Jewish Deaf Community Center - JDCC

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Hello I'm Barbara Lurman and I am Jewish.
Looking for more information on Judaism
that is accessible to the deaf community,
or you want to share information with other
deaf Jewish people across the U.S.
and abroad about Jewish traditions, events,
information or announcements?
We invite you to join our "Jewish Deaf home"
on the Internet called "JDCC" -
Jewish Deaf Community Center,
based in California, the website has information
and news announcements to keep you up to date,
keep you in touch with other Jewish deaf people,
information about different activities,
or publicize your events.
The website posts information about deaf leaders,
religious services and stories related to Jewish holidays
or traditions.
What's cool is that the JDCC website posts stories,
photos and videos, and sends out the monthly
"JDCC News" for free!
Signing up to receive the monthly JDCC News
is easy and free.
Go to
Click 'Sign Up' and fill out the form.
We hope to see you join our Jewish Deaf family.