Best of Alvaro&Bea (1) - with English/Hungarian subtitles

Uploaded by tixy83 on 10.07.2008

Don't hide away!
Don Álvaro, I'm sorry.
I thought they would put on "Silent Night".
It was a complete misunderstanding.
This song was the best that could happen.
Oh, yes?
Thanks to this song I realized how selfish I had been.
Since you came to this company you have been taking care of me and protecting me.
I just did my work as well as I could.
You did much more.
You listened to me, trusted me when nobody did.
I've never done this for you.
Why should you have done it?
I'm only your secretary.
You are much more.
You are an angel.
I needed to see you.
Come in! Don't stay there!
I was thinking.... a lot.
You must come to the lunch tomorrow.
We have already discussed this.
And I think we should leave it at that.
I don't want you to have trouble with your mother because of this.
Bea, you shouldn't worry about what my mother says.
But I'm worried about your relationship with her,
and I don't want it to be destroyed because of me.
But don't you understand?
That of Oropesa Mar was successful thanks to you.
like many other things.
You have to be there.
You are wrong.
A woman like me is always superfluous at a place like that.
You are never superfluous.
Your father?
With Carol.
She is about 1,65.
Straight brown hair.
permanent brace ... with glasses
and green eyes
I'm sorry, I can't give her shoe size, because I don't know it.
I'm waiting.
There is a girl like her?
In the ICU?
All right.
I'm going there.
Bea, are you all right?
Are you all right?
Álvaro, I really regret having said in front of everybody
that I love you.
Bea, it's my fault. Only mine.
Look at me!
I have been behaving very badly towards you.
I'm terribly sorry.
I don't deserve all the things you do for me.
Don't say that.
I'm the one who doesn't deserve you.
For a moment I thought that I had lost you.
You don't know how happy I am to see you.
Bea, if anything had happened to you
if anything had happened to you because of me I would have died.
Are you sure?
Let me take care of you.