are we going to sit inside for a while?
Crazy, what you're pulling off right now. - Come, let's go inside.
Come on.
We're getting more relaxed, I think.
There's nothing wrong with that, after all those busy years.
I'm not more relaxed. - I had a lot of resting.
No, but I do not need any action. I'm have no action.
Just leave me alone. I am very tired.
Tired in my head. - No wonder, man
No wonder.
I never knew what you were doing.
And what he did and what others did.
In retrospect, I think, shit what a lucky bastard,
You have all protected me a bit. I never knew.
I am grandfather of twins.
That is not that special, that happens to millions of people every day.
You're not the only one, you know.
But what does it feel different, huh?
Oh, it's great. They're four months now.
- How's the girlfriend? - Yeah, good.
- I just got my girlfriend off.
I had it. It was totally awesome.
I lived in a house where a horse gets the hiccups of.
But I didn't feel at home there.
A whole different world and a different environment.
Then you have a nice house and a nice car.
But what good is a nice house and a nice car?
- I have my own love. I think that's much more important.
After 15 years, they are back together.
I had expected that they would be more grown apart.
And although they all have a very different life,
What binds them is still the desire for freedom.
And the urge to an intense life.
Maybe that's what makes them blood brothers.
And me? I am still fascinated by them.
And I became more and more a part of their lives over the years.
And I will never be a blood brother ..
..but they have become an integral part of my life.
Are these the last recordings?
I think that I will continue to follow you my whole life, if possible.
Maybe I'd better stop. - Me too.
Hermien has backtracked her statement about Johnny.
She no longer accuses him for an attempt of murder.
You gave me everything you had.
But, I forgot ..
to give you back ..
what you needed.
As fragile as you were,
You held me so tight.
What a power you developed for me.
You couldn't sustain it.