Killer fish help fight dengue

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I'm a small fish but I do wonders
People are scared of harmful dengue mosquitoes but these little fish eat them away
These tiny creatures not only eat the dangerous mosquitoes but also their eggs and larvae
Last year, only Mosquito Fish was introduced for dengue prevention
But now few new varieties have been introduced too
ALI RAZA: There are four species and they eat mosquito larvae within minutes
This year, around 1,200,000 fish have been sent to different districts of Punjab
Last year, after the dengue outbreak in Lahore, around 100,000 fish were released in ponds and rivers
where dengue mosquitoes could grow
Now, around 250,000 fish are ready for this purpose
SHIREEN SAIMA YAQOOB: There are places within colonies with standing water, where dengue mosquitoes can breed
This is where we will stock the seeds
According to experts, using chemicals against mosquitoes that breed in streams, rivers and ponds
can be dangerous
and that is why, using these killer fish is preferred
These tiny fish not only kill dengue mosquito larvae
but also eats other microorganism