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Hey guys, I'm David with DanceOn.
And I'm bringing you you're weekly recap of So You Think
You Can Dance, season nine.
This week we're at the top eight dancers.
We have different All Stars partnered
with different dancers.
It's mixed up a little bit.
And we have solos introduced, so it'll be exciting.
I actually won't be covering solos in my recap.
They were all really amazing, but I don't think that any of
them really stood out and told me anything that I didn't
already know about the dancer.
They were all equally amazing, but I already knew all these
dancers were amazing.
The solos didn't bring any real new information.
So I'm just going to focus on the partnering routines for
this recap.
The opening group piece was awesome.
I actually thought it was a Sonya Tayeh piece, but
apparently it's Peter Chu, a new
choreographer for the show.
I noticed that they focused on Chehon a lot in it.
The camera followed him around.
And it's sort of unfair to the other dancers that they put
him in the spotlight.
And I notice that they actually do that in a lot of
the group routines.
My two favorite pieces of the week were
both of the hip hops.
I loved Will and Lauren's hip hop.
I really just think that Will is great at conveying emotion.
He was so specific in this.
It really, really moved me.
And for a hip hop piece to move me is really special.
So I think that he did a good job with that.
I also thought the choreography for this piece
was really great, really creative,
and I loved the concept.
The other hip hop with Witney and Twitch was so awesome.
And Witney like totally brought it.
She was really getting into it, so much that I actually
thought that she reminded me of Janelle, who dances with
Dejan Tubic now.
I was a little confused about Chehon and Anya's tango.
The judges stood for it, and they all praised it as the
favorite number of the entire night.
And I watched it twice through after I had listened to the
judges, and there was just a disconnect for me.
I didn't really feel the chemistry between them.
I didn't think that Chehon connected with Anya.
And I love Chehon.
I'm always rooting for him.
So it was weird that I didn't enjoy it as much
as the judges did.
Cole and Allison's Sonya Tayeh piece was great.
No surprise that Cole was evil again, because I guess that's
the role that they always cast him.
But he was very impressive.
Allison is just such a great partner.
She was fantastic in this piece.
I love the suspended lifts, the strength that she has to
have to be able to hold her body up.
Even the little lift where she jumps in a ball and he holds
her, I thought those were all very cool to watch.
There was a moment where Cole walks across the stage, and he
was convulsing a little bit.
And each movement was very specific and
very sharp from him.
He always executes it very clearly.
So I thought this was a great piece for the both of them.
Eliana and Ryan's quickstep totally just blew me away.
I don't know how Eliana makes it look so easy, but it just
came so naturally to her.
I don't understand.
She can really do anything.
It was just a joy to watch.
I really don't have any criticism.
Alex and Lindsay's jazz routine was fine.
I wasn't blown away by it.
Alex is amazing.
Lindsay was fine.
I was just thinking while I was watching it that, in
comparison with all these other girls who completely
blow me away, Lindsay just sort of fell to the bottom.
I did think that the part of the choreography where they
were repeating, there was a cannon, I thought that was
really cool.
And I thought they both executed that really well.
Cyrus and Melanie's jazz was, eh.
I mean, it was great to see Melanie dance again, because
she's amazing and I've missed her and I love her.
But Cyrus just-- he really--
I feel bad.
There was a jump in second, and he just didn't even--
his legs were like there, and his knees were bent.
It was just really awkward.
I know that he has charisma, but come on.
It's time for him to go.
Lastly, Tiffany and Ade's dance to "The Power of Love"
by Celine Dion-- one of my favorite songs--
it was great.
It was just lifts and legs.
And Tiffany is so bendy and flexible.
And Ade was such a good partner for her.
And just the complete contrast of their body types and
everything, it was really, really interesting to watch.
And I was very entranced by it.
Lindsay got sent home, which I thought was the right choice,
obviously, from this recap and many recaps before this.
I really do think that Witney is the more interesting
ballroom dancer of the two of them.
She might not have as good technique in ballroom,
specifically, with her legs and her arms.
They're not as sharp as Lindsay's.
But she has way more charisma, and she's much better, I
think, at other styles.
Will also got sent home.
And I would have preferred him to stay on for at least
another week.
I really enjoyed watching him grow.
See, Will is a great example of someone who has charisma
and doesn't have as good technique as the rest of them
but still has a foundation.
And you can root for him, whereas Cyrus just has too
little technique for it to even make sense.
So I really would have preferred that Cyrus
went home this week.
But I'm sure that Will's going to be a star, as long as he
puts himself out there.
He has a personality.
And he's a great dancer and a great performer.
And I hope that I see him again in the near future.
Anyway, that's it for this week.
I'm excited to see how our top six perform next week.
And until then I'll see you guys later.
Thank you so much for watching.