Michele Boyd Extended Interview from Gloom - TableTop ep 7

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My name is Michele Boyd.
I'm an actress.
I'm mostly known for web work.
I was Riley in The Guild.
And ever since, I've been doing stuff on my own with
Team Unicorn.

Team Unicorn is a production company that I run with my
friends Clare Grant, Rileah
Vanderbilt, and Milynn Sarley--
my equally geeky and nerdy girlfriends.
And we originally started it because we just wanted to do
this parody song of Katy Perry's "California Girls."
And Milynn mostly came up with the idea in the car.
We were on the way back from the beach.
And she was like, we should do this song about geeky girls.
And I was like, yeah!
And Clare and Rileah got brought on.
And we were like, oh well, if we're going to put on a song,
we should probably have a band name, I guess.
And they suggested Team Unicorn.
And the idea being like unicorns, geek girls aren't
supposed to exist.
So we were both equally mythical creatures.
And then the idea that kind of all of these geeky women can
come together and be part of a community.
And so we just liked the idea of it being a team, like it
was a superpower team.
And it just kind of went on from that.
After the music video came out, which was so fun to do,
and then we just kind of kept having ideas.
And we're just like, well this doesn't exist.
Let's make this.
And it kind of just kept going.
I really consider myself a gamer to the point of

I mean, I started out like everybody did on the Atari and
the N64 and everything and then kind of worked my way up
to a text-based MUD that I played in high school.
Which is basically like, if you think of EverQuest and
World of Warcraft but only with words.
No graphics at all.
Yeah, I was kind of obsessed.
My college roommates didn't see me for weekends
and days at a time.
And then moved on from there to World of Warcraft.
I was big into WoW.
I have a character that I still raid with a lot.
But right now, mostly I do more console gaming, so a lot
of Xbox games.
I just finished Mass Effect 2 and love the Batman video
games like Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.

I don't have a lot of experience with table top
gaming very much.
I never really played D&D. The only real experience I have
with it is I've played the Battlestar Galactica board
game, which is so fun.
Oh my gosh, it's so fun.
And the Pegasus expansion pack is awesome.
I am a nerd.
I think women gamers are a lot less rare
than most people believe.
And maybe it's just because of my kind of exposure
to the world now.
But I feel like we're just kind of
coming out of the woodwork.
A lot of girls that I talked to have, at least, tried
gaming in some sense and are kind of more open to it.
But a lot of girls that I talk to, if they don't necessarily
like games, they like other stuff.
If they don't play the Battlestar Galactica board
game, they watch Battlestar Galactica.
Or they at least know of the series and are open to it.
There are so many superhero movies now that all originate
from comics that I think that world is becoming just a lot
more mainstream.
And the games are getting amazing now too.
They're basically just playable movies.
Gaming is awesome.