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Welcome to a Pyramid Preview on our latest Telecom Insider, Asia-Pacific LTE Auctions
to Satisfy Rising Demand for Mobile Data. During this segment, I will discuss the region’s
shift from being voice-centric to data-centric. Asia-Pacific presents itself as the most dynamic
telecom region in the world, with a mixture of most developed and underdeveloped markets,
market sizes and cultural variations that make each of the markets unique. Despite the
distinctive market structures and diverse levels of developments within the region,
the markets do share a common theme — all the businesses are shifting from being voice-centric
to data-centric Data’s component of total ARPS has grown
from 26.2% in 2008 to 38.2% for the region, and we project the percentage to approach
53% by the end of 2017. The increase in data service revenue’s contribution to the total
revenue mix is driven by the deteriorating effective minute rate resulting from regulatory
mandated price cuts and market competition, and more importantly, the adoption of an array
of data-related services, like media content, games and data access enabled most through
3G technologies. These data-heavy offerings have helped operators avoid a steeper ARPS
decline by counterbalancing the loss from voice, but in order to maintain the level,
operators must continue to upgrade their networks to manage the anticipated influx of data traffic
as smartphones and data cards become more and more widespread.
The need for a more advanced network to withstand foreseeable data demand has never been in
doubt, and the earlier solution to the challenge was WiMAX, a pre-LTE high-speed mobile broadband
technology that KT, SKT, KDDI adopted before LTE became a mature technology. As LTE has
matured and deployment gained momentum, LTE has become the most widely supported next-generation
mobile technology globally. From the extensive list of LTE-devoted operators in the region,
we believe that Asia-Pacific will remain the largest LTE region after overtaking North
America in 2015. Asia-Pacific LTE Auctions to Satisfy Rising
Demand for Mobile Data tracks the progress of LTE in Asian markets where the service
has already been commercialized, analyzes the reasons for delays in 4G licensing in
non-4G markets and examines the critical drivers that will help accelerate LTE adoption.
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