The International 2012: Na`Vi-Dendi (English subtitles)

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 01.09.2012

International 2012, Na`Vi-Dendi with his crew have just advanced to the finals of the upper bracket. How do you feel 10 minutes later?
I'm happy! What else can I say?
The first game obviously didn't go as you expected, but in the second one when they have picked Dark Seer, I saw you guys laughing in that booth. What was so funny?
It was something more hysterical, I would say, ha-ha. They've picked Dark Seer and other top Chinese picks, so their fans went crazy. We were just laughing about it, because there were some really hilarious picks after that like juggernauts and stuff, so the whole pick stage went pretty fun.
So, you've decided to go all-in and take them by random or what?
Yeah, all-in. But Puppey was a real genius in this game. He thought everything out perfectly, we have done everything right and it payed off in the end. I can even tell you about some funny and epic fail which wasn't shown to you, but in one of the fights in the second game when I had dagger I told my mates we were going to win this encounter no matter what. I told them I was going to steal when the opponents would have used their ult and counter-ult them. So, the enemy comes in, uses his ult, I'm jumping and stealing and then... just couldn't find myself, ha-ha. I've just pushed Dagger two times too fast. When you do it, it send you back to the fountain. So, I've come back, ulted nobody and then was trying to find the place for a long time, because I didn't realize where I was at the moment and what was happening.
Funny enough. Usually such fails cost you a lot. Nevertheless, you came over the top. You've already faced them during the group stage and now - in play-offs. Did you take things personal and tried extra hard to beat them or you don't pay attention to such things?
Well, at least THEY did take it personally, ha-ha. We have such experience, when the opponents try to say like we have no chance and bla-bla-bla. Like when Puppey in his interview at Dreamhack before playing versus mTw said "you're dead, we'll crush you" after which we lost hard. Same thing here: they said we'd fail against them, but I behaved friendly towards them bringing them some "Skittles", pop-corn, talking and laughing with them. The results speak for themselves though.
Look, I've noticed that in that particular match against iG you were the only one to actually have your headphones on. What the heck?
I consider the sound in DotA to be very important and informative. And my guys, obviously, don't. They're used to play like this.
Have you ever tried to explain the advantages of wearing their headphones to them?
They know it. Just don't use it.
Oh, so they're like those sportsmen who tie themselves up with the 10kg weights and try to run, eh?
Something like that. But more importantantly we struggle a lot because we can't use skype or anything similar. In-game voice has 0.5 seconds delay which is unacceptable when you need to react instantly. Every millisecond of information counts. That's why we didn't use in-game voice. And that's why our players didn't use the headphones. As for me - I'm used to play with those headphones on (even at home), so now you know the story.
Have you been upset when you knew that Pudge was banned? I've noticed it happening a lot in your matches.
Nope. We have a plan when he isn't banned as well as for the times when he is. When it happens there are still a lot of powerful heroes in the pool. The Chinese get confused and can't figure out what's happening. We have Dark Seer, Juggenaut, etc. Then the Chinese pick some random stuff and get crushed, ha-ha.
We've been talking with XBOCT previously to this interview about the problems which had place in your team. We've concluded that all five of you might have "caught a star" at that moment. Can you agree with this?
Maybe, yeah. Perhaps, we still have it. But as you can see, we're able to pull ourselves together at the right time and perform well.
XBOCT said that your first games here were like a cold shower for you to realize how badly you needed to reboot yourselves and start showing some skill of yours. Is it really fair to say so?
I was trying my best at all times, to be honest. Even in those first two games. I came to the line, I thought I'm doing well and we're going to win the match. But fails started to leak through from everybody here and there, so then it was like a snowball during the following time. We were playing like we have never met each other before. But then, you're right, we had some "cold shower" and were able to prevent our emotions from getting in our way. We started to crush, even though not in all the following games. There were some times when our enemy did something really outstanding, which is normal if you consider the scale of this tournament with 16 best teams in the world, so that you really feel how hard it is to battle when you, say, fighting someone on a line 1x1. It's no regular European tourney, it's a world class championship, where you can really see the whole different kind of level of play. So when someone is pushing you really hard, even though he should by default because of his particular heroe's strength against yours, you start getting nervous. All in all, there are definitely some emotions like these involved.
Ok. You said that you've always felt like you're winning your line standing in the middle. At any point, have you felt the opposite?
Yeah. It was versus Orange during two matches. I can talk about it for hours, but the result was I failed my line hardly. Maybe it didn't all depend exclusively on me, but I tried my best to do my thing right. I might have made some micro-mistakes which resulted in a big fail, and my opponent took advantage of it, pushing to the limits. The next game was like deja vu, when I realized I needed to do the same move which I didn't before. It seemed surreal, like 5% probability. I promise it won't happen again. I guarantee it.
Your team is one of the few who practised in between the matches. Didn't you guys have some thoughts like: "Practise? Again? Why don't we take a rest, man?!"
Well, it's fair to say that we were having a rest while practising because we were enjoying it and having fun. We were hanging out with the guys from Singapore, gaining some experience. We had fun walking around the shopping malls, fast food restaurants, etc. It was like a fun rush with trolling going all the time, ha-ha.
Yeah, talking about the fun part. Have you practised a lot before that performance of yours and XBOCT, when you were like riding his back?
Nah, pure improvisation.
Ok, let's get back to the tournament. You have the final of the upper bracket tomorrow versus LGD. Are you nervous? Or have you played enough against the Chinese teams not to be afraid of them anymore?
From what I've seen from them today, I can say that they're playing REALLY well, without a single major flaw. They might make some small mistakes, but they work like a single mechanism. It might scare a bit, but on the other hand, it doesn't affect me personally, as I'm still going to try my best and win. The rest - we'll see.
How about the other Asian teams? Is there any Asian team you haven't encountered yet during this tournament?
There might be. It's hard to recall though. LGD, for an example.
Ok. What can you tell about a player named "iceiceice" who's been called "Asian Dendi"? Have you heard that name?
Alright, let's forget it then. Besides that little "dance" with XBOCT you also have some ganga-style. Where does it come from?
It's not mine, it's OURS! Ha-ha.
Okay. I thought it was yours, because nobody else did it, only you. But still: where does it come from?
I don't know how you found it, but you can google that ganga-style on youtube and have your mind blown away.
- Let's do it for the camera! - No, ha-ha. - Why? - Not for the camera, man.
Alright, then let's wrap it up. You may now say "hi" to everyone you want to. Go straight ahead.
I would like to thank our sponsors and all our fans for the support. I thank those who's always rooting for us till the end, not abandoning us after a defeat or two (or even a series of losses). That's all, folks.
Great. Thanks for the interview. I wish you best of luck against LGD and then in the finals whoever you might face there. We're looking forward for that two-time world champions title, you know.
- It would be extremely hard to accomplish. Those games're gonna be really tough. - Don't worry. I think you're able to make it, man.