Real Love, Episode 7, Chapter 2

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You listen to me!
Calm down! Please! Forgive me, my friend, forgive me!
I need money!
Are you really asking me for?
What about your future brother-in-law?
Ok, so we have to think about something!
That`s enough!
The problem is I couldn`t stay alone with him so I couldn`t talk about the bride`s apparel
You have to write him a letter then
That is the problem!
If I ask him the money he`ll say no because he doesn`t like me!
I`m sure Matilde won`t agree to ask him herself
You should ask him!
Why not?
Manoel seems like you and he really appreciated when you gave to him that picture of Matilde
There is no way I`m going to ask him for money
So how are we going to buy the apparel? And what about the other stuff?
What do you want? That Matilde get married with old clothes and shoes?
Of course not!
Why don`t you sell your jewels?
You are so ungrateful!
I saved you from the misery, I gave home and food...
Yes and also you gave me the dresses you don`t want anymore! Even so I`m not going ask money to Manoel
He is only interested about Matilde! He wouldn`t care if she is wearing silk or old fashion clothes!
Uh! Ask him! Like if it was so simple!
I`ve been thinking about the expenses that we`ll have with Matilde`s wedding
Yes, me too There will be a lot of expenses
The problem is that we can`t talk to Manoel
I don`t want you asking money to him
But he knows about our situation
I said no!
What do you want? That the fiance pays for everything including his bride lingerie?
She doesn`t need to know!
I said no! Period!
Well, what do you suggest?
We have some money but we need to buy the seeds to the farm
So we must to sell the jewels
Oh no, Hilário! No, please!
I`m not talking about your personal jewels I mean that jewels that I gave to you when I had money
But those jewels are the most expensives and I use them in the parties
I`m sorry but there is no other way
I`m so mad because I have to sell my jewels
Why your father is so honest?
You know he is like this
Are you sad, baby?
Yes, mami!
It`s so sad to be poor!
Oh my God! What we gonna do?
The postman just brought this letter, Doña
You`re welcome, m`am
Who send it?
It`s from Abraham Gonçalvez
Abraham Gonçalvez from the Bank?
He says Manoel gave him orders for pay for all expenses of the wedding
Is he talking about some limit?
No limits!
I need some suits and new boots too
Alright but keep your mouth shut because if your father finds out about it he`ll say no to this offer, son
You should noticed something wrong when my dogs were poisoned!
I have no idea about your dogs, Mr. Manoel
What about you?
Me neither because that day I had to take the barley to San Pedro
No, I`m not suspicious but I don`t like to be fool!
Yes, sir, you are right!
How much do you know Benigno?
Well, he already was the foreman here five years ago when my daughter and I arrives in the farm
I heard he used to manage both farms
Please, have a sit
Later your father decides to hire another foreman to Santa Rita
He thought the work was very hard just for one man to do
I just know he trusted in Benigno
The employees respect him and I never missed one package of coffee or any other product
Well, let`s see!
Ok, now I want to talk about other things
I want to make a garden
I want to take off the weeds, recover the soil and I want to plant lots of flowers!
I can take care of the garden if you want
Thank you, Antonia
And we have to fix the problem of the humidity in the house, and then change the decoration
I want to change all the furniture, curtains, rugs, everything!
I want that my house becomes beautiful and seems happy!
Tomorrow morning I`ll bring someone to start the work
And if you want I can go to Malta City
Before they bring the furniture to the city they keep them in the pier so you have more options to choose
Alright! I want this place ready to receive my fiancee!
Your fiancee?
I`m going to marry in 3 months!
Ok, I want you to fix it!
I don`t like it!
Ok, here!
Hey, I said here!
Alright! Please...
I want you to make that way...
"My darling Matilde"
"Have been a week since the last time I saw you"
"I confess you I didn`t stop thinking about every day"
I brought a letter, lady!
I`m not saying Matilde is getting old!
But of course she is not a little girl anymore!
She is lucky because she found a husband in her age
And you know her family is financially broke
Do you always talk so well about your friends, baby sister?
I`m not saying nothing wrong! I`m telling the truth and everybody sees and knows
Excuse me, Doña Pilar
This letter just came for you
Thank you
Who send it?
Baby sister I hope you have a secret lover!
Excuse me
"Doña Pilar Piquet de Marquez"
"I`m sending this letter to your adress because I know how you love and care about Matilde"
I beg you to give to Matilde the letter I`m sending with this"
Good Morning, Ignácia Is Ms. Matilde home?
Don`t you know? She went to the city to buy the wedding dress
Pilar, my dear!
How are you, Humberto?
Excuse me!
Your sister doesn`t tell me she was going to the city
Well, my mother just decided to go and you know they need time to buy Matilde`s apparel
Come on! Let`s drink something
Oh no, thanks! I`m rushing!
But please when Matilde come back tell her I have something urgent to give...I mean to talk to her
No problem
It was good to see you, Humberto
Good to see you too
I`ll see you soon!
Oh, Ms. Josefina!
The sun is shining now, madmoselle
It`s good to see you again, Mr. Renato
Last Sunday I met your sister at the Church Mass but she doesn`t told me you were here
That means madmoselle that I represent nothing to my sister
Don`t talk like this!
How your parents are going?
They are great! Thanks!
But you miss is more beautiful every day!
You are so kind!
I`m sorry, did you know my friend Humberto?
I saw him a few times but we never had introduced
Madmoselle nice to meet you!
Please forgive my buddy Piquet because he took a few seconds to introduce us
Ms. Josefina Icasa he is Humberto Peñalverde Y Veristein
I`m here to serve you! It`s my pleasure!
Nice to meet you too
Well, I must go now Good to see you both!
Too bad you have to go!
I`ll see you soon!
Did you know this woman has so much money as your brother-in-law?
Oh really? Good for her! Did you see? She is so damn ugly!
And you also know she is orphan and single?
I`m not surprised! I think she`ll remains being single
What`s the matter? Why are you looking at me like this?
What do you want me to do? To ask her to marry me?
I`m not crazy!
With women like that we doesn`t need to marry to get what we need!
And good French by the way!
Good Morning!
I`m Manoel Fuentes Gerra from San Caetano Farm
I would like to talk to Mr. Martin Fernandez
Nice to meet you, Mr. Fuentes Guerra
Mr. Martin passed away unfortunate
I`m Gregório Heregue, the new owner of his farm
Please come in Mr. Manoel
Mr. Martin was my wife`s uncle When he dies she stayed with these lands
To be honesty with you I don`t understand much about farms
I`ve been here for a week and I`m trying to learn something
But please have a sit!
Thank you