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Hello, it's Mia.
And I'll be doing not your Glee recap but your Glee
Project recap this week.
It's a fantastic show.
It's kind of linked to Glee, actually.
And it's the second season, so that's awesome.
There are 14 contenders, and each week there is one theme,
one homework assignment, and one special guest from the
actual show Glee.
It's just an awesome concept.
They record a song in the studio, they learn a dance,
they create a music video with the two together.
And then the three weakest links, they do a last chance
And then one is saved.
And that's it.
Basically this week--
it's very, very diverse this season.
I really enjoy that.
There's a young woman in a wheelchair, there's a
transgender, there's actually somebody who's blind.
It's just so good to see that people in this world are
accepting, and it's a good part of society because a lot
of people aren't like that.
So it's good.
That's the whole Glee mantra, so it's good that they're
taking in more of a wide range of people this
season, which is great.
Happy to see that.
Which goes along with the theme.
This week's theme was individuality.
So for the homework assignment, their song was
"Born This Way." And the group, the 14 people actually
have to choreograph their own dance for this part.
I don't know about choreography, but it was cute.
They were in a circle.
And then they kind of hopped in on their solo.
And they were like, yeah, yeah.
And then they hopped back out of the circle.
And it was really cute.
The special guest was the beautiful Lea Michele.
She looked absolutely gorgeous.
And she came back-- she was so kind.
She gave great words of advice to the cast.
And it was really good.
And of course, everybody was freaking out.
They were just like, oh my god, Lea Michele.
A girl named Shanna won the assignment.
And she was really, really good, actually.
And Lea said, just by her performance, she wanted to
know more about her already.
And it was just good to watch her be her.
So she got to work with Lea.
They moved on to choreography next, and the choreographer is
Zach Woodlee.
He's my favorite out of all the coaches--
I guess you could call them-- on the show.
He's my favorite.
He's so funny.
He's a great choreographer.
The voice coach is Nikki Anders.
She's also wonderful.
And they worked in the vocal booth with her.
The director of the music video is Eric White.
The video was so cute.
They did "Here I Go Again." And--
I just said again really weird.
They did "Here I Go Again." And they passed out fliers for
this whole Glee Club performance thing, and it was
really cute.
And they're in the risers in the auditorium, and they're
singing, yeah, yeah.
And then it turns into some rock star, flashy video in
their heads, and they're dancing their heads off.
It was great.
The bottom three are Aylin, Max, and Tyler.
Aylin, they call her the spitfire and the flirt.
And they thought she had a really good
personality in callbacks.
But she lost that during the whole process of this episode.
So she came back, and she did "Without You" by Usher, and it
was really good.
I'm not sure how I feel about her yet, but she had a really
good performance, so I'll give her that.
Tyler did "ABC" by Jackson 5.
And he's very fun spirited, but they're kind of unsure
about him too.
He's a good person.
He has a lot of charm, I guess they said.
But he really had no spark.
So he did "Always On My Mind," and actually he got
It was very unfortunate.
I was sad.
He seemed like a cool guy.
But he didn't get a callback, and he was sent home.
At the end of each episode they do "Keep Holding On." So
it was a good way to end it.
It's kind of sad, but it's always inspiring and all that
good stuff.
Just the whole Glee thing, that whole mantra.
So great first episode.
I'm excited to see how the season unfolds.
It's going to be awesome.
I'll be sticking with you guys, so I'll
see you next time.
OK, see ya.