Pilates 101 - 10.1 Side Kick for Hips and Thighs Instruction (필라테스)

Uploaded by DietTheFit on 22.07.2012

Hello, I'm going to introduce Side Kick this week.
Prepare starting position with both hands beside head.
Raise upper body like this.
And keep the body straight.
Lift upper leg a little.
Inhale with nose then exhale and kick forward.
Inhale and come back to the start.
Exhale and kick backward.
Don't let the waist to be bent.
Inhale... three... Inhale... four....
Inhale and put the leg down.
This exercise needs upper body lifted as you see,
So it enhances abs and the side muscles.
Frontal thighs are used as you kick forward.
Rear thighs and hamstrings are used as you kick backward.
This position can be difficult for beginners.
For beginners, straighten lower arm and put under the head.
Place upper arm in front of the chest and keep the balance.
You can start the exercise from this position.
Repeat 5 times forward, 5 times backward.
10 times in total.