Anderson Silva 09/15/10 Interview part 4 of 4

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What motivates me is to know that I’m perfect, I say perfect in what sense?
The movements in my hands are perfect, my arms, I can walk, seat breath, train, run…
I can see well, so I think that motivates me, I am a healthy guy and…
Happy, when you do something that makes you happy, that brings you pleasure…
I think that’s one of my biggest motivations
Another question is regarding your sponsors, if you really have the support you need, if it’s complicated even though you are champion?
It’s something that is changing…
Because it’s a new sport, so the big companies are not going to associate themselves with something new because they may not get the return they’d like
It’s something new, it’s changing, and we are waiting for things to happen in a more concrete way
Yeah, MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and it’s creating opportunities, with more air time, it’s growing, and people’s prejudice is decreasing, so it’s changing right?
yeah, I think it’s a matter of time, it’s a sport that, even though is very old...
For today’s world, it’s a new sport
It’s a sport that is breathing now, that now people are understanding it more
UFC has come to surpass the SuperBowl, it’s almost surpassing boxing PPV wise
So it’s changing, the big companies are looking at the UFC with other eyes now
They are looking at the athletes as a means to wear their logos as something nice and healthy, so it's changing
Another question; who are your idols and who do you think are the prospects right now in the sport who has a bright future?
My idols… damn, my idols… there are so many
Inside the ring; Big Nog, my biggest idol
Pedro Rizzo, Rickson Gracie as well, BJ Penn, I have always been a big fan of BJ
And I think that… damn it’s so many, when I talk about this I’m very happy because…
Damn, before I even thought about fighting these guys were already fighting…
damn, I fought Carlos Newton, but back in those days I never thought I could have faced him
So these people were always my idols
And the prospects?
Right, today we have André Galvão, I think he’s a big prospect and can be a great champion
Feijão, who today was successful through much efforts from the team, became champion
I think he has much more to show and has much more in his future, and is going to bring lots of joy to our country
Uh… we have… damn…
Great fighters, I think “Toquinho” is a big prospect as well, he is finding his space inside the industry
And what do you think about your teammate José Aldo, who’s not really a prospect anymore, right?
Right, José Aldo is not my teammate, he trains with Dedé at Nova União
I trained Jiu Jitsu for a long time at Nova União in Curitiba
Damn, Zé (Aldo) is my big friend, he’s my brother, I think he has all the tools to become the P4P champion of all time
He’s working towards that and we are cheering for that to happen
For us to close Anderson, please send a message to your fans, what do you have to say to them?
Yes, I would like to thank you all, my fans, I’m sorry if I did something during the fight that may have made you guys nervous
But I know what I went through in there guys, it was not easy
And thank all you guys, the title remains in Brazil, the title is ours, the [title] is Brazilian, thank you all that cheered for me and cheers for me
thank you Anderson, our invitation is here for you to come back for your title defense
bla bla bla bla....