Hello Seekies: I'm back... Almost!

Uploaded by seekgeo on 08.03.2009

Hi Seekies, I'm baaaaccck,
really almost! I still need a break,
maybe for other a week.
I need to take it easy but
now I want to let you know that it is good to be home.
What a crazy week,
last week when I had a scope,
there was an accident that torn esophagus.
So they had to send me to Seattle hospital by helicopter.
They sent me to Seattle hospital for
an emergency surgery to fix esophagus which was torn.
But when I arrived, oh Jes drove there,
after I arrived there, the doctor took me for a test called
Barium Swallow to see
if I have any holes such as any leaks
so they took x-ray. They gave me cups to drink,
different type of drink, I drank while they watched at x-ray to see
if any leaks like when it goes through tube inside with no problem
but if it leaks, that means had take the surgery to fix.
Anyways, they tested when I drank,
it was lucky that there were no leaks so tested again
to make sure, still no leaks.
I was very relieved and the doctor came to me saying good news,
no surgery needed, whew!
But I had to stay there for several days with no food and drink.
Here I am stuck at the hospital.. here it goes.
Good news, the doctor came in saying
they decided to do scope today
instead of Monday or Tuesday. I'm so happy!
Finally, I'm here.
Yesterday when I had a scope, after that,
I didn't remember anything except a bit
but mostly, nothing at all..
I must've been drugged!
When I woke up at like 4:30 this morning
and I was confused looking around.
I remember that I went in for a scope
and now it's 4:30am.. what happened?!
I woke Jes up which he was sleeping next to me asking what happened,
Jes... he slept in the chair.
Jes explained and I was confused
because I didn't remember much from 3pm until then.
He said that I was fine, went to bathroom,
chatted and everything just fine, etc.
Also, I even did text, checked emails, etc
So I was surprised cuz I couldn't remember.. imagine that?! Wow...
Wow.. I have lost 10 pounds...
I feel a bit skinny!
Funny story...
I was in the hospital using laptop
to chat and such.
A woman came into the room
with the flower.
I knew it was wrong room, why would she be here?
I told her to go to front desk.
But.. she came back in...
with the flower.
The woman asked
Who sent me this flower? I was confused.
I had to grab to see the card to see who!
This card from who.. Fairlady!!
Thanks, thank you! You really made my morning..
really the whole day! Thank you! I love ya!
here's beautiful flower.
Finally, last Tuesday they released me to go home..
about time! Also that Tuesday was the first time
that I get to eat after almost 8 days.
Really, I have to stay on liquid diet until this coming next Thursday
to see my doctor in the area to see
how it is going, have to take it easy.
It seems like has healed mostly now but not 100% yet..
it takes time. Oh it was really sweet of Jes,
he commuted 3 times in one week
by driving back and forth.
Last Tuesday, when I went in by helicopter to Seattle,
he drove and stayed there until Thursday
then had to go back home for school.
Friday morning, he went back to Seattle again
to see me until Sunday then went back home for school.
on Monday, he planned to come again but I told him no
because I had a good feeling that they will release me
the next day, for real they did end up releasing me on Tuesday.
So, Jes drove to pick me up and took me back home.
Anyways, good to see you all and thanks for all of your support
such as comments, emails, etc and everything..
you all Seekies are wonderful! I love you!