Hamza Tzortzis and Greek Medicine - again

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I am sick and tired of idiotic, know-it-all Muslims such as Hamza Andreas Tzortzis opening
their huge trap and spouting nonsense, which their fanboys lap up indiscriminately.
Instead of first switching on their eyes and then the brain, the knee-jerk reaction goes
straight to opening their mouths and to insults and attacks of delusional grandeur, which
is painfully inappropriate.
Instead of spending time looking for insulting terms which can't get him into legal trouble,
Hamza Tzortzis should rather consult his PC and Google. Instead of saying
"So my research still stands there was no translations or cultrual exchange of Hellenic
embryology in the early 7th century"
he should show me that he actually understands what he is trying to do. I remember very clearly
that during the conversation with PZ Myers where he was told that the Koranic description
is wrong; he was also told he is concentrating and focussing on the pixel and ignoring the
Now that was good, solid advice. Did our little zealot embrace it? No, far from it. He again
thinks that by showing the lack of sources which prove translations of Greek medicine
in Arabic existed at the time of Muhammad, somehow, magically validates his Koran? How
He thinks that Muhammad dictated the entire book without researching the history and the
development of the Koran. So in his brain this means: no Arabic translation = no knowledge
of Greek medicine = no possibility of Muhammad knowing Greek medicine = divine sourcing.
Ergo: god did it. Well, if he did, he did it wrong.
That is the point. All I was showing is that 300 years before Muhammad the Greeks, Jews,
Hindus, Egyptians had all used the stage model which is remarkably close to the description
in the Koran. I showed several possibilities how this could have happened.
If this detail is wrong, this does not automatically validate the Koranic description. Are you,
Hamza, too thick to see this?
I presented a possible explanation that doctors who had studied in Gandishapur had brought
with them, this knowledge of Greek medicine, as it is a strange coincidence that the doctor
who was referred to by Muhammad had been to Gandishapur.
If this detail is wrong, this does not automatically validate the Koranic description. Are you,
Hamza, too thick to see this?
I showed how several words in the Greek descriptions matched those in the Koran.
If this detail is wrong, this does not automatically validate the Koranic description. Are you,
Hamza, too thick to see this?
Several people have tried to show Hamza how the concept of embryology in Greek medicine
could have found its way into the Koran. They were POSSIBILITIES, not claims of the ultimate
solution and fact!
Nobody ever said that person x went to y and learnt z and then talked to Muhammad. No!
All we offered was a possible solution. The fact that the Koranic description of embryology
is wrong remained and remains untouched. It is a fact!
Your argumentation is irrelevant! The Koranic description matches that of an allegory in
a religious book. Leave it there!
Oh and finally, I did stumble across an explanation how the knowledge of Greek medicine could
have been known in the 7th century:
It says here that
the translation of Greek works into Arabic was mainly through Syriac versions and occurred
during two distinct periods one of which was in the 6th century, you know, if a guy dies
536 that makes it the 6th century. Just saying! And then we find that there was a second drive
300 years later, which is where Hamza stopped looking, instead of looking thoroughly.
The link is below the video.
Why didn't Hamza simply follow the links I gave him a bit more carefully?
Would that be too much strain on both his brain-cells.
Then you have "The Story of Medicine", Victor Robinson, Kessinger Publishings, 2005
which describes very clearly and accurately with a huge amount of details how Nestorians
in the 6th century made Gandishapur into a medical centre and how the Arabic translations
were made available from Alexandria to Damascus all the way to Persia.
Oh, you don't accept the time frame of the 6th century and want to go back further? Well,
your wish is my command: here's a text from the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and Mesolithic
nomads from Arabia. I know that researching on the net is not exactly your favourite pastime,
so I'll give you a hint: Paleolithic is the stone age.
But if you really had done some honest research, you would have found
And all the others who contributed the medical knowledge of the Greeks in an era and region
which matches that of the appearance of the Koran.
Now listen up! I am NOT saying that every word was literally copied into the Koran,
but that the knowledge was there and is remarkably similar to what we find in the Koran today
and what we know to be wrong.
If you really want, we can keep this up for a long time or you can continue down the path
I have already commended you for: go into textual analysis and contribute to the understanding
of the Koran. Just don't try an pull the Koran out of its niche.
Don't bring your Bobby Car to a Formula 1 race! It is a dream and a delusion - not reality.