NCIS Los Angeles - Patriot Acts (3x20) sneak peek WITH CAPTIONS

Uploaded by ncislafan on 10.04.2012

DEEKS: Well... nobody was hurt...
DEEKS:... Knowles is behind bars - so that's good.
CALLEN: Or very bad...
CALLEN: ...if there's more unstable bombs out there.
DEEKS: Why do I always have to be the hopeless optimist on this team?
KENSI: Probably because you're the only who watches musicals.
SAM: Loosing out on our own territory to that guy ?
SAM: No wonder Granger's pissed.
CALLEN: The evidence so far says Knowles is the guy.
NATE: Well, that's what the evidence says.
KENSI: Nate? SAM: Nate!
NATE: The FBI has got this one wrong.
** captions by @ncislafanblog **