Gora Speaking in Punjabi About Punjabi

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Friends, today I'm offering forward this video because I wish to discuss a very important topic.
The Punjabi language's utility and its beauty.
But perhaps I should begin by telling you a bit about myself.
My name is Stephen Gucciardi.
I'm from Mississauga, which is a Canadian city near Toronto.
And two weeks ago, I returned home from Punjab.
I was studying Punjabi in Punjab, at Punjabi University, Patiala.
It's quite a famous university [in Punjab!]. There are many cultural functions there, like the Youth Festivals.
There are also some academic seminars, etc.
It was a normal occurrence in Punjab that people wanted to know about me.
Why I had come, why I was studying Punjabi, etc.
Actually, I can't give a proper answer. I STILL can't give a proper answer.
I think about this a lot, but...
Well, it's a hobby of mine. To learn Punjabi, I mean.
But... There was indeed a goal.
Before going to Punjab, I was studying the Hindi language and Religious Studies.
I still study Religious Studies at the University of Toronto.
But at that time, I thought, "I want to study about Sikhism and learn about Sikhism...
...therefore, I should also learn to speak Punjabi."
So, I went to Punjab!
OK, that's enough about me. Let's talk about the Punjabi language.
Friends, many people live in Punjab who insult their own mother tongue.
They think badly about their mother tongue.
These people think that English and Hindi are above Punjabi.
Usually, these people were educated in English or Hindi.
So they're quite biased, no?
Friends, he who thinks that the Punjabi language is useless,
that Punjabi's linguistic power is deficient,
(Meaning that it's impossible to speak precisely in Punjabi)
...Well, that person is wrong, totally wrong.
And according to linguistics, this person is wrong!
What I mean to say is that every single language's grammar is suitable, {appropriate}, {useful}.
Not {useful}, but {Suitable. Fully equipped, you could say, with grammar.}
It's only a problem of technical vocabulary.
If a language is a language of politics, or not that, but the official language, the language of government,
and another is just the language of farmers,
then the speakers of the first language will talk about political and legal things... Well no, they'll speak about politics, law, etc.
Well, they write and talk about politics, law, etc.
Because it's the government language, right? So there are special needs (of that language).
Ok? So, it becomes necessary to create new concepts.
But the strength of that language of farmers, it isn't any less!
I mean to say, it's not inferior grammatically!
Friends, there's a lot of excellent work going on in Punjab these days.
Many intellectuals, like Punjabi University's Linguistics Department's head Professor, Joga Singh,
he does excellent work, and some other guys are doing excellent work, as well.
For example, there are a few dictionaries...
Punjabi-English Dictionary, this is great, the absolute best...
And the Malwai Dictionary, (Malwai being) spoken in Malwa...
It's a dialect...
The Lehndi Dictionary, that Punjabi dialect which is spoken in Western Pakistan [Actually, Western Punjab!]...
And this one is very awesome... "Punjabi Vocabulary with Origins in Arabic and Persian." Wow!
Excellent for those learning Urdu and Shahmukhi.
So, {basically}, the Punjabi language isn't {inferior}.
So, {basically}, the Punjabi language isn't {inferior}.
You follow me? It's not underneath Hindi or English. Not at all.
And he who insults this language, who insults Punjabi, he displays his lack of knowledge.
In the future, perhaps I'll make some more videos.
I'd like to talk about Punjabi culture, and perhaps I'll make a video for Punjabi learners.
Definitely watch my videos! Thanks.